Disquiet Junto Project 0317: Triadic Awareness


Used Random.org to pick a track between 1 and 56.
Bingo! #28 was the winner.
Can you believe that #28 is my own track.
Downloaded the track.
Added Reaktor to the second track.
This was the first composition used by Benn DeMole.
This was the second composition used.


i used jimmy (@jks ) and carlos’ (@Carlos_R) track as the base https://soundcloud.com/jmmy-kpple/carlos-r-kipple-sound-appendices-disquiet0316

i made a pad from all the unused tracks from disquiet 316 (just sticking everything together and playing thru protoplasm, podfarm, ozone imager)

apart from i couldnt use la coza and vonna wolf’s tracks as they werent downloadable…

oh also i’ve done a stereo megamulch of all these tracks together as it went surprisingly well https://soundcloud.com/user-643238087/disquiet0316-stereo-megamulch


Aw, well, thank you :slight_smile: You definitely reached the bar - and in a totally unexpected way, which is one of the truly magical things about the Junto.


Swing Your Pardner With Vibe

I added a lunatic vibraphone on top of Detritus-tabu3 – Swing-your-pardner-disquiet0316 by @detritus-tabu3 who added the percussions to Widdly – Left-channel-western-swing-disquiet-0315 by @widdly.

Thanks to both talented artists !


It’s 00:30 here so I’m late with this one but I had a busy and stressful weekend so only got a chance to start on this this evening.

Fair warning with this one, I’m not a singer and have never added my own vocals to a track before so don’t expect much. But if Junto ain’t the place to try out new things like this then I don’t know where is.

I chose @riskware and La Cosa Preziosa’s collaboration


Added to @detritus-tabu3 track “Swing your Pardner” - https://soundcloud.com/detritus-tabu3/swing-your-pardner-disquiet0316, which in turn was based on @widdly track “Left Channel Western Swing” - https://soundcloud.com/widdly/left-channel-western-swing-disquiet-0315.

Added some parts on bass guitar, for some ternary treats. Hope you enjoy!


Hmmm, maybe I wasn’t supposed to mix it?
I will upload a hard-panned version if there’s to be a fourth week…


Hear hear. (20 characters)


The final voice in our trio. I had trouble picking just one track that I wanted to work on - there were so many compelling entries! I ended up using a random number generator on Monday morning, and I ended up with this track from disconcert (is this person on lines?) and @DeDe.

Like my last Disquiet submission, I had the instinct to map everything out and create a grand scheme, but then on listening to the track, some ideas jumped into my head, like the dialogue at about 2:55 and and the bassline at 1:16, and I just recorded them as quickly as possible. After that, it was just a matter of segueing into this idea (and dropping hints of them at other places in the track).

The synth sounds are an Ableton preset (I still love the wubwub) mixed with the TAL Noisemaker vst. This was already a cool track, so less is more.

Mixing was the hard part. At times, I cut some lows from the original duet to make room for the bass. I hope this mix came out ok!


I added some contact mic textures, a eurorack patch, some synth drone, and some drums to “Disquiet0316 With Lionel Benancie” posted by @itssowindy.


I really liked the Total Energy / Le Berger viola ambient track, and I saw that nobody had built on it yet, so I threw something together at the last minute. It already sounded great so it didn’t need much, just some algorthimic drums, and then some analog video, because why not:

This was recorded with Bitwig > analog modular with LZX and audio modules > Edirol V-4 mixer > OBS Studio.

Uploading to SoundCloud as soon as I extract the audio track from the video.
edit: https://soundcloud.com/dewb/disquiet0317-triadic-awareness-feat-total-energy-and-le-berger


a collaboration with Synth Avesta and Force Damage,
somewhat randomly chosen from amidst the uncompleted entries.
Using the TC-11 again.
Maybe kinda cheating as i added a little compression and overdrive to the master which i think blends the pieces together pleasantly.
thanks all for listening and contributing.


Thanks for jumping into this one, really feel it needed something else. The bass line is surprisingly good and the low end melody at 2:55 is great. Love what you did


This is my second contribution to this week´s disquiet junto project. I still don´t feel strong enough, so all I do comes in small steps. There are so many beautiful tracks in the disquiet0316 I would have loved to do more. I had chosen three, the last I will finish now, even if it is tuesday and past the deadline.
On this here…The first track was Rupert Lally´s “First Ciani”, the second ikjoyce´s work on it, “Doppio Ciani”, and to this I added a little synth, guitar, bass and drums


Almost finished yesterday,on monday, after having uploaded “Third Ciani” , within the given time, but I could not continue, for a lack of energy. Still struggling to get back to normal day after hospital.
So I recorded the missing parts this tuesday morning.
I felt fascinated by FJNA´s track “no table, yet”, by its chord progession and harmony changes, and decided to play something to it. Like almost, I had no idea of what to play. So I started trying different things on guitar and bass, until I got the feeling I got where I wanted to be.


"Here Hare, here."


I love that movie. Love.


Thought you folks might appreciate the flowchart I made of my involvement in this project. junto trios


I was hoping you’d do just this. I may add it to my family tree lecture at school.


Really love what you did on the track by Nate and myself! Thanks a lot indeed!