Disquiet Junto Project 0317: Triadic Awareness


I really like our piece!!! I’m ready to start the asynchronous ambient jazz trio whenever you two are…


This adds a third part to “Climbing On The Wave” by Euclidean~~~, which builds on Ethan Hein’s “First Chair At The Wavetable.”

I decided to simply add some texture with a mix of three field recordings–a boy flying a drone plane and some sounds of Joyce Kilmer forest, both here in NC, and a recording from an elevator in London a few years ago.

The recordings were played on an iPad with Borderlands Granular and recorded and mixed using AUM.


tragic awareness…
(of myself :slight_smile:)

beatmaker2, iphonevoicerecord, audacity, satin
from disquietjunto316
thanks @fjna thanks @mzero


Hi Juntonians!

Here’s my 3rd chair …

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Force Damage on 1st chair and photofractal on 2nd …

I was given a music box kit for Christmas by some rather excellent friends and I recorded my first hole-punched ‘composition’. Because it was only about a minute long, it was stretched to the ‘correct’ length to fit Force Damage’s and photofractal’s track and a bit of lovely Adaptiverb added … a spot of mastering and there you have it …

Great project - thanks Marc - we could probably go round again with all those amazing tracks still to be added to … Some brilliant work - very inspiring!

Have a splendid week :slight_smile:

h u


cool sounds :slight_smile: nice work!



Of course the roll of the dice would land me on the formidable ikjoyce’s piece “Ciani Doppio”. My addition is done on a hybrid modular that falls in and out of sync with the source piece.


I very deliberately chose the Galloway to Galway piece by photofractal and ohjann. It wasn’t hard to add some nice textures to an already beautiful collaboration. This was super fun



“Our Arranged Marriage is a Secret Society”

Background: This is the 3rd of a set of 3 projects where people create tracks for future collaboration. So, pieces made in part 1 were selected by other musicians in part 2, who added an part ; project three takes something made in project 2 and adds a third and final part.

It’s a cool idea.

Random selection was encouraged, but (it seams) weakly followed. Some pieces from the first project were statistically over-represented in the 2nd project. A good number of pieces (a dozen or so) were simply not used in project 2.

I certainly understand people wanting to work with some source material that they can somehow connect with or enjoy, and a few of the submissions in part 1 were such that they left little to no room (to my ears) for any additions. (I tried to do the random thing for 0316 myself, and ended up opting to pick from 3, then 6, randomly selected tracks, and then ended up re-starting with choice #2 when I realized my first selection was already being used by several other participants.)

In the discussion of 0316, @sevenism kindly made a list of still-unused tracks.

Of course, those pieces listed would not represented in the third project either.

There’s a narrowing of the musical gene pool, so to speak.

Dismayed that such effort was not being re-purposed I grabbed those tracks and looked for two that seemed to work well enough together. Neither piece was willfully directed towards the other; this was entirely an arranged marriage of music.

I used @VGmrmojo’s “disquiet0315” and @Autogeneric (AKA cboulter) “January 12th 2018 Disquiet0315”.

(I didn’t bother to see if either of those were used after that list was posted.)

Over these tracks I added voices taken from a CNN AC360 report on a supposed “secret society” deep within the FBI. (Spoiler alert: It’s willful nonsense perpetrated by elected officials and an amoral media operation.)

The track length was set to the shorter of the two source tracks.

(edited to include the correct “@” for Autogeneric)


I am the elusive cboulter so thanks for using my contribution. I will listen tomorrow as now quite late here in the UK…


Here is my track: Chairless Seat: https://soundcloud.com/ph_vs_f/chairless-seat-disquiet0317

When I was looking for a track in disquiet0316, I found that most of them sounded already complete and didn’t require any compelling addition, although I liked many of them.

So was I was glad to find https://soundcloud.com/plusch/moving-chairs-plus-one-disquiet0316. This track has a lot of space and random in it which I like a lot.

