Disquiet Junto Project 0328: Sonic Pentimento



1)Mannequins Mangrove + Synthesis Technolgy E355 + Intellijel Dixie (sine LFO)
2)Behringer Xenyx 1202fx no input mixing.


I recently say the Modigliani exhibition at the Tate - and was really struck by the way you could see faces and body parts from abandoned paintings peeking out from many of the finished works.

To try and emulate this musically I built a kind of sonic wash out of samples from an old piece and then recorded on top of it. The top phrase is also being looped through w/ - and gradually overwriting older iterations. So there are multiple layers of Pentimento going on here.


Today’s new vocabulary word is pentimento: a reappearance in a painting of an original drawn or painted element which was eventually painted over by the artist. This week’s Disquiet Junto music project is about applying pentimento to music.

While thinking about pentimento, my mind came up with the rhyming word sentimental, which led to the old classic song Sentimental Journey. So I decided to take musical cues from the classic song to come up with my rendition, called Pentimento Journey.

I started with the chord progression from the classic song. I added a seventh to all the chords and slowed it way down. The notes in the chords come and go, alternately revealing and hiding the components of the chords. The melody from the original song is scattered throughout the piece in two separate lines, one obscured by an arp, the other recognizable if you’re really listening for it.

The artwork for the track contains elements of two pieces of art I previously created for other projects, along with a recent photo of a tulip, blended together in a pentimento style.


https://soundcloud.com/vonna-wolf/cover-strange-pentimento I took album covers that I had taken my hand drawing and colored on old record covers, then I spray painted them, and photographed. I then took these images and ran them thru photo sounder. From there I modulated the sounds a little. Then I utilized a MAX patch I built to mix together. I then took them and made 3 duplicate tracks. I EQ’ed the High/Low and Mid of each. Then on the one that contained the Highs I added the 3rd angel picture back in. I then grouped it with the other two tracks, I then recorded, reversed the track, lined it up and EQ’d them all together. Vonna Wolf


really like the word pentimento, not come across it before

i saw mark’s painting as looking down on a pond with unknown things underneath. when we were kids there was a swamp with dark water close by; we scared ourselves with stories of what lurked underneath.

recently read that it takes days for a body of water to become still

blurred zither sample played around with in protoplasm. lots of different gentle echo ripples from podfarm, audacity, audition.


This was awesome. Both the track and the sandwich.

I want that sandwich.


Initially, I re-recorded an old heavily sequenced track I wrote 20 years ago, by playing the original recording and manually playing each line manually over the top, leaving the original in place so it could show through at times. I wasn;t happy with that, so tonight I recorded a sample of myself speaking into Clouds, froze the audio into the buffer, and set about recording a few takes with it being sequenced and modulated. Ocassionally, you catch snippets of the words I am saying, which is like the original “showing through” the overpainting.

It doesn’t feel like a complete track, but I am sure someone will have some fun with it, it’s creative commons after all!


After a few software setbacks…

Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:


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