Disquiet Junto Project 0315: First Chair


A slow MI Rings through a pitching Timebender. Have fun!


Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/pachyderm-parade-disquiet0315

I just got Bitwig Studio, and this is my first track created with it. (The tempo is 100 bpm, in case anyone wants to add to it.)


Here it is:

I recorded some guitar through a Warped Vinyl and onto my Marantz tape recorder then processed it with Clouds. Played with the pitch and added some string/fretboard sounds. Stairwell convolution reverb from Altiverb. Didn’t pan left because it ended up sounding pretty bad.

Played in G Locrian.


Lovely - can you make it available for download please? :slight_smile:


Thanks! Now downloadable.


Hey Jason, I ended up trying the bass-duet thing but didn’t quite worked, I was a bit out and lost on the sections where you play more lyrical.
But I liked your slow paced , meditative chords and the way a delay line I had on a bus reacted to your fret noise, rhythmically.
So I kept your chords and jammed on top of it , it was a lot of fun. Sorry I edited your track so severely!
You Left, Me Right

Download Wav: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rqrvhy1uaq4n6kb/Circumnavigating%20with%20Bassling.wav?dl=0


Yeah! Nice one

Your edit gives it a good structure and those notes have a lot of feeling


Loved this and I’ve added a second chair, brother.


I got your piece for 0316 - thanks so much for including the score (I also included the score for my part).

Cheers -