Disquiet Junto Project 0326: Wave Turntable


First time posting on Lines after a couple weeks of poking about! Glad to be here–the community seems lovely. It’s also encouraged me to dig in on some Monome kit–I received a grid and teletype in the past couple days, excited by the opportunities they’ll unleash!

As for this track, it’s composed with sampled and held Quantum Rainbow/Woggle combo attenuated for clicks and pops, self-oscillating Three Sisters for bass, STO for cupped plinks and plonks, sequenced by Sequins, lightly combined and pitched down in Live.


Ambient drone with sines done in pure data


First time posting on Lines, I definitely plan on spending some quality reading time around here.
I recorded two tracks of bell tones into Audacity using my Novation Circuit as the generator. My 1967 Doors album provided the vinyl surface sounds and it was recorded directly from the turntable into SoundForge. I also processed the vinyl sounds with the iZotope Vinyl plugin and reversed one of the two vinyl tracks. Final mix in Audacity with light reverb, eq and limiting in SoundForge. Headphones are recommended.


Fortunately my partner has a turntable and, even better, it was covered in dust.

Her record of bushdance songs had a lot of surface noise, which plays throughout my track.

I looped short sections of the needle being placed for percussive parts and used the hum when the turntable turned on as a bassline, after it’d been dropped an octave.

My MIDI guitar drove a couple of sine presets in Ableton’s Operator synth, which were then slightly distorted with various valve imitating VSTs.

I also used a little of Izotope’s Vinyl plug-in for the “slowdown” effect.

My track can be downloaded here for inclusion in the event next Saturday.

You can see a screenshot from Live of this project on my blog.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Concept - shove as many sine waves into this thing as i could think of.

3 analog sines, performed blind from one another and single pitch each. Then 1 final sine towards the end with 2 pitches to lend some momentum into the end. Real vinyl loop sourced from end of record after final sound - (source - an old inherited musique concrete album).

1st sine - Pittsburgh SV1 osc 1 through its own filter, through Makenoise Optomix, manually performing the CTRL. 2nd Sine - Pittsburgh SV1 osc 2 - through Optomix controlled by LFO from SV1. 3rd and 4th sines - Mopho (OK, so its technically a Triangle, but with some filtering sounds pretty much like a sine), performed with the “Push It!” button and looooong atk/rls to emulate a sine, even though i am a paltry human. Vinyl loop performed with Music Thing Modular Radio Music with start position controlled by… yep, you guessed it - ANOTHER SINE LFO. Assembled in Live with Fabfilter Timeless (with sine wave XLFOs controlling sundry items!) and Valhalla Room and Shimmer.


A track containing only sine waves and turntable surface noise (from [https://freesound.org/people/lollosound/sounds/387005/]), that quite was a challenge.

I pitched, rearranged and chopped up the turntable sound to get a rhythmic track.

All the sines are coming from Ableton’s Operator. To get some musical variation, I used plain vanilla, 8-bit and 4-bit sine waves plus a bunch of effects.

Btw, if you can whistle the tune in its original tempo, I’ll provide you with an award :wink:


Haven’t done a disquiet in ages. My usual load of old noises, delivered just under the wire…




I tinkered, i played. I’d hoped to record fresh crackle but my turntable remains boxed-up & unconnected so i went scrounging around for recordings of run-out grooves; came up with one from 2012 that pleased & suggested some sort of rhythmic usage.

I scrolled the Herzes, looking for one that pleased - settled on 326 & certain divisions of same. I filtered them so they’d kind of waver, hover, around their true frequencies.

I then made to sort of have them - the crackle, the * rhythm *, the sine/drones - sorta argue sorta dance, sorta * exist * in something like the same spacetime; i’m enamoured of the fizz and throb…

I considered the sort of music that might be conducive as partially-heard, partially-background music for an art event but came up with little more than ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ; so hear we are.


The process I utilized was creating multiple SIN waves at various tempos, pitches and with different oscillation chains. I then utilized high pass and low pass filters to sculpt the sound. I played with the waves and then bounced out a track and a reversed track. I took these 2 tracks and attempted to scratch, in DJ Pro. I then bounced this out and re-mixed it back in with the original sounds at different speeds.


This is a pretty straight-ahead response to the prompt, but I had limited time (just a few minutes over the weekend and while eating lunch). I used Ableton’s Wavetable for sine sounds. The percussion sounds are all processed vinyl surface noises from freesound.org.


Used the vsti synth “Helm” http://tytel.org/helm/ to create the sine wave By user: Nashev - flash file, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3055940 sounds.


A little video madness!


For sound sources I used three sine wave instruments from Ableton and Z3TA, and three vinyl surface recordings from 99sounds, processed with a variety of audio effects. I liked the idea of using rising and falling pitches to emulate sine waves, so you’ll hear that in the melody and siren sounds. The music may be a little more active than requested by the assignment, but every time I tried to scale it back the energy level kept returning. I guess I was in the mood to make hyperactive music this weekend!


Thank you very much Mark! When I was working with the samples it very much felt that way, coaxing that brief moment into a larger picture while trying to maintain the personality of its beginnings :slight_smile:


Finally got some time to work on this. With the turn-table theme I wanted to experiment with 3D sound, if you listen in headphones, it should rotate around you. Because I didn’t have much time, I set up two semi-generative sequences with sine waves.


So many contributors! I’m so late! Anyway, I found some turntable noises on Youtube then fired up an empty project with UA analog synth. I changed all the waves to Sine and then messed about loads eventually struggling to keep to around 4 minutes and ending up with this. Thanks for the great inspiration!


Just under the wire here…

Audiomulch, KorgNANOKONTROL for the basic sine sounds. Vinyl static from several real (and emulated) sources…


the binaural effect is impressive and felt like it moved through the front (mostly) of my skull. Very nice piece too


Thanks! I had a lot of fun experimenting with that. I think I spent most the time on that effect, then tried banging out some melodies, hating it, and settling on the generative sequences. I need to play with the reflections to better figure out how to better differentiate front and back…


Vinyl noise came from a free sample pack (recorded by Matoto/Chia) from 99Sounds.
I created a simple sine wave patch within Zebra, using a scale that’s an 11 note subset of 23-EDO.
I used a lot of randomization within Numerology – for varying the number of repeating notes, amount of transposition, muting of notes, and sample selection.