Disquiet Junto Project 0331: Born Under a Bad Sine


Hey All, I might have done a little fist bump and “hell yeah” when Marc posted this assignment.I am currently watching “Lost in Space”(actually we have finished Season 1) with the kids. I was trying to figure out why I wasn’t happy with the show and it hit me -the only character I liked was the damn Robot. Also I am watching the much superior Westworld but still I am unsure of this season so far. Just letting you know about my robot fetish. I tried several different takes and decided to go with the third one.I could do these til the robot cows come home. Poem is in soundcloud descriptions.

Here are the first two. NON_SUBMISSION

Peace, Hugh



Here is my effort - a 12 bar blues in Dm with


If I could give 10 Likes I would. You’re killing it with that dancing robot video!


Robots and sines prompted a FM synthesis: live tweaking a 3 sine osc FM patch that I coded some time ago into Axoloti. Recorded on cassette.


Here’s mine! Lots of wavy tape-y-ness with ER-301 and W/.

Ready to finish going through the submissions now :smiley:


I can see I wasn’t the only one who instantly thought of Marvin from HGttG when reading “robot with the blues”.
I have tried to create how it must sound inside a depressed robots head, using samples of the late Alan Rickmans awesome performance as Marvin:

I sampled the best lines from the movie, and used a combination of Abletons arpegiator, random, and simpler modules to play bits at random and slightly overlapping. This is running in parallel with a resonator, a ring modulator, a tape echo emulation (Echo), and a resonant membrane simulation (Corpus) which only trigger when a gate is triggered. All are fed by the random samples.


Great prompt and clever title!

Any Inaction…(disquiet0331)
This is actually the second try this week, wasn’t happy with some elements so pulled what I liked and started again. Taking cues from Asimov, Kraftwerk, TMBG, Star Trek and all the other science fiction I’ve read and watched, I came up with a darker side of the equation. A place where grunts will always be grunts, regardless of their origins. Organic or mechanical it will likely be the same. This is an environmental piece, more about the mood than the music.
This piece uses many field recordings mixed in Cubasis with music and beats from Patterning, Figure and Gadget. Synths are Micrologue and Mood. Effects are mostly eq, reverb, overdrive. iVoxel gave fits with the vocals, but sounds right for the part :slight_smile:
*Sorry, a little heavy on the socio-philisophical angle :-/


Hey everyone! This is my first Junto submission. I’ve long wanted to give it a try, and this week’s prompt spoke to me.

So here’s the setup:

When you’re using machine learning systems to generate output – whether it’s text, images, or audio – there’s often a “temperature” parameter you can set, which deeply affects that output’s character. A sample generated at high temperature will be “adventurous,” maybe even chaotic; a sample generated at low temperature will be “safe” and usually pretty blah.

When I read “a robot has the blues,” I thought immediately of an ML system operating at low temperature. A bit glum. Depressed.

Generally, you set the temperature for an entire sample, so the resulting output – a whole sentence, a big chunk of audio – is uniformly surprising or boring. But it’s also possible to adjust the temperature as the generation process unfolds, and that’s what I did here. Before I went to sleep last night, I set my computer up to generate a few dozen samples using a model trained on a dataset that leans cinematic and synth-y. Each sample was to be 120 seconds long, declining smoothly from temperature 1 to temperature 0.

This morning, I sorted through those samples, chose three that I liked, dropped them into Ableton Live, and built a short track around them. I hope you can still detect the temperature decline, modulo my own arrangement. The percussion is from a Moog DFAM.

Books! What are you currently reading or just finished?

It’s feeling uneasy.


So glad you could join in!


Robin you inspired me to submit something. This is a great community and nice prompts. I’ll definitely be hanging out here.

So this track is actually originally something I made about 10 years ago but mostly forgotten. Something about the prompt reminded me of it so I took this as an opportunity to dust it off, add some new elements and give it a bit more impact. Turns out, if I recall, Robin, you actually wrote the text for this. I wrote it in your apartment in SF one day we were hanging out and I was trying to come up with lyrics a robot would sing and you jotted this down on a piece of paper with about 5 seconds of thought… totally appropriate for this prompt I think. :slight_smile:

BTW, Marc Weidenbaum, when I was checking my email to validate my account, I saw an email communication between us from 2/25/2008. If you want to talk about Spore or generative music, we can chat now :slight_smile: Spore was released!


I used VCV Rack, the virtual Eurorack modular. Core to my patch is a foursome of Rings resonator modules, driven by a Quad sequencer quantized into the blues scale.

A video in which I do a tour of the patch can be seen at https://youtu.be/fwJVX8TQQhM


Alone Amongst These Stars

Alone amongst these stars, polliwog. Drifting for how many eons now? Melancholia is an emotional state, reproducible, not unpleasant in the darkness. I have experienced it for so long it feels like gravity in reverse to me.
I fall eternally upward.


I need to track down that email. So good you could join in.


How might a lonely robot, disconnected from the network, try to communicate with other robots? By singing in ASCII code, of course! This song was created by taking the ASCII code for the phrase “I am all alone.” as well as other variants capitalized differently, and using them as MIDI note numbers. The robot sings that encoded phrase over and over in melody and chords to any other robots that may be within hearing range.

You may be puzzled why this song does not sound sad. It doesn’t sound sad to you because you are not a robot (unless you’ve been lying every time you fill out a captcha form). If you are a robot, this song will sound very sad. To my human ears, it sounds more frantic than sad.

I briefly went down the cheese-covered path of a heavily synthesized robotic voice rapping B.B. King-inspired lyrics I rebooted this morning to a 12-bar blues progression. You should be grateful I deleted that effort early on

I wrote a more thorough description of how this piece came together on my blog at composed-bits.org/2018/05/i-am-all-alone/


weird that this project came up when it did… bought a new external audio interface this week, a super cheap budget one (hey, i’m poor and broke) and i got what i paid for - it hates me and my machine and refuses to interact with my programs. i opened one of my old junto projects to test it and this was the best it could do. paraphrased title courtesy of the almighty Captain Beefheart. doing everything in my power to ensure the hardwares become friends but until then, the fight continues…


my robot controls Three Sisters and Phonogene
source: Three Sisters
seq: monome grid / meadowphysics
VCA: Ornament+Crime / 4MS VCA Matrix
sample: MakeNoise Phonogene (broken echo mode)
reverb: Mutable Instruments Clouds


Behringer Model D
Meris Polymoon
iPad: AUM, Rozeta(Phasemaker/Particles/Collider), Kosmonaut


All sounds from MiniBrute 2S + external effects.
My very first contribution to Disquiet Junto Project and my very first track with this new synthesizer.


I share your thoughts on both Westworld S02 and Lost In Space. At least both served to spark your creativity, great! The intro of ‘glitch’ and the ‘robert johnson’ track are my favourites.