Disquiet Junto Project 0336: Open Mic


I love performances like you are describing. Frequency tingles and body sensations.

Maybe a but to some bass in the end to add separation in from higher frequency that is flying off.

I really enjoyed this and wonder what type of visuals you use when performing if any.


The vocal clips Yes!I like the intro and moving the crash to the front might interfere with this nice little 'news" scape.

I like the guitar part around 2:05 and the other tones around it.


I made @NorthWoods’s video the 100th in the playlist I’ve been maintaining of fine live ambient music performances. It’s the first live-coding addition to the playlist:



I was scared for the first minute or so. I felt like I was hiding in the sewer waiting for IT. I like the hollowness and the height of the space.

I feel like I can’t see and only hear what is further than infront of me.

Around 3:03 I fell like someone else is searching for me and getting closer and I am scared again.

4:19 the tones start to give me sensations in my lower right moving to the right ear.

I like how the move to an exit seemed like a similar sound to a plane landing.

Then return to where I just was.

Well done.


I like the tones of the piece and it felt very simple and full. I like the intro and exit they tie it together nicely.

Maybe play with a eq in the low end and around where it feels floaty and it might help anchor it in.

I enjoyed the tones and the movement of the synth.


I like how the noises in the intro feel like they are attempting to have a conversation with me. Around 2:05 it seems like the communication is more intense and wanting something. I like how speech mixes with the other creature like sounds creating almost words.


I like the piece and can only think to beef up the BASS in the middle of the track or duck it a little. The sonic frequencies work nicely together. There are some nice body tingles and I like the tone of the SNAPy drum .


Thank you and I will check them out. I will play with the suggestions.


@VonnaWolf: thank you very much! Very interesting to read you response to the piece. Not sure I wanted to make it so scary, but it seems to always come out that way when I make something. Certainly I wouldn’t want to be trapped in that pool service room where I recorded the sounds. :slight_smile:
I’m happy to hear that listening to the piece did create an emotional, that is something I am always aiming for.


Thank you! I love the idea of monks chanting at midnight! as it happens, ChucK has a “vocal” generator–I’ll have to experiment with that.


Thanks so much! this site http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu has the software and examples, and Kadenze has a course that I found really useful too. And I’m happy to share code and ideas (still very much learning myself).


Thanks Marc! I’ll have to check out the playlist.


Suss Müsik is a little drunk and first read this as “hiding in the sewer waiting for ET.” Which might actually be scarier than a monster clown, come to think of it.


It was a pleasure to spend a weekend listening to such wonderful contributions from amazingly gifted artists & composers.


@papernoise Yes, layering some of these drones (especially heavily filtered) works fine. Also, time-stretched shortwave radio recordings somehow seem to go fine with these. :slight_smile:


Oh that sounds interesting! :slight_smile:


Thanks for listening! I’ll give it a go on ducking the BASS :slight_smile:


Good ideas for things to try.