Disquiet Junto Project 0325: Fake Book


I won’t get the time I wanted to spend on this week’s Junto - but I wanted to do SOMETHING.
So I took a simple idea of alternating chunks of audio from each track, lined up so that there are some interesting musical phrases created and also a bit of surreal fun. The opening reminds me of the Goons! Anyway - it is there for a bit of fun and for others to play with if they want.


Here’s mine. The idea was to make it sound as if it were from the same general era; I’d say I’ve pretty much failed in this, unless tape spliced drone efforts were more common in the early twentieth century than I know.

Tools used were three key Eurorack modules; Morphagene, SMR, and Clouds.


That’s pretty great. What did you end up using as the source audio?



Here is my contribution. Took the samples, sliced and tortured during a 5hour Jam, and took the best 4 minutes. Last time i will jam with that kind of sound/samples. It almost burn my brain! ;).

I found this one pretty hard but interesting as always.



All sounds from Ableton’s Suite, except for Vinyl and a muted guitar pluck that’s looped throughout.

I debated whether or not to label it as a response to the Junto.

It mightn’t have used the samples but figured it was a response since I wouldn’t have recorded it otherwise.


Every project is defined in part by the deviations.


That should be an Oblique Strategy :slight_smile:




so… kind of “accidentally” threw the brief out of the window as I started manipulating samples of the source material, got a little carried away and ended up with lo fi electronic doom metal… or something. pretty sure it wasn’t a thing in 1903. oops. anyway, made by pitch shifting the aforementioned samples along with a bunch of reverb plugins. badly mixed on headphones on a broken laptop with a barely functioning soundcard (i may upload a better mix at a later date, but was right at deadline and wanted to submit something). as I do with all projects involving archival recordings from the early 20th century I try to maintain a consistency of theme with the Ghost Ship concept and am slowly accumulating a playlist here soundcloud.com/hxdk/sets/ghost-ship-in-a-storm which i’m hoping to something with at a later stage. anyway


23:33 … late entry … to be honest, I used an already composed jazz fake track and replaced all voices with some of these old samples, maybe ten seconds in total. The track is completely done in Caustic for Android plus some Audacity.


Here’s my click and pop fest:


Hey All, I was kinda thinking like a square dance where the guy is telling people the dance. All from the samples except drums.

NON SUBMISSION-I also did another one for lovers of tubas and tap dancing.

Peace, Hugh


Colonel Vern and the Protodadas, recorded at the Edison Labs in 190X.

Concatenative synthesis seemed the laziest way to use the Edison cylinder recordings to create a new track, as it would minimize the required cutting and pasting.

I extracted five corpuses from this material, one assembled from the spoken word introductions and the other four from instrumental segments. These were noise-reduced in Audacity to minimize hiss. For each corpus I set up an instance of Echobit’s Mosaic plugin, each driven by its own drum beat, the tracks sequenced using Numerology’s timeline.

For antiquing I used two Reaktor ensembles: Platter by Oldstench (for crackle and hiss) and The Cornet by Boscomac (for phonograph horn simulation).


When archeologists dig up some Edison cylinders 1,200 years from now, this is what their computers came up with.


Day late and…you know the rest, trying to get back in the swing during an extended stretch of sobering reality.
Cheers to all and thanks for listening