Disquiet Junto Project 0309: Military Matrix Mixer


This is another piece built from field recordings / found sounds.

The main atmosphere is from the Sound Garden* in Seattle, which I tagged as a 3/3 in my readability/signal noise matrix. The other cells in the matrix, gently spiraling out from that center, were occupied by seats in an old theater, arctic terns flocking over a nesting site, train stations, a tugboat, NYE fireworks (reverb’d), northern songbirds, and two separate tunnel recordings, as found.

*Only after it was complete did it occur to me that the Sound Garden, being located on a NOAA base, was completely appropriate for this week’s theme.


First of all, matrix mixers are cool things! I could imagine what one was, and yes, it appeals to me! Matrices and mixers - what’s not to love?! I especially love the simplicity of the idea, and what’s possible. I’d love some time with a physical matrix mixer.

So I used five instrument tracks for this Junto, and mixed them together - using five sends (Echobode, Eos, Antresol, Toraverb, and Corpus). Four Chromaphone tracks, and one Protoplasm, for the instruments. The project is just five clips (plus the drum beat I tapped out on the default 606 kit that comes with Ableton), but I hope the variations keep it musically interesting.

Not really sticking to the Junto brief at all… I need to get back focussed on the task.

Hope you enjoy…


It’s not music :-/

Numbers Station(disquiet0309)
Massive quick and dirty. Had slightly larger plans for this week, but it came down to the final hours and I had little to use. So out with the 5 minute musical approach and in with the strictly radio slant. A recent conversation regarding cold war radio led me here, and I had already started making patches in iVCS3, the ‘Putney’ EMS VCS3 emulator for iOS. Using AUM mixer, two channels from the Putney and one channel from Zeeon were routed into Cubasis and recorded live. Zeeon provided the morse code signal and both the static and pattern noise were from the Putney, one as a inter-app and the other a AU3. The last track was recorded in iVoxel for a disguised code number voice, hopefully adding to the cold war feel. 55 seconds seemed almost too long, but I think the relation and time to evolve through the 5 signal strengths justified the pain :slight_smile:


Music is sound organized in time! :smiley: (@hypoid)


love your interpretation / amplification of the numbers stations noise&signals… ^___^


You are just being kind…but thanks :smiley:


Thank you very much! It is a very interesting phenomena of the airwaves :slight_smile: