Disquiet Junto Project 0319: Duly Noted

Hello all, I used a melody we all know for this one - MIDI version comes courtesy of a very nice guy named Jake (MIDI file can be downloaded here ). This is the first time I’ve tried to animate a MIDI file with the modular! The patch involves 0-Coast for audio, run through Three Sisters. Modulation from Pam’s New Workout, which I picked up earlier today via craigslist. Tiny touches of linear FM from 0-Coast’s random CV, reverb from Live. I also made a little drone with Dixie II to fill in the gaps, also run through the Sisters, also modulated by Pam.



A little bitty melody in two parts, each consisting of 6 notes. Randomly removed one note, then two notes, then three notes. Sent the midi to TB-3 four times to produce variations. Mixed and added some minimal other sounds.



Hi all, track for this week’s Junto… I put some note’s and chords in midi(forgot what instrument I used) and every couple of bars left something out.



hey ho. long time no see. finally, i had some spare time again and had a go at this week’s junto assignment. turned out a little awkward i fear but hey, it all started great. have a look here:

this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to this week’s disquiet junto with the serial number 0319. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to create a piece consisting of a repeating melody but with individual notes disappearing and re-appearing along the way.

for this track, i utilised my little travel eurorack modular synth kit and not much more. three oscillators have been sequenced by the korg sq-1 whereas one of the oscillators has additionally been fed with a second sequence from my little “penta”. along a heavy abuse and cross-modulation of all my cv-sources in the rack i also used the midiSprout for some extra random cv plus a little cv-modulation top-up from the “kommander”, but that’s about it.
the crackles have been recorded by myself as well keeping it all “hand made”. just a light mastering in live 9 and here we go…

happy listening.

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This is mostly just a (failed) teletype coding exercise. I tried to write a script that plays a little melody from the tracker, then randomly removes notes. Didn’t reall work, so in the end I did just use a “fuzzy logic module” and an inverter so that one gate could be used to cancel the other.
It kind of works, though the sounddesign could have used some more work.




A melody is chosen and triggered at a random rhythm. Notes from a sequencer are constantly being removed and brought back while the timbre and the register of the melody is shifted around. For me it is an exploration of the relationship between timbre, register, rhythm and its effect on perceived melodic weight.


This is great. I love how the simplicity of the setting makes the note appearances and disappearances evident. What’s going on in the background? Is it an echo of the main theme?

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Variations on a theme done with a Make Noise Rene driving some modules. The Rene made it easy to edit notes on the fly.



Second time around! I made a random eight-notes-melody for one bar in C-major scale. Just drawing notes in Abletons Piano roll. I duplicated the melody multiple times and started muting different notes. After a few rounds I started muting two notes in every bar, after a while three and so forth. I doubled the plucked part with pizzicato strings and then added some string synth playing the whole melody in half-tempo.

As default template in Live I have a 909-beat. So I let it stay and started muting all drums that coincided with muted notes etc.

I had fun!




This is my first disquiet junto challenge…
And if someone can explain me how to embed soundcloud in my post that could be cool.


Thanks for listening and feedback,


I just pasted the link like you did but at the top of my post.

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Hey all, this is my first post here, a pretty straightforward dance track with a melody that gradually loses 16th notes until there is only one note left. I played this live on a TR-8, Minilogue, and Volca Keys.

For the melody, I wrote a 1-bar loop on the Volca Keys internal sequencer, then used the active step function to take away one step at a time. This function shortens the length of the loop by 1/16 note every time you remove a step, so you end up with some fun polyrhythms quickly.

To keep everything in sync, I ran MIDI from the TR-8 to the Volca Keys, and a sync cable from the Volca Keys to the Minilogue. There are additional effects on the Volca Keys via a Zoom MS-70CDR pedal, which is synced via tap. A sidechain effect on the Minilogue is timed by the TR-8’s sequencer.

I recorded video as well, but it’s getting pretty late over here so I am going to edit that together later and either reply to this post or edit it in.

Edit: here’s the video!


Thanks a lot! Yes the background is a simple clock-synced delay with the feedback look going through a resonant lowpass flter (Chronoblob > Colour Palette Woof). The cutoff is at ~50% and there’s a bit of resonance.
This way you get some interesting overlays of the played notes.
btw. In the meantime I figured out a better script to do this :slight_smile:

edit: forgot to mention that there is also a bit of jitter in the clock that drives the delay, so you get these slightly detuned delay repetitions.


Thanks for the help with the link :wink: :+1:


@headlessacrobat: beautiful haunting mood!

@Justmat love that tapey wobbly sound!

@mzero there’s definitely some interesting rhythms emerging from this process!


Hello everybody. Here is my project for this week.

The melody was made with Synth1 arpeggiator, set in random mode and, for more variation, I automated the range for slowly oscillating between one and four octaves. The arpeggio length is 16 measures and four chords.

To delete notes I used the volume automation, following square patterns, with a quarter-note wide. One time each two measures, then one time each measure, then two times each measure. Finally I followed a triangle pattern one time per measure.

I do not know if I have explained myself well in English, so I put an image that is worth a thousand words.

I turn off all synth effects so sound was very dry, and sent it to another channel with delay and reverb. Thus, these effects only affect the remaining notes.

Finally I created an accompaniment with some software and hardware synths (TAL Noise Maker, Solina String Ensemble, DSI Mopho Desktop).



Black Ripples – a composition for Disquiet Junto Project 0319 – February 2018

I’ve been tinkering with electronic music off and on since 1983, mostly off in recent years. I’m using this week’s Disquiet Junto project to get my feet wet again and to learn Ableton Live. So, this is my first Junto project and my first project with Ableton Live.

The assignment: make a composition with the same melody repeated but with notes appearing and disappearing. I created my melody as a ripple of adjacent notes on the black keys of the keyboard, swirling up and down the keys like waves. I adjusted the note velocities so higher pitches played at higher velocities. I quantized and legato-ized the durations to give it a mechanical feel.

Next, I replicated the melody numerous times, manually muting one or more notes from each replication. Usually I followed some sort of pattern, such as muting every other note, muting all the notes higher than a certain pitch, muting all the descending runs of notes, etc.

All instruments are from the Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 collection. The melody is layered among several instruments and sometimes riffs between them. Some drones come and go to fill the gaps and pull the piece together.

I had fun digging back into my musical toy box and creating this piece. I hope to compose pieces for future Junto projects!



Managed another disquiet for 4500 yesterday. I kept things “simple”, with just a synth melody, and not much additional accompaniment (though the melody itself is not so minimal). I also missed the “temporarily” part of the note disappearances, so this piece is quite deconstructive, rather than reconstructive.


My track is a hot mess and I’ve also missed the deadline by 25 mins again, getting flashbacks to college here.
My melody of choice was a complete cop-out, the 808 bass backing, because I only started this on Monday evening so had to run with the first idea I had, and still didn’t have time to finish it but shure…

The beat makes heavy use of the SOPHIE Splice sample back.



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