Disquiet Junto Project 0333: Half Evil


I tried to make it a bit creepy.


there’s a neighbourhood cat with thyroid problems who we’ve made the mistake of feeding for a couple of years. she’s always ready to say hello, come for a cuddle, and she’s got an uncanny ability of turning up to cheer up my partner when she’s upset. also she sometimes tries to bite off our toes and she wants to kill everything. we’ve got a birdbox with fledgling great tits getting ready to go. their parents are getting really ruffled by this cat.

this track hopefully represents her. (live 8 arpeggio, iris2, podfarm feedback echoes)


For my contribution I wanted to know how long it would take to remove evil, if born half evil. I utilized the numbers from 666/2 333/2 until an integer was left it took 8 times and on the 9th it was removed. I also divided EVIL 3717 by 2 the same way until I had an integer which was 11 times and on the 12th it was removed. I used angel and siren lore for the lyrics. MIDI was input using a Korg SV 1 and also used for recording the direct melody sound. SM7B for vocals. I utilized the locrian mode since it is so EVIL. More info will be posted on the discussion. I used 8 different 808 tracks with different grain numbers using the following 166.5, 83.2, 41.6, 20.8, 10.4, 5.20, 2.6, 1.3 I also used some the numbers from EVIL 116 and 58 were used in an 808 loop for grain size and flux. I also used 41 to pitch one of the vocal loops up. I have been wanting to venture into horrorcore and this was a good exercise for me. Enjoy.


Here is my submission for this 0333th challenge.

I tried to make a track that is not 100% dark but with the theme of “Evil”.

The Exorcism was done on a DSI mono Evolver keyboard during a 10 minutes jam. I finally chose to let the entity in the Evolver.



It seems as if the tea is done. 3 you said? Glenn would have enjoyed it.


Welcome to both, @UNDUDE!


Oleg Berg’s masterpiece is his minor-key “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”


Hey Robbie, Welcome .Glad to have you. Hugh


Who can forget the way the cinematographer solarized the goat at the end of Incubus, the William Shatner goth-horror vehicle in Esperanto?

WELL NOT ME, so of course I had to use goats. Baby goats, for the half. And California, in Esperanto, natch. But what would provide the base? What is “evil” music, so I could calculate half? Minor chords get a bad rap. So I added a D to -evil for devil, because at least he’s got a definable oeuvre. A large one, so I narrowed it down (using the D again as my guide) to his classic(al) theme, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (sorry minors), which everyone knows is the devil’s tune. Since our number is #333, I only used half, but I paulstretched it. The rhythm section is a loop of sped-up Esperanto read by Google Translate, it says: “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” All screaming is goats.

Oh and #333 is of course a HEX code…


were you at CAMP in the pyrenees by any chance?


Hey All, NON-SUBMISSION. I used some samples from a few of this week’s tracks- schtean, pil, Hypoid and Vonna Wolf. I will take down if any of those cats object. Here is the poet talking about the poem. I could only use a short excerpt as it is a kinda long but cool poem.
he poem is concerned with one central idea, he says:

“…the transmigration of a single soul, doomed as though by accident from the first to all evil and no good, through many ages and forms, but clad always in the same type of fleshly beauty.”

Peace, Hugh


Some freeform acoustic guitar, chopped via an LFO swept granular and then played back, half of which is in EVIL REVERSE MODE.

A little half evil drone underneath as well.


<3<3<3 I would like this to be the beginning of a whole new genre, late-Victorian rap battle.


pls do Poe next ^___^


would also love to hear this performed live, by orchestra-plus-synths or what have you :slight_smile:


Hey oto, Thanks so much. Here is one I did last year. It is not rapping so much but it is Poe. I would like to do The Raven sometime cause that poem really would go well with a beat.


I don’t think so… what is CAMP?


Cheers! This place is great:)


that is awesome, thanks, I love it!

and yes please do the raven sometime ^___^


CAMP is a new arts residency in the southern pyrenees, on the french side, run by Fuse Art Space from the UK: (https://www.campfr.com/). I just got back from there where I did a workshop with sound and installation artist eli keszler (http://www.elikeszler.com/), so I thought maybe you had done one of the other workshops. anyway, I now notice when people mention the pyrenees, truly spectacular countryside!