Disquiet Junto Project 0336: Open Mic


very much like the midcentury voices here :slight_smile:


I especially like the latter half where the drums come in. can you redo the “fourth part” ring modulator stuff and add it on? that sounded cool from the description. I’d shorten the non-drums part to more of an intro length, and make the drums the focus. great track!


I like where this is going… I’d like to hear those texture-y / rustle-y sounds come out a bit more, to hold their own against the dominant melodic tones :slight_smile:


I like it as is! but if you’re wanting to mess around, I could also hear some Nico-like vocals over it, kind of talk-singing in a nice alto… :slight_smile:


@otolythe Its from one of those old ‘adventures in stereo sound’ type records. Its almost like I taped it off a tv sitcom about found sound recordings, lol … maybe it can be contrasted against a similar voice saying something odd, like John C Lilly talking about time; or contrast it against current news blurbs.

@papernoise @SussMusik and @ZeroMeaning thanks for the input – will factor these in. Both of these cuts would fill out a bandcamp ep but have been stalled. I get really stuck on using one source, or one medium, on a recording, and should just play an instrument over an all-samples piece, or bring in other sources on ones that only use one sample source. THere is an Oblique Strategies app on my phone, that would move a lot of obstacles.


Wow - thank you! Shuttle358, Taylor Deupree (and most of 12k) are some of my favorite artists. I love their dusty minimalism.

Highlighting the organ a bit more, maybe with filtering to emphasize some higher overtones, was one of my earlier thoughts - sounds like it’s worth exploring again. I love those little blorps: they’re an artifact of some of the looping i did in Sonar. I can probably freeze the track and edit it so I have those isolated, then hear how it sounds with more in the mix. Thanks for the great suggestions!


Thank you! The rustling textures are what makes it interesting, for sure. I’ll see what I can do to bring them out, and maybe see how it sounds with adding more in spots.


I like this - interesting textures & interplay between the lines in here. Agree with @DetritusTabuIII - it would be nice to have some of the parts come up out of the bed of static/noise more (although I like the static/noise overall). Maybe via some delay+reverb that brings some of the higher hits in the melody poking out at times, in different places in the stereo field. Really like the lengthening of notes in the melody that start around 2:10 - nice variation. Looking forward to hearing it with the vocal tracks mixed in.


There is a lot of beauty in here. I like your main lyrical melody quite a bit. Whichever direction you decide to go with the piece, it’s a lovely addition - the heart of it. There are a lot of parts with subtle rhythmic information that come in on the builds (arpeggiated guitar, arpeggiated synth, plucked melody, plucked counter melody) and they might be competing a bit. It might be worth either judiciously editing out a part here and there, or auditioning different combinations of tracks to help focus the piece in those areas. I kind of like it as an ambient track with jazz touches - which make it unique - and to that end, I could hear adding more texture/fuzz parts. But that’s also my bias (I lean ambient). Any way you decide, it’s a lovely piece.


I love it. The flag clips came in exactly when I wanted to hear something at a higher frequency, widening the stereo range - a perfect part. Road drones are such a rich texture, and I liked how you changed the tone of the noise elements as you went along: from the road noise, to the garage wall fan, to the vent.

A couple of things jumped to mind, but they are just creative ideas to possibly play with - your piece is wonderful already. There seems to be almost a melody in the road drone track at times, kind of in the upper low end of it’s frequencies… I could hear taking that recording into another track and filtering to highlight it, adding it in as another part (while the unfiltered track still plays in place). I could also hear bringing in a bit of spacial processing to the orchestra drone as it goes along, just as a slight bit of interest. And depending on where I was listening between my speakers, I could hear a slight rhythmic modulation in the air vent sound at the end (could be a bit of trailing delay from the the flag clips track?) - it might be interesting to hear that come out more. Thank you for sharing this!


Thanks for doing that Hugh… love It!


thank you SussMusik!


And … the playlist is now loaded. (And I have a temporary pair of glasses.)


Great to hear that! Had broken my glasses years ago and it’s been a total nightmare… I wasn’t able to do the most basic things.


thanks starbelly, these are great ideas! I was wondering how to bring out the almost-melody in the overtones more – in the car I could hear them more distinctly, but the mic didn’t prioritize them like my brain did. I am going to play around with all these tracks some more, and see what I can get out of them. :slight_smile:


I like your idea of contrasting it with another voice saying s/t odd, and/or news clips… @jks and I collaborated on a “suite for the end of analogue tv” a few years back, where we (among other things) sampled a bunch of audio from old tv shows:

I had forgotten how much I like them in the mix! as I recall archive dot org had quite a few, although it took some combing and sampling to get just the right ones, of course :wink:


The intro is glitchy AF! 1:21-1:28 has a cool spatial property. Playing with EQ and Compression in small sliced areas could add an extra tonal layer while bringing forth other sounds in the void. Good luck!


I love it! it reminds me of Libertango Grace Jones and Astor Piazzolla. I would love a little bit of some hard bass like some 808’s and some story telling flows and hooks. It reminds me of a cafe in my head that my 20 something self and my peers sat drinking coffee till dusk. When the night came BAM it was a speakeasy joint snollygosters and prissy dolls alike.


It was a huge and, fortunately, not too long (~36 hour) hassle.


also I very much liked watching you live code to make the music modulate :slight_smile: