Disquiet Junto Project 0315: First Chair


This is my first Junto submission. I’m really excited by the concept, but I decided to keep this one pretty simple. This is based around mutable’s rings - I patched the resonators output back into the FM input - which led to a quite shakey wooden sound. Some notes seem to respond to this effect a lot more. I left a lot of empty space in this recording in the hope that someone will fill it in.


Tried to pan left but it sounded bad so I kept it. Might actually use this as part of a last minute addition to my album.


I enclose my contribution


finally a playlist that we can use to convince our enemies that their speakers/headphones aren’t working properly!*

It’s not like i wouldn’t say most everything that i make wasn’t already incomplete. Still. Here’s a loop from one of the precursor tracks to my submission to last week’s Junto, rendered lo-res and filtered egregiously with a view to its incorporation in something else next week…

*like, in this context the fact that first few in the list aren’t hard panned left is a feature



This is a 2 channel mono rendering of the left side of the original recording.


Heh, I like this idea.

“Your playback is unbalanced. Trying to convince me otherwise will lead me to think it’s not the only thing unbalanced.”


Great vibe here. It’s like a chase sequence in the midday sun.


Love how it’s a twinkle on a churning ocean.


Keen to see where this ends up. It’s understated and cool AF.


I tried to just play one instrument, and one idea in three variations. I hope that leaves enough space. The last third may be a bit much… but perhaps this trio is destined to end in chaos.

82bpm in 3/4. Score: Six Legged Chair.pdf (232.8 KB)

Update: Score file added


Our pieces go well together


I haven’t participated in a Disquiet Junto project in a long time, but I thought I’d do so this week:


They do, Playing both back to back, it is fun. But it is too tempting for me to build a kinda bass duet with you piece. Bass players: unite!


It’s been a strong week. Emotional winds blowing strongly like the ones coming up the coast whilst I recorded this. Glad to be able to participate for the first time in a while.


I’ve been screwing around with various different things this week, and this came out nicely as being a piece that needed someone adding bits to it.


First play with just friends in sound mode. Random harmonies created with ornament & crime and chance. Hard panned left but I couldn’t help a bit of reverb washing over. 115 bpm in a bit of a wonky hand tuned c minor pentatonic


Since I am a drummer I decided to do a rhythm project. Created three separate drum and percussion tracks. Mixed and rendered in Reaper.


Yeah, it’s a deep cut. Really enjoying it.


I love these multi-part Juntos and scrambled to get something together in time to participate. I recorded a brief awakening of my altar with singing bowl, chapacas, and bell. I recorded a slow motion video at 240 FPS on my iPhone, and used Sennheiser Ambeo binaural recording headphones to capture the slowed sounds. I focused primarily on creating sounds on the left side of the mic array, and I mastered to mono focusing on the left image to leave plenty of room for the full trio.


Hi all!
This is my start of a trio recording - slide guitar, sparsely placed so hopefully enough air in there for some inspired additions!