Disquiet Junto Project 0337: Through Composted


Here’s mine. I would have loved to have created a nice series of different verses in a song format but my available samples and available talent didn’t allow for this, so I used five different field recordings from around my house in sequence and processed in various ways.


My first thought was to record a performance using MIDI, then route those takes through sample-based instruments.

It’s been a rainy weekend and my family have been trapped indoors.

On a whim I brought out my Korg Wavedrum Mini to amuse my kids.

As soon as I could take it back off my brood, I recorded this take cycling through the sounds.




In my mother tongue “thorough composed music” is officially translated as: “Pieśń przekomponowana” which translates back to english as “overcomposed song” so I decided to go overboard with composition.
All sounds are sampled from Harry Partch - Daphne of the Dunes and mangled beyond recognition using ableton sampler and reaktor effects.
All midi comes from four midi tracks. These tracks were generated by genetic algorithm sequencer that I developed some time ago but I added condition that same 16 step pattern can occur only once so the base pattern is constantly changing every 16 steps. I also added a little randomization that same midi note on same channel can trigger different samples.


Wow… it’s been so long since I’ve done a Junto… I often do something similar to ‘through-composing’ when I improv on the piano, but since we had to use samples, I did something a little different, just to see how it would sound.

I just took a selections of songs from a Spotify playlist of mine - about 15 different bits, edited randomly ranging in 4 bars to 8 bars.

One sample starts off alone, and then the second sample starts 4 bars in, and the 3rd sample starts 4 bars after that… but to eliminate repetition, the sample that started 8 bars earlier ends when the 3rd sample starts… and then the 2nd sample ends when the 4th sample starts, and so on.

No two samples are played together at the same time for more than the length of the sample (8 bars maximum), therefore each time it plays is unique.

I also added a few beats in the backround to keep everything together, but they also change every 4 bars.

My fave bit happens around 1:22, and it gets almost vaporwavey after that.

I’m making this track private and BY-NC-ND as I don’t own these sounds - remix at your peril!


Lots of character in those silent moments.


Love how little you can get away when taking a snippet from a well-known song.





The playlist is now rolling:


Samples from Roswell, Zion, and a couple of bike rides in Regina.


Hello All. Here is my submission. I really look forward to listening to the others that have been posted. These are all sounds I recorded in Morocco. There is more info in the soundcloud description about how this one came about. All the best,



@Pancycle like a memory palace for morocco ^___^


Hi there,

I took me a while this time, but I finally decided how to proceed. I decided to use a sample from traditional chanting of the Purusa Suktam, a hymn from the Rig Veda. Although the verses are composes by a metric system, in this case anustubh and tristubh meters are used, the actual combination tones used when chanting them depend on several rules, mainly ruling the position of the different syllables. That results in every verse being uniquely different, just as a through composed piece would be.

South Indian have even a more complex way to chant these hymns…

That being said, the other samples are mainly gamelan, a phone tone pcm, celesta, string chords, etc.

All of these samples are sequenced and treated with filters, fx and more, with the help of my trusted Electribe 2 Sampler.


Very nice! Thanks for posting this.


I utilized Musescore to compose the initial arrangement. I imported to Live copied the MIDI reversed it and removed some of the notation.I then used samples I recorded for some of the instruments. I then recorded the piece a few times on itself. I then grouped the “Bass” style instruments together and processed with some spatialization.
Added some doppler and reverb, EQ’d compressed and manipulated the high and low end until, I was satisfied with the tones. I recorded vocals, chopped them up into samples and then played them back into the mix.
Samples I recorded and used to replace instruments:
Maracas-metal checkerboard game
Claps- metal checkerboard game
Snaps - Tape measure puling out and retracting
Mirimbu- Sampled a few notes from a mirimbu

I really like the though composing when I am working on a more story like lyric. I liked the challenge of creating rhythm when no repetition is defined.
Scared ThroughComposed Disquiet 0337 .pdf (1.7 MB)


This would be a cool movie to watch. It would be cool to see these ran thru jitter to see the new film.


I like the way you were able to get a water like beach sound going. It gave me images of a tiny dancer on the sand jumping around getting down. 2:45-3:00 would have any mother happily enjoying a show with her kid. Multigenerational Bliss!


Vocals can be so strange! Nice work. I am obsessed with Diana Deutsch work http://deutsch.ucsd.edu/psychology/pages.php?i=101


I enjoyed my cigarette in this alleyway where the sounds of the different clubs fill the night air.


I couldn’t stop looking at the star boy the whole time. I think his story is working out.