Disquiet Junto Project 0310: From Memory

Disquiet Junto Project 0310: From Memory
Recall — and then recreate — a favorite sound.

Step 1: Think of a favorite sound, preferably one that you can no longer access, something perhaps from your now distant past.

Step 2: Try to recreate that sound. Even if you fail to do so to your own satisfaction, share the best you can accomplish.

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Deadline: This project’s deadline is 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are on Monday, December 11, 2017. This project was posted in the early evening, California time, on Thursday, December 7, 2017.

Length: As long as you see fit — it could be a few seconds, or it could be a few minutes.

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Here I try to recreate from my memory the sound of the wind in the mountains, more precisely in some high altitude trekking spots in Patagonia, Argentina.
That sound that fills the surrounding silence, almost “silent sound” in terms of decibels, but one that can be deafening loud as a presence , completing the landscapes in such an hypnotic way. Soothing and strong, peaceful and wild.

NO SYNTHESIZER USED. Just flutes and field recordings (wind)


Two bamboo flutes performed by DD in Paris, December 8th 2017 in the morning.
(5 overdubbed tracks)
Lexicon reverb @35 sec
Convolution reverb taken from Sandstone Canyon, Ocotillo, California (4.2sec wav sample)

Photo by Chris Herath

Wind samples by Chris Watson (courtesy soniccoutures)

Wind field recording by Mike Koenig


Funny, King Kong is the first movie I recall watching when I was 4 or something, very impressive for that age.
I’m sure I still have some trauma because of that. Parents shouldn’t leave unattended kids in front of a TV…

And when I was kid a friend of mine came from the US and had this Evil Knivel puppet (like an action-figure, with a motorcycle). For decades I didn’t knew who he was at all! He wore a cape I recall, I though he was a DC or Marvel hero.

So we have 2 things in common man!

Thanks for r sharing those memories.

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When I was much younger I would watch my father rake our leaves out to the street. As he collected the leaves in the back yard I would play in the pile, stomping them down and kicking them.

When all of the leaves had been collected they would be set on fire. This is not something we do these days, but that was how we used to get rid of the leaves.

As the fire moved through the leaf pile they would crack and snap, their black remains becoming lighter than air and rising high into the sky, until the burning was complete and the pile doused with water.

Leaves In The Street, 1957 was written for Anvil, Castanets, Roto-toms, Tambourine, Temple Blocks, Triangle, Whip, Crotales, and solo Violin.

The score is available at bit.ly/2y8eO4w


my favourite sounds are pretty mutable. today i heard strange beautiful distorted music, for a moment i thought it was coming from next door but then realized it was from the pipes - i’d just turned the heating on. it made a surprisingly melodic complex tune.

playing back the recording it seemed less than what i’d perceived in the initial surprise. the first half of the track represents the hiddeness of the sound (iris 2, paulstretch). the second half represents the more subjective tuneful nature (protoplasm, podfarm fx)

re-creation has that subjective element even when the source material is a sample of occurence.


…i think the title says it all - the rest will remain a mystery…



Recreate a favourite sound from memory. Whilst I’d like to say this was something magical and life affirming, what immediately came to mind, as a UK suburban kid at the turn of the 1990s, was rave piano. Which could actually be the first two anyway.

I recreated an iconic riff, chopped in about in Morphagene, added some other stuff and some drums in the modular to sound like they were coming out of the boot of a car, and there you go.


Cheers all, excuse the lack of online presence, things got ugly…
Ace in the Wind(disquiet0310)
A simple song with three of my favorite sounds from long ago, sounds of contentment, curiosity and wonderment. A place I wish all could stay a little longer or visit a little more often.
Something comforting about the sound of wind, when you find that place just out of it’s reach, and listen… The bike, a simple transport, a way to explore your neighborhood, but the bike with a playing card in it’s spokes gave a gypsy’s freedom to the open road and distant places. The DX-7 was my first “unsupervised” synth, so I explored everything my limited abilities allowed and that lack of inhibition or care made the possibilities seem endless.
The card in the spokes is a pale representation, since neither the Stingray or my mom’s beloved all plastic deck survived. A mountain bike, plastic card and Blue mike to the iPad would have to suffice.The panning intro track fades into a spoke cadence rhythm made by looping in Audioshare. The wind is a field recording done with the Zoom H1,and was given some stereo field tweaks. The DX-7 is the new FM Player app that uses actual samples from the original, in this case DXII BellWahh A, that wonderful bell that sustains into a organ like pad. And it’s a free app! These were mixed in Cubasis along with my dubious bass noodling and my simple drum track. A bit of eq, volume automation, delay and verb were sprinkled sparingly about for cohesion, I hope :slight_smile:


A filmstrip beep:


In 2005 I recreated the “beep” from junior high filmstrip machines, for a short film I was making, called Filmstrip. Sadly I didn’t keep all the source files but I remember it took a combination of several royalty-free "beep"s, a lower, more resonant sound, a click and a kind of “thunk”, which were then combined and filtered and layered, then taken apart and filtered and layered again, to try to get that sound I remembered. Making the beep took almost as long as pulling together the entire film. Here are two beeps in all their faux-mechanical glory, from the beginning of the soundtrack. (Filmstrip on IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt1419611/)



In 1996 the only album I ever made, Stellar Interiors, was released. Unfortunately, it was less than stellar. It was ill conceived and ill rendered— a real can’t-see-the forest-for-the-trees outing. I have no one but myself to blame for this, and had no idea it would be my beginning and ending. I did like the very beginning of the album and the last part of the album, but in between I totally lost the plot. Zoru is a re-imagining of the beginning of the album. Originally it was done with a Roland JV-1080 that had a mellotron sound on an expander, and a Nord rack. I had so much gear back then that it is hard to remember. This version is done primarily with an Arturia Arp Solina processed through some modular gear, and a Rebirth TB-303.


Okay, first time trying this.


A thought experiment. What is memory anyway? Fragments and overlaps and retold stories and many many years.

Process: Imported four samples into Borderlands on iPad, and gave myself 2 minutes. Minor levels tweaking in Audacity because I wanted a fade in and out. Gave myself one second per year of the century.

And that’s it.

The memory: watching the moon landing on a tv set at a cottage on the shores of Trout Lake, near North Bay, Ontario. Bach plays nearby.

Do I remember this? Or do I remember remembering this?



I had just uploaded this track to soundcloud, but in private, not sure if to put to public, when Marc´s mail came. I wasn´t feeling well, when I tried to play something on my bass I noticed I could not concentrate. So I thought this track has a lot to it that makes it suit to this week´s task. First of all, there was a sound of the bass-guitar I have been trying to achieve all my life - or that part in my life in which I attempt to record music - and which I never have achieved to my full saticfaction. Secondly, it is the sound of fusion - I was twelve when the Woodstock festival took place. But that same year Deep Purple released an album with an orchestra live at the Royal Albert Hall and with this they seemed to bring together the two worlds I was living in. Also Miles Davis and other were bring Rock and Jazz together - fusion was what we loved to listen to. And I think this track breathes somewhat of this spirit. Later of course, all forms of genre-crossing occured. I created a loop from a heavily processed short synthesizer sequence and let this run through, and this brings memories back, too. - So, as always, I am very keen on the other contributions.


I was thinking of the sound a wave made as it washed in to a pile of pebbles, rushing through, rattling them off one another before swooshing back out to sea, over and over. I was going to try to recreate it and make this tune to fit, but things worked out without it in there. A lot of the mix was using the matrix idea from last week.