Disquiet Junto Project 0316: El Segundo


Super nice @Ohjann !!!


Mine has been done by “Forelight”


this is the second of a three part asynchronous collaboration sequence. I chose to add a second part to FJNA’s “Links” that he posted last week. I used a couple of random pattern generators and two simple synths in SuperCollider to create a complimentary part. I also added a faint sound of Cicada’s in the background because I felt it fit nicely. I liked the dynamics of the original so I used that as my guide as I messed around a bit. There is a heavy compression on the right channel which I quite like what it did to the sound of simple computer generated sine tones. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! Thanks FJNA for the inspiration!

Supercollider code can be found here – – – > https://github.com/kcebul12/SC-Junto.git


NON SUBMISSION Hey All. I used Synth Avesta rousing “Solo Solina”. He was analog I guess so I feed a mid conversion into my analog DW 8000 with an arp fx and played little trills on it and tried the close theme and liked how it fit.I don’t know why it glitches when it does but i kinda like it. Also the mashed potatoes scene it the best part of that movie.

Peace, Hugh


I chose “Empty Aerie” by Force Damage


Mangrove > Three Sisters > Rings > Morphagene > ES Blackhole > Clouds

Recorded to cassette. The volume and frequency automation in Ableton is driven by an envelope follower that is following the left channel.

In a C diminished scale:

C, D, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, A, B


I chose @nosollution’s entry, which was really nicely structured to improvise alongside with another melodic part. For the right channel addition I recorded Ableton synth then re-processed it through a “spectral spreader” multi-delay effect in WebAudio.


This track is an “asynchronous collaboration” with encym III @encym His was literally the last Disquiet0315 track I listened to, but it was also the one that really grabbed me, so I decided to trust my gut and choose this one for collaboration.

I wanted to treat this like a classical piece, analyze the notes and intervals, etc., and build on it, but time was tight this weekend. I made an attempt to convert the audio to MIDI and dump it into a notation program, but that didn’t work…finally I ended up resolving to do three takes of improv over the track. I did two takes, and then for the third take I decided I pretty much knew what I wanted to happen, so I played just those phrases on the piano. This felt much more deliberate and constructed. I moved them around a little bit on the timeline so that sometimes they answered the guitar, sometimes the guitar answered them.

The germ of my original idea survived, in that I transposed all of the phrases up a fifth, just at the end of the track. This gives an A dorian in the piano over D dorian in the guitar, which is a nice effect and makes us feel like we have gone somewhere new.

In terms of sound design, I used Ableton’s “Grand Piano” plug-in (no time to get to a real piano), lengthened the attack time, and then tried to add some grit so it would match the guitar, using AudioDamage’s Fuzz plugin and iZotope’s Vinyl.

Towards the end, the piano delves into the world of delay and echo, to mimic the guitar.

The name is a winky reference to the instrumentation (twangy guitar and piano) and the harmony that emerged (parallel modes on different starting notes).


Really enjoying your additions @natet , very lovely!

Can’t seem to download it, if you could allow downloads that’d be terrific.



Whoops! Thanks for the reminder - just fixed it


NON SUBMISSION Hey All, I thought since I have the technology to convert you tube videos I should take a stab at basslings tender track. Just a live performance on a Rhodes like vst with delay. Again not to be used if someone else uses his track.

Peace, Hugh


(and I’m glad you liked it!)


Just a note to everyone who did multiple tracks for this project. It’s great you did them. Enthusiasm is awesome. I just wanted to mention that sorting them out of the main playlist is a complication, so I’m sharing the whole playlist with participants in the 0317 project. If you have the time and want to add a note to your “non-official” tracks that there is an official track of yours, please note that in the notes field of your audio where you posted it originally (presumably on SoundCloud). Or just let people make what they will with what you uploaded, which seems in the spirit.

Disquiet Junto Project 0317: Triadic Awareness

tried my best to bring it together…

and I think it worked out very well.