Disquiet Junto Project 0338: Imaginary Quartet


Took the original four clips and made something not as good … feels bad.


I didn’t notice the baton sound in the original clips …


the four samples meshed together remarkably well. part of the ‘process’ here was to not have to modify them all that much…


First, I tuned up the quartet: The four tracks were warped to be in time and in tune. ikjoyce’s track was cloned so it could play chords.

Then, I built a Max4Live patch that let me gate the tracks from a MIDI keyboard, one track per note.

Finally, I wrote a score for the four players - a score of only playing or not playing: You are hearing all four tracks played start to end simultaneously, gated by the score.


Oh my god, I want a picture that attaches to this track… Like seeing us in suits, a real proper quartet!


This is really fucking good…


Love it - that picture just made my day!


Bravo! Encore! :smiley:


Hey Mr. Obscura, Here you go. I hope this works. Thanks for the idea for this week. It was a lot of fun. Peace, Hugh



This was fun. Loved the source material - thanks all.

I’m on the Naviar mailing list but have yet to find time to contribute. Sounds like a great event - I’ll look out for the next one.

I took the four tracks and processed in various ways:
sevenism - looping a short segment, granularly processing and running through a filter
Ikjoyce - chopping up in morphagene, triggering in time, and running through a stereo day.
Subsepai - treating the whole looped track like an oscillator and opening /closing the VCA with Mannequins Just Friends in cycle mode (retriggered in time occasionally)
Audio Obscura: played through a mildly resonant 4ms SMR with Ansible Meadowphysics striking various channels with envelopes.

I was also thinking ‘jazz quartet’ for some reason, so each track takes a bit of a ‘solo’ where I focus on and work the modulation on that particular channel.


My contribution! I selected a segment of each of the four tracks to loop, warped where needed to align drum beats, and then layered with filtering, delay and reverb.


Makes me laugh every time I see it. Perfect!


Loaded samples into the synthstrom deluge, played around a bit with sample start times and sequenced a rough journey through each track. Delays, low pass filters and some lfos. pressed play and recorded a live performance. Also completely glossed over the part where it says to make it suggestive of a live ensemble. oh well! i am happy with the results


I used the ER-301 and W/ modules extensively, running every source track through either one or both, at least once. I don’t know if it sounds like a quartet, but I did have a lot of fun making it :smiley: Looking forward to hearing everyone’s submissions!


I made short loops in Live from each of the recordings and made this short track.

The idea it was a quartet prompted me to try and vary each part.


Real Solo
• Downloaded the four tracks (by Ikjoyce, Audio Obscura, Subsepai, and sevenism), listened to them. Each is a single minute from a longer solo performances.
• The idea is to create a new track employing material from all four (and no other external sound sources, though processing is OK) that suggests the existence of a quartet performing live.
• Imported the four tracks into Reaper and started to cut and paste.
• Added some FX


Hi Everyone,

Awesome original tracks!

Morphagene’d each contribution in the same way to lend a coherence to the ‘quartet’ when they were played side by side - it turned out a bit windy …

Have a lovely week!

h u :slight_smile:


The playlist is now rolling:



The four pieces distilled to a granular essence in Kasper Fangel Skov’s Grainfields.


Here is my entry for this week.
I tried to change the samples as little as possible and to come up with something melodic and erratic at times but with a somewhat good balance. Outcome raw from the elektron machine with no postprocessing whatsoever.

It was good to get back at making music with Elektron Digitakt. Ended up finding another bug in it…

Enjoy it!