Disquiet Junto Project 0333: Half Evil


Hey all - this turned out to be one of my favorites in a while…

Per the prompt, I wanted something that felt like it was unsettled between good and evil. I’ve been experimenting a lot with large and odd (for me) intervals and trying to incorporate some modal thinking to get out of my usual ruts. That was where I began and how I found my electric piano line. The final variation felt like it pointed one way, while what comes after pointed another.

I’ve also been incessantly working with shortwave radio sounds and noise. I find that the noise is both a bit unsettling at first and also comforting once you really immerse yourself in it. The atmosphere it evokes for me, and the connotations of sounds emerging unbidden from the ether, felt right. Technically, there was some gating, compression, and distortion to complete the picture - and a bit of Teufelsberg Reverb, which is coincidentally resonant as well.


I took a literal interpretation of the concept of half evil and planned to base the track on transforming an evil and oppressive atmosphere into something more hopeful and melodic.
I used Timbre’s angelic choir freesound.org/people/Timbre/sounds/90964/
and evilled it up by using different time and spectral stretching algorithms. I then jammed live (backward evil rather than half evil but close enough) with a DFAM patched to a Mother 32 and battled the evil with the two Mothers. I also used a Reaktor blocks patch for a bit more rhythm.


Penelope is the name of our recently adopted lab puppy. She is definitely 50% evil, at least in terms of anticipated destruction of personal property. Bitch loves to chew! Anyway, that’s her picture above.

I decided to record a track that was half piano and strings (innocence) and half scorching guitar (experience) - and make both of them joyful. Because people may be evil but life is beautiful!



Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/garden-and-serpent-disquiet0333

The first 25% and the last 25% are intended to be “nicer,” while the middle 50% is “not so nice,” thereby making it half evil.


Yes someone understands 3.


Hey All,
First I just want to say -Blasphemy Marc! 333 is not halfway to anything. 333 in itself encompasses everything. But I forgive those whose ignorance keeps them in the darkness and in fact I pity them their lack of the true knowledge and peace that 3 provides so generously and freely.
I grew up the son of a preacher man so I have been well acquainted with Satan and the evil of this world. The church I attended is a fundamentalist denomination and is the same denomination as those long beards on Duck Dynasty to give you an idea the beliefs espoused. Early on I realized that a lot of it was horse puckey but I was always attracted to the idea of evil and why God allowed it to roam free. Eve, under advisement from a serpent, fed the apple to Adam and because of the self determination of our separate consciousness evil entered what was the perfection of the garden of Eden. Why those around me thought of this story as anything but myth pointing to the human condition seemed so ridiculous to me but I have to say the myth is great. It wasn’t long before Adam and Eve’s children were killing each other. In fact that sums up a lot of the old testament with God even joining in the killing, wiping out everyone except Noah and his family, again another excellent myth.
A few days ago my feisty little dog Ginger was bitten by a venomous snake and we rushed her to the animal hospital. She was given an antivenom and is on her way to a full recovery. Needless to say I was pissed at all snakes of the world.But really the snake that bit her had no malice in its heart such as what all humans are capable of having for each other. Evil is peculiar to humans.

I really liked how this poem thought of evil. It is reverent to it’s power and how evil is really part of the process towards something that could not exist without evil. Not to say evil is a force for good but maybe a poison that we have to devise our own anti-venom to fight. Just as venom is used to make anti venom in science, evil is an essential part of the cure. Kinda an egg and chicken conundrum.

Peace, Hugh


Yes there is something about the number 3.


It is amazing how a slight change in note or chord “flavor” can change the mood of a piece. There’s a YouTuber named Oleg Berg who takes famous songs and converts them to major or minor keys. (Think “Beat It” by Michael Jackson reworked, etc.). Fascinating.


I first made a dark, noisy patch in VCV Rack and recorded a “performance” of me sliding various sliders and turning various knobs. I then added an erratic rhythm of G# notes on a piano, which I buried under so many effects that it basically became an irregular drone. Then I started playing acoustic guitar while listening to what I had, trying to react to what was happening. You be the judge of how well that worked out.


