Disquiet Junto Project 0335: Alone Time


No time for a description now, but here’s my piece: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/hold-loop-disquiet0335


…really loved this weeks prompt, and I had a day off to participate…
I just knew I had to try out a 12 tone row and 11 intervals - so I used the Mother Chord row used by, among others, Alban Berg in his Lyric Suite - the notes are F, E, C, A, G, D, A♭, D♭, E♭, G♭, B♭, C♭.
I had an idea of using a Glockenspiel to imitate the tradition of waiting music - I ended up with a preset in Ableton that I liked. I the wrote the notes in the piano roll. I then had Ableton going through the motions to form the 4 possibilities of retrograde/inversions to form the “melody”.
The “bass line” is an inversion of the original row quad-doubled in time. I then moved individual notes to form movement through a rhythm.
The tempo is 66 BPM - since I learned that the sum of numbers 1 through 11 equals 66. I “looped” the piece 6 times before uploading it to Soundcloud.


I really enjoyed your piece… I would call you hoping to be put on hold


Not an entry - but I just remembered I made this a few years back - would have fitted the brief quite well!



I forgot what I called for… :slight_smile: Lovely


I feel like I could very easlily go off and make some coffee, and get my notes in order whilst this plays and I wait for an answer- perfect for the job!


In my mind, I could see Wile E Coyote :slight_smile: Very entertaining!


I really like this idea of using field recordings for hold music - nice!


thank you, Ian. Yes, very soothing…


@rrizzi thanks for listening!


Hi folks, a little interlude to loop for infinity…


I used iOS apps: Rozeta Collider sequencer which had Rozeta LFO modulating the pitch and the amount of hadrons, these in turn sent midi to the 3 synths; Kronecker, Tardigrain & iSEM.
The idea was to create a short loop that drifted in and out, in a dreamlike fashion, to make the wait in limbo as painless as possible!


I was waiting in a hot car for a passenger, when I used music memo to grab a few thoughts. I then imported those thoughts and some VCV snippets I created. Played in Live 10 with the clips and then recorded a version. Reversed it and blended the 2 with some of the vocals that I ran thru a randomization MAX patch I built. Replayed those clips and layered them with some additional BASS, compression and panning. I have secretly always wanted to annoy the people on hold with a tune. I hope you enjoy!


Once again I’m pouring Tocante Bistab noise through an audio-to-MIDI sieve, and this time it’s coming out rather muzakky. This time that’s okay. Mellow will soothe my impatience at waiting on hold and my dread of eventually conversing with a disembodied voice.


Handing this in; landed on Soundcloud 5 minutes ago:

[Edit: description of process from the soundcloud page:]
For this recording, I played an 80s Casio keyboard horn and synth tracks over the demo function that came with an equally old drum machine (Yamaha DD-14). The xylophone, dogs, and applause are from the drum machine’s sound effects bank, and can be played over the demo.


Hey All, I went with the most commercially viable one. Using FM8 and Arturia DX7 for kinda a muzak from the mid 80’s


NON-SUBMISSION The one I would most like to hear on hold.

Peace, Hugh


Ha! Good to have you here, @prema108 - and thanks to listening to the podcast.


NON-SUBMISSION Hey All, I used some short samples from tracks this week. Thanks to ikjoyce and ethan hein for making them available.

Peace, Hugh


Thanks for recommending Junto, I live in Spain and travel often around the EU, where can I see some of your shows with Lucid Grain?


I absolutely love this one.