Disquiet Junto Project 0322: The Wanderer


I hope I managed to squeeze under the deadline! I was away all weekend as my band was playing at a music festival, so here is a short one.

For this week’s Disquiet, I decided to write something in my favourite key - D minor - as a reflection of how the mind drifts into tangents as night descends. Especially as you are trying to sleep! As accompaniment are field recordings of Ashfield Flats [a wetlands near the centre of Perth, Western Australia] at night, from 2017.


I’m just on my phone. I used the humon app which is really quite impressive , it instantly creates a track from your humming. And used wave pad too for changing pitch speed reverb echo. Couldn’t find any apps that widen the stereo field when it’s in mono. I would have blurred this a lot more if i could.


not sounds this week, just some info maybe related maybe not :slight_smile: 15years ago I came across this project: https://uazu.net/sbagen/ a brainwave generator software which can be combined with field recordings…
The theory behind it it’s the alpha, beta, delta and theta waves based on binaural beats…which can create states of focus, lucid dreaming etc…


Some great contributions, but no playlist this week? Or is it me not finding it?


Thanks. I’ll be making the playlist later today. I was having issues with Firefox this weekend, and then suddenly the issues disappeared.


That’s awesome THANKS


The playlist is now, belatedly, rolling:


Thanks Marc.

Anyone want to help me out as to why I’m not in the playlist? I think I’ve done everything right but still probably user error…


Thanks for letting me know. That was part of the Firefox issue, apparently. Search of SoundCloud on Firefox isn’t showing me the full list of what’s got the tag in in, for some reason. I’ll use Safari or Chrome for this from now on.


Cool. Just looking out for everyone else :wink:


Most definitely. There were six or seven tracks, including yours, that weren’t showing up in Firefox for me. #weirdness


Wasn’t sure I’d have time for this after a weekend camping but here it is.

Finished my track by midnight on Monday but the video took a bit longer.

The track certainly wanders!

Reminds me of Mingus’ line that “Making the simple complicated is commonplace” :slight_smile:


Hopefully, better late than never.

The idea of this piece was exactly the opposite of Disquiet Junto Project 0321: Let’s Active. “The idea is to use musical/acoustic features that convey and evoke sadness in the listener, since in our recent study we demonstrate that sad (compared with happy) music enhances mind-wandering levels (shown both behaviourally and with neuroimaging methods).”

As I wanted to link the two, I used some of the ideas within Fighting The Default Mode as the basis of its formation.

The Default Mode was written for Bass Clarinet, Violas, Cellos, and String Bass.

The score is available at http://bit.ly/2oMsdO5


Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/heavy-heart-disquiet0322

Cello, clarinet, and oboe from Kontakt.