Disquiet Junto Project 0331: Born Under a Bad Sine



Mutable Instruments Shelves driven to oscillation and the resulting sine waves modulating a resonator module.
When an android is feeling blue…



The machine hesitates each step, with a coin toss controlling progress or regression.

Chance stepped random maybe triggering 4ms peg clocked envelope. End of envelope pushing rene X forward, chance smooth random picking rene’s Y path. Soft mangrove into dld with slow modulations.


Actually I was surprised that Marc didn’t choose his image for this project.
Ant first glance I thought it was another “sine wave” project like 0326 then I got the word-play.
But Marvin is the proto-depressive robot, he’s the Alma-Matter of this week’s challenge.


I thought seriously about trying to combine the pentatonic scale and sounds atypical for the blues genre. But, I’ve been pretty set on attempting to make pieces approximating music that use no traditional instrumentation or generally “musical” sources (admittedly a rather amorphous rule). So, I started with a recording of my car engine - slowed down about 4x. I then grabbed a long recording I captured from my window of an outdoor concert. I found a loop within the recording that established a rhythm without revealing anything particularly melodic or harmonic in nature. From there it was a matter of pitching and slowing the pieces to work nicely together, along with some sidechained gating and compression. I imagine it might sound a bit like a factory robot, despairing of its plight and beginning to intone its misfortune.


Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/positronic-blues-disquiet0331

Obscurium for sequencing and modulation, Synplant and Aalto for sounds. Also used some ValhallaRoom, and Unfiltered Audio’s Zip.


when you’ve been on your ship for a few million years with only some tardigrades for company it’s good to have a project, take your mind off things. armed with just a 24 string guitar, and making use of the ship’s acoustics, this robot plays the blues.
12 string guitar close mic’d thru podfarm fx (synth harmony>sin chorus>random chorus>random s&h>analog square chorus>analog delay>reverse delay>tape echo>medium hall reverb / tweed b-man amp>bronze master>echo platter>sine chorus>stereo delay>cavernous reverb) duplicated, pitched up, paulstretched.



The playlist is now rolling, 37+ musicians and counting:


tickled to see my track first! I hope it makes a good intro.


I was hoping I would have a chance to get this one in! I attempted to use a Locrian mode played on KORG SV1 to Live. From there I used the MIDI to find some sounds I liked. I recorded 2 instances with an 808, Yayaya and Kimbal at different speeds. I then reversed it and speed up the reversal. I then took an additional instance of the reversal and blended that back in. I added tons of compression.


It’s 38 right now.
Close it!

Numerology : Number 38 Meaning:
Teamwork, pulling together, companionship, cooperation — all are in the number 38’s realm.
The number 38 is a natural teamworker


disquiet0331 my robot has the blues
bpm 88-time signature 4/4 key signature C blues scale
analog lab vacuum pro minibit alter ego
form intro verse chorus verse, not a 12 bar blues


Here is my track for this week! I’m just kind of getting back into music making, so please forgive me if it’s a little basic. I interpreted this topic as a poor little robot who is really sad he’s not alive (hence the vocoder and droning). Other than that I tried to fill the space with some mechanical feels to make the track. Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: the file I upload was corrupted. This should be fixed now.


Singing and ukulele by my cousin, sad computer voice by 2001 Hal.


Spectrum Shift

Last-minute adjustments got this to a place I was less unhappy with.

Very much a “process piece”. Set some rules, have it play out.

Basic idea: The blues are an error condition. To fix this, a robot would emit a reset sound.

I created a simple major-chord pattern of notes that played for about 2 minutes, a single note for each track of a Renoise song.

I exported each track as a separate wav and imported them into Reaper.

The plan was to use Reapers ReaPitch to re-pitch each note to the same starting note © an them have them gradual shift to their actual note.

First attempt I used the semi-tone option, which did not create the microtonal glide I was hoping for. Live and learn. I then changed the VST setting, but this made it much harder to get the correct starting pitch.

Oh well.

I also started with timbre differences among the notes. Bad idea. Those sounds mixed with the shifting dissonance was too busy. I tried sine waves, and then opted for piano.


A bit late this week… apologies folks!


The studio robot’s first gig :wink:

Video - Shot at a super secret location with live robots on a Nikon d7000 w/35mm and iPad mini 3. Edited in Lumafusion. Special thanks to spacewaves for lending the custom rigs and helping hand, check out his music it’s good stuff :smiley: