Disquiet Junto Project 0330: Wax Off


Hi all,
The preexisting track that I used is ambient tape.
The PO-33 was used to record the samples and for the composition too. I used the internal microphone which is quite terrible (remove details) to record some chunks (remove parts) applying an external low pass filter (remove frequencies) to keep the noise out. Puredata was used for some granular sound and the final noise was recorded into a cassette (remove details).


I chose the music I created for Disquiet Junto 0327 called Deep Thought. That piece involved creating three lines of music: one in 3/4 time, one in 2/4, and one in 7/4, played simultaneously.

I applied several kinds of processing to the audio of that piece to create this new piece, called Shallow Thought. I used several spectral filters to subtract different ranges of frequencies to create four tracks containing different spectral subsets of the original music. I used a Max for Live filter called Max CutHacker, which randomly cuts out pieces of the audio in time with the beat, applying it to three of the four tracks using different parameters. The volume of each track varies throughout the piece, removing different portions of the spectrum at different times.

One of the more interesting things to emerge was a percussion track that did not exist in the original music. The percussion sounds were an effect of applying the Max CutHacker filter on a very low frequency track where the pitched frequencies were almost totally removed.

I’m not sure this music is really “listenable” except in the context of comparing it to the original piece. It works in small doses, but two and a half minutes is a bit much for my ears. It was an interesting exercise and I will surely use the techniques I learned here in future music, but perhaps a little more selectively.


Whoops, I didn’t read the Junto instructions properly.

However, the error seems to fit the theme.

When looking for a track to erase, I settled on ‘Lame Brain’ from Junto 322.

I figured I’d erase the MIDI viola and cello, then use the original guitar parts.

When I opened the project file I found I’d erased the guitar parts.

As a result, I went back to the recording and created a new arrangement.

It’s about a minute shorter than the original, which is probably for the better.


It’s been a while… more that that, I guess?
However, I still read and often listen to the projects as they occur, so I feel I’m still a part of this great community. 330 phew, that’s an accomplishment!
This time I had to participate, and it so happened that I had Monday off, Yihaw!
I reworked a recent piece - this; https://soundcloud.com/rizzi/hvac-drone-slide-and-a-little-piano
It is what the title suggests, field recordings from my trip to Japan last fall, and a little leftover piano bits from another composition.
I’ve been thinking about how to go about the task of erasing sound since receiving the email.
I decided to try with M4L´s Spectral filter, and it did exactly what I thought it would. I then tried a bunch of other stuff, but kept going back to the beginning, so I left it at that, as it did what I wanted.


I like this a lot…haunting and strange - in a good way!


Very nice indeed. Like your approach as well as the results you achieved.


Soundcloud doesn’t work… I lost my account. the tracks of @beckmesser and @morgulbee are missing too


Hmmm, hope it’s just a temporary glitch. At the moment all my tracks at Soundcloud are gone.


@SYS2064 @morgulbee When you say the tracks are gone, what do you mean? I see them currently. The playlist as of a couple minutes ago is in this screenshot, and you’re both in there:


now it works :slight_smile:


Whew. Glad to hear it. Thanks.


night silence interacting with wild wind, mixed environments
creating the space


I took “Sixty Four”, made of a piano loop, and a trumpet sequence played by a Modular G2, an OP-1 (trumpet sample took from Fairlight) and a Nord Electro 5D with several delays. I kept everything the same, song lenght, efx, sounds, sequences… I erased any note variation.
I made a simple Max4Live device in order to transform a multi notes sequence in a single note one.


I had weird issues today with Soundcloud as well.
I ended up with dual tracks, so I deleted one of them, might be the one in the playlist you made, Mark?


Thanks. I believe that all the Junto tracks on SoundCloud with the disquiet0330 tag are now in the playlist. This is the search return:



Perfect, that’s the right one… thanks


Super. Thanks for having checked.


The “finished” track was actually an old unfinished Junto track: 0160 - One Minute Past Midnight. I declared it finished then made my erasures with gates and filters.

There’s also a music video by @betsynagler


Thanks a lot, and sorry for the delayed response.