Disquiet Junto Project 0302: Gronkytonk


Cool - if the author’s listened to the music, I might read the book!!!

But seriously, great stuff.

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That’s great, disquiet junto is getting more well deserved recognition.
Not sure how my track got called out over all the other submissions. i feel honored to be able to contribute anything amongst such a talented and diverse group of musicians.
Thank you to all of you for the support, likes and comments and for making a novice feel welcome here.
(i know getting a probably random reference is really meaningless, but I feel flattered, amused and grateful)



This is really cool! I’m glad she enjoyed it and I can’t think of too many sites ( like Tor) more suited to all the great Junto ideas and contributions. This group has been incredibly brilliant, inspiring, generous and fun for me and I’m honored to be a part of spreading the good word! Thanks again Marc for making it happen :smiley:

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I have it on my main machine, but honestly don’t know the last time I used it :open_mouth: But thanks to your challenge :wink:, I see it playing a part in some future piece, cheers for giving my brain a shake!

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really like the electronica glitches chopping up the classic ragtime/tinny piano 'tonkyness :slight_smile:

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Moving off SC … So this is a new link to replace a dead one for an old contribution to this Junto.

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