So I did an improvisation with Bastl Softpop and a litte bit of Bastl Kastl using the external input of Softpop, thus running though Softpop’s filter. This track is uncut and besides some Ambience effect, I didn’t add any treatment to the final mix.

La Cosa Preziosa & Plush: Hope that you like what I have done to your song, ma :wink:


Ah! Cool; saw the “at” thing didn’t work; glad you get acknowledged here.

Nice track, thanks for making it available for my hackery.


with full respect and apologies to Ohm reseach and Detritus tabu3



This time I took the duet between Lionel Benancie & itssowindy.

I added three elements:

A sample from a wood vibraslap, transposed and filtered, with every bell strike from original track.

A Solina String Ensemble repetitive phrase, with many reverb, phaser and an increasingly intense filtering.

A simple sequenced line in the DSI Mopho Desktop, tweking the filter.


Couldn’t resist going for a bonus round. I’ve taken @Neurogami’s ‘First Bass’ and added @fjna’s ‘Links’


Hopefully I don’t come across as formidable! I like the phase drift as your addition moves in and out of sync - adds an interesting new element to the other parts.


i don’t think these have been added to yet:

\ HE MANIORO ĀTAAHUA — HalF and Manioro [Disquiet0316]
ClaudeLeBelge — Disquiet0316 Second to the right
Disconcert — Ritual Of The Second Chair - w. 337is (disquiet0316)
Forelight — Program 2 (Disquiet0316)
GLSmyth — Six Legged Chair (disquiet0316)
jmmy kpple — Carlos R / kipple sound - appendices [disquiet0316]
k-blamo — JuntoCalif3(disquiet0316)
La Cosa Preziosa — Rust Over Time (An Old Rocking Chair)[disquiet0316]
Larry Frazier — Two Sides disquiet0316
moduS ponY — muddy mind (Disquiet0316)
neurogami — Disquiet0316 - Zweiter Stuhl
Ohm Research — Just Suppose {Disquiet 0316}
otolythe — secondchairbase with encym :: disquiet0316
Robert Knote — A little place (Collaboration with moduS ponY)
samarobryn — The Mutable Truth [disquiet0316]
Synth Avesta — «Empty Aerie II» by Force Damage & Synth Avesta (Disquiet Junto 0316)
tigrinya — Links - Second Chair(disquiet0316)
Total Energy — Viola’s the second (disquiet0316, collab. w/Le Berger)
VGmrmojo — disquiet0316
Vonna Wolf — (disquiet0316) FRM A TRtH N KonZQu0315C3 #disquiet0316
Vortex Scrape — Disquiet0316 Take Two featuring halF unusuaL
W:I:L-o´the-wisp — W:I:L & zanshin 残真 with Daniel Diaz: One Empty Chair[disquiet0316]

let me know if i’ve made any mistakes and i’ll update.


Thanks for hvaing done this again.


“Formidable” in this case is a good thing; a compliment. There is a consistent quality in your compositions that sets the bar rather high for me in a situation like this. I was happy to get your track as my random choice. I always literally roll the dice when we do a Disquiet project that requires choosing. It is always interesting to see what I draw in the process.


I took a slightly different approach to this week’s challenge.

I decided to use three tracks from disquiet 0315 to compose ‘my’ triad. They are from @jks @iain and @akstuhl – I left them as is, except to adjust the panning, tweak the volume, and add in a repeat of part of one to sync up the run times, more or less.

L: https://soundcloud.com/jmmy-kpple/untitled-always-already-incomplete-disquiet0315

R: https://soundcloud.com/xxiainxx/canyon-3

C: https://soundcloud.com/andykstuhl/left-channel-particle-drone-disquiet0315

They start together and fade out in order: L, R, then C.


ah, nice; thanks for keeping me in the game! ^____^ i missed the other two parts first time 'round; i’m especially enamored with @akstuhl’s track - did that really not get picked in round two?? There’s untapped riches in these three projects for sure…