Disquiet Junto Project 0307: Black and White and Punk All Over


I guess that punk became mainstream because:
1-the controversy of looks, behaviour and fashion trends and teh media coverage it gained.
2-the fact that it wasn’t really “new” or outside of the “already seen before” so people were already acquainted with that.

As SussMusik points out: most of the groups were recycling and having a fresh new look at previous styles as a reaction to a world (both music and fashion) that went all over the top in the late 60’s early 70s. So it was a way back to Exp-Jazz, Mods, TeddyBoys, early Rock’nRoll etc

Check out Bo Diddley comments on touring with (opening for) the Clash…He could dig’em alright cuase he considered there was nothing unusual about them, he saw that before. Only the volume they played got him going “WWWOOAAAHHHH”

Look at the Beatles Hamburg-Era photos, and compare with The Clash early pics, Everything looks familiar, from music to attitude and,er… personal hygiene

Glitch&Noise will never be mainstream that way cause it’s echoing styles that have never been mainstream.
John Cage, Stockhausen, Pierre Henry, etc, people never have been used to that.


Sounds are from outside and inside a church in Limbe, and me playing my EWI5000(I’m a beginner). No effects (well except I couldn’t resist pitch shifting the preachers voice :P)


I just read the brief again and had completely forgotten that I was meant to pay tribute to Never Mine The Bollocks! Feck it.

The ‘punk’ part of my process was in the attitude with which I approached the making of the track, I just lashed it out bold, creating something which works for me and I don’t give (much of) a shit what anyone else thinks about it. It’s a healthy approach, and this was a good excuse to go with it. The black and white was random cuts to different instrumentation which you can still make out in there, but it got diluted to make the track flow for me. Thanks @disquiet for more great inspiration.


I got the project mailshot from Marc last Thursday evening… Saw “Do a punk tune”… Was busy at the time, didn’t read the rest of the instructions. Thought - yeah, I can do punk!
Cracked open Ableton, AAS Strum into a chain of guitar processors, took the bass guitar out for a bassline. Track was coming together…
Went back to the email to see if there was any length stipulation (thinking a punk tune could well be done in under 3 mins) - discovered a whole lot of very specific prescriptive instructions on how to arrange the track.
My punked-up mind immediately thought - Hey, that’s not punk! Can’t tell a punk what to do!
So, here’s the result of my Punk Rebellion of late-2017.

Fuck Instruction!


when the noise comes
the visuals can’t be too far behind…

you call that entertainment?!