Disquiet Junto Project 0336: Open Mic


This is a great option for back ups under $15 https://www.zennioptical.com/


Thanks for that. Much appreciated.


What she said. I think this will be the first live-coding addition to the YouTube playlist I’ve been making of live ambient music performances.


I think it is very happy and Lu Lu and the Lampshades. It could be happier by adding some jolly HTS (high tinkly s*$t) or if your looking for a gal to be sad since daddy’s not coming you can take it down to a blues scale, minor scale or locrian mode to get a more painful sound. I can hear a chours with the words of the song title in the melody, very well done there. Slowing it down a tad will also aid in getting the more honky tonk sound. I really like it and maybe singing the words in a pace you think pain lives or if he’s happy cause he’s running away with a hot burlesque dancer.


I really enjoyed this, it took me back to chilling like tonight isn’t over so let’s just enjoy the last dark before the sunrise.


The title is poetic and I am intrigued by this Russian girl. Melting tongues on hearts is also a visual I have from your words and the music. Some super low bass in the 20-33 range might added uneasy tension but I can only see her telling you this story in a yellow kitchen to this music.


This hidden cafe under the highway must have tons to say. Why am I here? who am I meeting? I feel like I am doing something I am trying to hide. Very tingly.


The most recent Disquiet Junto project was an experiment in having more communication among members. Feels safe to say it was a success, all the more so when taken into consideration that this high number of replies correlates with, on average, a lower number of submitted tracks.


I agree with ya and SussMusik, I also love the process and have found that I miss that with music , coming from the theatre world where it is a common practice to dialogue process to death,I won’t be in the same “state” to finish it later.

Why do spiders lie? Are they looking to hide us in their web? Our is it really just our web and we are a reflection of a different spider once in the web?

How did you convince her to eat the spider.
1:51 reminded me of a motorcycle ride,
2:03 wait for me, please don’t go with out me!!!


Intro is so cool, the flux is almost prior to hearing the tone.
at :45 sec the introduction of the additional tones folds in nicely
3:01 the tension in the lower spine as it travels back up to behind the ears
3:41 it moved out and is now just moving in a constant flow of tingles.


I love this and the code piece is awesome to watch because I always feel like this piece is looking into someones brain wires. I haven’t seen this program and it looks interesting, I might have to check it out.


The tone at 1:32 is very pleasurable. I really like the bridge loops visually with the tones kept the sonic and visual frequencies very interesting. The low end bass that kicks in around 4 min interacts with the other frequencies well adding depth to it. The grooves starting in with the 5 min time are splunky and bouncy till the end which I enjoy the finality of in the tones.


I love these SANDWICH tracks! The fork and plate sound is also very pleasuring. the ASMR community might dig these too. The winner is the tummy.


More anytime, the tingles come and go in waves with different sensations for multiple frequencies. This piece can be heard and felt in multiple places. 2:22 i get sensations around my ribs that build tension under my spine that dissolves around 3:20.
These sensations interact with the sonic frequency and it is very pleasurable to the body.


I think the note sounds natural if it were being played in a room and dancing a jig at a wedding. Try reversing it or swapping the middle and end notes. I rather thought it might have been in the Willow movie.


I love the first few seconds, it reminds me of The Warriors movie, De Vorzon would be proud.
1:53 oh frequency is so soothing
2:26 contrasting tones work in time
2:53 building till I fall
3:34 in love
3:40 what your leaving?


I like the distortion in the first few seconds, it brought me in. I felt like I was in a tramopoleen jumping alone. Then my friend came to join me. I wasn’t alone anymore. I like how it joins together at the end.

I would maybe add a few ducks to the low/high end for additional dynamics with EQ?


Let’s scream like leaves at 120 DB!
It had a very 1950-60’s TV sound quality to it.

I really like it as is and the only suggestion is more BASS?



I like how natural it sounds, the mic in the grass gave a super natural tone and not too much wind sound.
The movement of the melody from 1:00-1:16 works well to lead into the exit.


The frequency range is very full and interacts well with it self. A little additional bass. Allowing the main instrument to be carved out to the front thru the transitions. This has a range of tingles making it very body stimulating.