Disquiet Junto Project 0316: El Segundo


Added bass and piano to Le Berger’s wonderful piece “Violas are brown.” Cheers, thanks a lot.


Hello everybody…

This time I took the great “first chair” by Force Damage (@AIsynthesis) to add some stuff without altering its original character. I think my interpretation on the right channel is just a variation of the original on the left side, so I decided to keep it title.

I played mainly two notes (C and A) on a VST Rhodes and pass the signal through the Korg Monotron, while tweaking a little the VCF cutoff knob and keeping only the wet signal. On the delay return channel I added a low pass filter, and this is the origin of the low pulse that can be heard in the background. Finally I added a wind sound made with VCV Rack, and I took the liberty of placing it in stereo.


I chose https://soundcloud.com/half-unusual/half-collaboration-disquiet0315-free-download?in=disquiet/sets/disquiet-junto-project-0315 to work with, improvising a bassline of sorts to the glitchy rhythm. I used this project to explore Fabfilter’s Twin2 Synth, and kept it in the lower registers to allow for a final part. This was just my second attempt at contributing to Disquiet, and I very much enjoyed the experience! Thanks!


Absolutely love what you’ve done with this Ian! Your additions have opened the piece out so much adding some much needed harmonic variations- really beautiful stuff!


i opted to work with one of my favourites from last week, @Carlos_R’s Appendix.

I snaffled a loop of Carlos’ track to pan right as a part of mine, reversed it & then buried it amidst degraded train station and granulated & dragged alarms. I think there’s some sympathy between the two tracks/channels but Carlos is bring the purpose & weight; i’m just sort of gently squalling about.


NON SUBMISSION -Hey All, Random came up 38 and it was Ohm’s great driving track so I added some drums. I am playing a single knob in my performance but it is live. This is my second track so I do not expect it to be included especially if someone uses that track.

Peace, Hugh


I tried to leave space for the "third chair."



The roll of the dice selected the wonderful disorientation of Forelight’s Dronebase 1 as the basis of this piece. My addition was recorded with my small 3U analog modular.


I added some textures to First Chair by encym III (https://soundcloud.com/encymlll/first-chair-by-encym-disquiet0315), which I used as either a melody or a series of harmonies – left it open. Textures came from various field recordings: potato peelers, a ferry, a commuter rail escalator, and a tiny snippet of an orchestra tuning up, plus a NASA recording from Cassini, which I took down in speed and pitch. For my part in this 2/3 of a trio I was intending to add rhythm and patterns mostly, but I think there were some happy accidents with tones too.


used ohm research - sinestre https://soundcloud.com/ohm-research/sinestre-disquiet-0315

initially i thought i’d use mindless mzk’s track but it wasn’t downloadable so rolled the dice. glad i got this track

i used a djembe and had this through a lot of fx. i thought that would sound good with my initial selection but then used it randomly anyway even though i knew it’d be too rhythmic
doesnt quite go but i wander if anything can be done to bring it all together…


slightly embaressed that its 5 months since I last took part in a junto. I added a complimetary part to halF collaboratioN [disquiet0315]. Used a sidechained expander to replicate the random rhythm.them mixed down my high low squall to off set it from the original a little…Instrument of choice was the 0coast.
full on noise- probably havent left enough space for the soloist on top…unless they are loud.



Oh man, this is beautiful. Your guitar has more presence than my synth, which now has taken on more of a background role, and the result is creamy goodness.


Here’s my addition: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/moving-chairs-plus-one-disquiet0316

I was intrigued by La Cosa Preziosa’s track “Moving Chairs” (https://soundcloud.com/lacosapreziosa/moving-chairs), so in Bitwig Studio, I added sounds made with a custom Kaivo patch, with various parameters modulated by a sidechain of the original track. Unfiltered Audio’s Dent and Zip were used for grit and texture, ValhallaRoom for reverb, and Audacity for final trims and normalization.


NON SUBMISSION I partnered with widdly and his peppy number Left Channel Western Swing. Played the drums live on keyboard, then did a live cross fading adding some spice to the snare. The shaker was a loop to keep me on beat. I had some fun on this. Thanks widdly.

Peace, Hugh


Nice one Hugh, you certainly brought the funk!


NON SUBMISSION Hey All, The insomnia that Larry spoke of is something I can relate to. I remember a stretch where I could only sleep a few hours a night and would wake in a panic, unable to really get back to sleep. I can sleep now but I sympathize with anyone going through it.

Peace, Hugh


for any latecomers it looks like these tracks haven’t been added to yet:

akstuhl — Left Channel Particle Drone (disquiet0315)
cboulter — January 12th 2018 Disquiet0315
Euclidean~~~ — Spooky (disquiet0315)
Ghost Signs — Canyon 3
GLSmyth — From The High Line (disquiet0315)
High Tunnels — 1stchr (disquiet0315 - First Chair)
itssowindy — Disquiet0315
jmmy kpple — untitled [always already incomplete] [disquiet0315]
mindless mzk — Left: Right
Nate Trier — Ice Cube Fugato (disquiet0315)
neurogami — Disquiet0315
otolythe — firstchairbase2 - [disquiet0315]
plusch — Pachyderm Parade (disquiet0315)
riskware — Riskware - First Chair [disquiet0315]
Robert Knote — Open space (disquiet0315)
user-643238087 — Polyaroma L *disquiet0315
VGmrmojo — disquiet0315
Zero Meaning — Chrysalis [disquiet0315]
bassling - brothers lost


Thanks Proxemia, a pleasure to jam with you!


Thanks so much, @sevenism, for having compiled this list.


Gutted that I was away last week so couldn’t record my own First Chair. Took up second chair for @photofractal this week though (the second person to do so it seems)

Kept my addition pretty minimal so hopefully there should be enough space for a third part.