Disquiet Junto Project 0316: El Segundo


Here’s mine. This one was a lot of fun.

The piece of music I choose to work with was First Chair by enzyme III. I listened to all the other tracks and this was the one that stood out for me; but they were all great.

I feel I’ve cheated slightly here in that I used the original piece to create something to complement itself. I ran the audio into a 4ms SMR and created a supporting melody that shifts with a comparator output from an envelope follower from the original piece. The other noises are equally created from envelopes and gates derived from the original sounds. So the one side creates the other with minimal input from me.

As it happens, I’m pretty pleased with the output.


the sax sounds are killer!


Yeah the two versions are different; the original left-side version was recorded live in stereo & panned left with Audacity. Unfortunately I only exported the .wav & never saved the original Audacity work file. So when DD requested a stereo version, I had to re-record the whole thing & started at a different point.

Nice work, btw.


I realize that my contributions so far are note quite adequate; I’m not leaving any room for a 3rd party to get in. I realize also that I’m getting a bit too much contributing 3 tracks to this week end junto, but hey, I’m on fire! (Well, I’m technically unemployed really, had little work early this week but absolutely nothing to de since yesterday till Monday, so what else can I do?)
Besides, this collaborating juntos (like the duet thing a year ago) are hands down my favourite. I’ll be glad to have time to work n all 50 tracks.

So, to build a track that leaves some room for a third part, I started on @disconcert ‘s: https://soundcloud.com/disconcert_1/left-side-disquiet0315

And added a rhodes piano improv and some back beat loops.
Nothing really happens besides the acid mantra like groove so there’s room for something else IMHO (I also added some drive-filter to disconcert’s original, hope he doesn’t mind)


As explained on my last post/submission (really, last one, promised) I made this 3rd track to make at least one submission with room for a third participant next week.

But I agree 1 track per member should be the way to go.

I’m completely happy to share tracks just here with you guys and leave it out from the SC playlist. (Although I see no harm in a playlist with multiple submissions from the same guy),

However, in this particular case I think (looking for next week) that having just one submission each would be better for the democratism of the collaboration process. And if you think about the chances on the lotery system, yes, I think one track should be enough for each participant.

So, now or next week, Marc please keep just one of my tracks in the “1-2-3-chairs” collaboration.
My choice is the third one, but it’s up to you really.



Thanks. I’m really fine this week including all the collaborations, so I can just leave 'em in the playlist. This collaborative thing is a unique thing for the Junto. Thanks for all the excellent work.


I get why @disquiet only usually allows one submission per person. It’s so people don’t dominate the playlist, pushing any latecomers so far down the list that they may never get listened to.

Your tracks so far have been wonderful (although you’re not doing the panning thing…). I guess it doesn’t matter for the most part. The last one you posted (same source I used) is a whole mountain of awesomesauce next to my meagre slice of an effort.


+1 on the awesomesauce mountain

Though I would not attribute any meagerness to your work, @ZeroMeaning.


Man, your Blood Dispair is bloody awesome, you’re both riding the same beast there, is uncomfortable, even painful yet addictive (reminds me some relationships I had actually…).
Really sounds like two hemispheres of the same brain, and that makes the L/R panning so logical.
I just can achieve that communion in that particular style. Kudos !


So glad you like it, it was a great experience working on your track.


After Marc’s email arrived, I listened to the tracks and began noodling along on my fretless bass. I’d wanted to use the fretless last week but the three-note chords were painful.

Benn DeMole’s track ‘Brother Lost’ appealed to me for the sparse and intense vibrato in the notes. Fretless seemed perfect given the tight intervals.

Then I realised it needed the fretless two-string bass that I’d bought last year and mean to use more often but it’s always more work and uncomfortable to play.

Putting that resonant kick-body near the sub was an experiment in generating unruly feedback that was filtered out. I’ve added some distortion so the bass might be heard on smaller speakers.

‘Brothers Lost’ by Benn DeMole and Bassling can be downloaded here


A random number generator pointed me to mzero’s Six Legged Chair, and sometimes I’m just lucky - he included the score, which considerably eased my work. I gave his guitar a string quartet accompaniment, filling in but trying to leave enough space for a third party next week.

I have included a score of the part I wrote: Six Legged Chair.pdf (47.3 KB)

Mark Lentczner’s score can be found at https://llllllll.co/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d88ab458d5c0f88861f2f30b995344bada6070cf.pdf


After a couple of random number hits which corresponded with a difficult piece i ended up on Lionel’s track. i like the understated rhythm, chittering and organic; as well as the deep rumble.

i had a hard time playing something along with it that didn’t over power or detract from the original. I also had a hard time matching the key of the bell tones. (does anybody know how to do this? is it just an ear training recognition thing? or?) So instead i used his sounds as the source material for my additions. Maybe this is more an augmentation and addition than the second part of a trio. And maybe it isnt quite what was intended per the instructions, but it turned out well so here it is.

i wanted to mirror his part but not duplicate it so i copied it to a new track and put it through a frequency shifter, then a delay device called the Mikron Cascade. With the Cascade one can smear and stretch the incoming audio, obscuring and bolstering it. This removed some of the more rhythmic aspects and stretched the percussive bell tones across the right channel. Saturation was added to bring some more rumble and depth to the low end, as well as some reverb.

Wanting to further the mirroring aspect i copied the bell tones and their reverberate tails. Then reversed them, and lined them up preceding the original with a delay to repeat the reversed hits. This combined with the delay effect of the Cascade added an interesting movement across the stereo field.

Perhaps this would have been enough, and the piece would probably make a better trio if it had ended here. But i wanted a little more depth so i took some of the ringing tones and put them into a granular device called Iota. With some manipulation and eq this added a warmer tone with a different rhythmic aspect.

i tried to keep the additions open with enough room for another part without overpowering Lionel’s original piece. Not sure if i succeeded in this, it might have ended up a little busy.
Never the less i hope y’all enjoy the piece and that someone will find inspiration to add another part.
Thanks to Marc for facilitating this group, and to Lionel for making his piece available (hope you like it), and to all who listen.


I was quite taken by jwhiles’ track and also wanted to give a fellow newcomer some love, so here is mine:

Doomy, percussive riffing to compliment a lovely, sparse soundscape.


i have a deep faith in coffee can spoon drumming


I took 337is - Ritual to Claim 1st Chair (3rd Chair would be fine, thanks) [disquiet0315]

I added 3 guitar parts, a melody played in harmonics, an arpeggio part and some e-bow stuff. The picture is a little sketch I did at an orchestra performance.


So many great tracks to choose from, I audioned several and ad-libbed along until I found one that really seemed to gel with my current frame of mind.

So, I took “First Ciani” by @RupertL, and recorded a live duet on a twinkly patch (comprised of a mix of sounds from BS2, Streichfett, Nord Piano, and D-05, all played live as a single sound from my master keyboard). I then played around with panning - not just the position L-R but also the width of each is changed throughout the piece. I added a little EQ to give each track a little bit of it’s own space to occupy. There is a little bit of a timing error on my part at one point, but I thought I’d leave them there to keep this as an honest and direct response to the original piece.


I adore this! So beautifully moody.


Zweiter Stuhl

Added electric bass guitar to “South Paw” (from Disquiet 0315).

Edited in Renoise. Added some fx to the bass (chorus, twice, which added the sparkly moaning after-tones).

96 BPM


Used a random number generator to generate the number 39.This is the track I will use for this part of the trio.
Downloaded track #39 by Benn DeMole – Brother Lost
Added a chau gong (vsti) to the second track, first track is a saxaphone