Disquiet Junto Project 0324: Factory Floor


The idea of music with momentum led me back to a remix I’d started with Mage_Pathminige_Rupe_Nisa_Ale_Kale_Man, which was one of the songs from Ceylon that were part of the Three Princes Junto last November.

I’ve made a few songs with that material, hear them here.

In the video I take a tour past a few of the factories in Leeton with my son.




This project prompt was fun to play with. I based the song off the chord progression and rough melody from the Breeders song Dawn: Making an Effort. I took the opportunity to go through the various Max 4 Live Arpeggiator devices to build a rhythm. The Arp device from Max for Live Essentials was helpful due to its randomization feature that can be set to occur between a minimum and maximum value.


For this track I used the new Bitwig synth Phase-4. I used the Phase-4 preset Pulsetube and set up 5 different instrument tracks. I added some midi notes (C and A) at a few different octaves and some delay and a little reverb on 2 of the tracks.
I tried to create something that would also work over a longer period of time, become unobtrusive and provide a feeling of momentum.


my entry using the 0-coast synth multi tracked. The ghost of the factory in the creative industries.


When I saw the assignment I immediately thought of trip hop instrumental music, which is often what I listen to while I’m creating visual art. That style of music fits comfortably into the background when I want to concentrate on my work, yet I can pause my work and listen when I need some creative think time.

As the song progresses it gets more energetic, then winds down back toward the starting point. The instrumentation is comprised of flute, viola, cello and double bass accompanying an electronic percussion section, including a synthetic harp seemingly stuck on repeat.

I continue to use the weekly Junto projects to help me learn Ableton Live and to make me think more creatively about music composition. Each week I get a little more productive in Live, and I hope a little more creative with my music. I’m also working through the composition exercises in Russo’s Composing Music book, which I think will help over the long haul.

The cover art is an original piece I created for this song, intended to imply a horde of knowledge workers in a bullpen.


Here is my contribution. I tried to make a track that encouraging colleagues to communicate with each other.
The crazy lead sound is made with a whistle.



I approached this track with the idea that it would sound quite noisy on its own, but would blend into the din of an energetic collaborative work space. Overlapping patterns of different lengths and meters provide a sense of forward momentum, but resist being easily identified as they shift across one another - creating complexity in a way that hopefully avoids causing a distraction or creating a “hook” for the listener. I’m not sure I satisfied the brief, but it was an interesting approach to try.

The “noise” elements of this piece come from recordings of an open office environment, stretched by about 800%, while the main melody line is a software instrument and the kick drum is a processed sample of raindrops.


Like the drumming and the way elements come to the fore as the track progresses.


This track feels late in the day, when my second wind kicks in like that percussive loop in the final third.


This is nice and gentle, kinda respectful in the way it doesn’t dominate.


Really effective the way the descending chords feel like time passing, while the track builds. It’s like momentum toward something momentous!


Composing this felt challenging, like I was auditioning for a gig or something. I wasn’t particularly enjoying the process which is a bit unusual for me. My first Disquiet project jitters I guess… In Any case here is something I tried to imagine a group of designers working to with the music pretty low in the background so as to afford space for conversation but in the moments of silence the groove would keep them awake and focused on the tasks at hand.


Can you include a link?


Oops! Sorry about that. I thought I had done it but I pasted embed code instead of just the link cause I wasn’t thinking. In any case hope you enjoy.


Excellent. Thanks very much.


Winding down at the end of a very productive day when everyone is relaxed, content and not really wanting to think or speak.


sorry I reuploaded to different account


Thank you for the explanation and the music. I love to hear about the process and the goals that people have.