Disquiet Junto Project 0319: Duly Noted


My track is a hot mess and I’ve also missed the deadline by 25 mins again, getting flashbacks to college here.

My melody of choice was a complete cop-out, the 808 bass backing, because I only started this on Monday evening so had to run with the first idea I had, and still didn’t have time to finish it but shure…

The beat makes heavy use of the SOPHIE Splice sample back.


Reaktor 6
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Another short one from me: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/speedy-disquiet0319


This was tough and I hope I followed the guidelines closely enough. The melody pops in a couple of minutes in and it’s made of a random sequence of notes in the S.A.M.M.I. sequencer app. I tried to generate random patterns every measure or so all based around a single octave of 3 notes (C#,E,G#). The rest is me messing around with my new field kit hooked up to a microbrute and an MFOS Echo Rockit.


I’ve been working on counterpoint with my students, so I was thinking about how “horizontal” affects our perception of consonance and harmony. I wrote a melody that outlines several triads - but when the first note of each iteration is taken away, a different triad is outlined.

The rhythm remains constant across every iteration of the melody (an isorhythm).

With the recording done, I used multiple instances of Ableton’s Resonator to enhance the overtones of the triads I was outlining. Each chord is placed in a different place in the stereo field and gets a slightly different Delay setup to put it in a different “place” (lets pretend across the mountaintops).