In retrospect, it does kind of look like I forgot about the “half” part of the prompt.


Great writeup. Thanks for this.



Half Evil: Mangrove, E355, Dixie II+, RT60, A-138
Half Not Evil: E352, Quadraturia, A-147-2, Disting Mk IV, EMW 3 ch mixer


Here’s mine. I struggled a bit with the brief because (as alluded to in the comments above) I don’t really believe in the concept. And it feels like a convenient way to ignore social circumstance and what actually drives people to do bad things.

Anyhow, here’s something that might soundtrack a destructive mastermind’s factory-type lair at the end of a violent sci-fi thriller.


this is my first time doing llllllllines and disquiet junto.
For this I used : casio SA-2, monotron delay, RC-30 & RC-50, Xenyx 1002B & QX1002 , canyon delay, contact mic on metal circle with crossing iron strips banged with bone(of a goat or something, found it during a hike in Pyrenees)
The recording is 3min33sec


Cheers all!

Gate 333(Halfway There)[disquiet0333]
This week is why I like the Junto so much, whether you veer off, double back or get lost and start all over again, it still fits…mostly. It started in Magellan with a series of arpeggiated chords resolving(unresolving?) into a tritone, which seemed perfectly suited for the prompt. Then along the way a 1/16th repeating bassline unexpectedly appeared while working the Moog Model D in Cubasis. Unintended, but it had the movement I originally hoped for. Issues ensued while having Magellan, Moog D and Animoog running in Cubasis and while trying to freeze tracks, it went completely mad! Not sure what I’m doing wrong but the mixdown turned to the dark side, leaving me with rhythmic static. So I recorded into AudioShare instead and sent back to Cubasis for final mixing. The frozen track of static was carelessly not muted, and yet it worked in the mix, with some tweaks. In the end a custom kit in Patterning set at 147bpm, a distorted arpeggiated Magellan opening and noise and bass from the Model D. A few effects and a lot of eq, mostly to keep your ears from bleeding :wink: Kind of a twisted carnival, surrounded with Tesla coils, guarded by the beast’s little sister and run by the devil’s half brother himself…enjoy!
even hit the magic 3:33 mark with a minor trim


First Disquiet Junto post! First time sharing a track on this forum :blush:

There are 2.5 things going on in this track: a drone (1) & it being fed into & out of Morphagene (0.5), and a Pluck being driven by a Turing Machine.

The drone sounds a bit evil to me… it coming back out of Morphagene is sometimes evil but not always. Pluck being driven by some randomness is always just perfectly as far from evil as possible.

The drone is Mangrove + STO + (just a little) Akemie’s Castle with lots of modulation. The pulse trigger that is driving Pluck is also triggering first recording new splices of the drone into Morphagene, then, via, Just Friends, swelling up & down the SOS control. Gene & Slide are being modulated by Batumi.

Now that that’s done can’t wait to listen to other entries!


Mine was made using dark energy.

very indulgent, i confess…


Looking forward to listening to these! :slight_smile:

This is my effort…


Half Evil is fun! Got a maniacal laughter sample, a whipping sound and a couple of ominous piano chords, added a few effects here and there for sinister improvement.


Disquiet Junto Project 0333: Half Evil

The basis for this weeks submission was a track I was playing around with a year or so ago. When I saw this weeks project title it immediately reminded me of it due to the sinister implications.

I used the unfinished, unpolished lyrics from the original, they’re silly, I was singing whatever came into my head that rhymed, and it appears I was trying to tell the tale of some guy who was hunted/haunted by some disfigured, relentless entity, hell bent on delivering some mail… um… yeah thats kind of it. So a kind of “half evil” thing stalking some dude who likes Gin. Er.

I’ve fleshed out the original track, added a really slow synth solo and some backward bell pads, all minory and dissonant, setting the tone for this weeks theme.

Disquiet Junto Project 0333: Half Evil
Where numerology casts a shadow on musicology.

Step 1: This week’s project is the 333rd consecutive Junto project. That’s half of 666. Ponder the dark side.

Step 2: Record a piece of music that could be described as “half evil.”