Disquiet Junto Project 0340: Porta Party

Nice tones and clicks. Very snare sounding. What an interesting piece from a trip to the store. What is the device you used? I am not familiar.


I used the monome norns and grid. A very compact, but powerful little setup :slight_smile: i am glad that you enjoyed it!

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This reminds me of sitting outside the bird house at the zoo as a kid.My mom wouldn’t go in because she was spooked by birds, I finally went in and was like ewwe it’s so muggy. I waited all those years for that? Then a bird pooped on her head while we were at an amusement park on vacation and we had to leave.I avoid the birdhouse with my kids but we sit outside and listen to them sing. Well done!


My nephew Gethin (aged 9) made a few tracks on his iPad yesterday, so he sent me this one to share for the challenge. I think he did a great job, but i am a little biased! One proud uncle! :smiley:


It’s so jovial and it reminds me of dances of long ago. Gatherings of people just dancing on their way here and there.


Hi All,

Just returned from the coast and had decided to capture some sea sounds, but i was subject to a bit of a zen ‘haiku moment’, serendipitously captured in digits on my iPhone!

Here’s the haiku:

sea recorder
relief in the sand -
a water rat!

And here’s the little fella in the last line:


[Sorry, not sure what’s going on with the links in this post - hope it makes sense]

Have a lovely week!

h u :slight_smile:



I took the S-Bahn to Templehof Field. When I got there, the field was full of skylarks.


Haha, It is about place, Denver can sound so different but no matter what the bass comes out! I like the sample selection.


Good luck on the search.

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This week’s Junto was perfect for me - I had some time to kill while traveling and recently spent some time setting up my neglected iPad Mini 2 with some music apps.

This is a generative Audulus patch I made on an airplane while heading home from Washington D.C. Initially, I wanted to make something with the RxMx inspired module I created on my flight to D.C., but just couldn’t land on any sounds I liked. Then, I accidentally veered towards Terry Riley territory and decided to roll with it :slight_smile: Can’t promise quality since I just started using the app, but my patch is attached below for anybody who is curious.


Rileyesque.audulus (538.2 KB)


listen to how this part works in combination with the opening of
@DeDe un-clasico-andino


7 minutes to go!

My track is called ‘Kastle is King’.

I sampled multiple wiggles on the utterly bonkers battery powered synth, the Kastle, from Bastl instruments, straight into the Synthstrom Deluge (also battery powered).

From there I created a ‘conventional’ drum kit, and mangled the samples to come up with some tuned sounds.

Arranged a few different sections, then recorded by jamming on the Synthstrom.

Bit of a rush this week but I think ‘Kastle is King’ has a certain techno charm!



Back deck battery powered SP404SX.
Wife watering our plants. Wind chime loop. Resampling. Sunny, 80*f, slight breeze.

Cheers! Excited to contribute, hope you enjoy.


Hi all, a little late to the party, but here’s my entry for the week, after a long hiatus:

I’m at a “summer camp”, so this piece was recorded on a baby grand piano that is in a large barn.

I knew my field recorder was low on battery, so I grabbed that and used it to record for about 30 minutes. Very simple set-up - just put the recorder on the piano and used the stereo on-board mics. I recorded multiple tracks in sequence (without monitoring or listening to them).

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that my cell phone was in my pocket and searching for service, so you can hear that radio interference throughout the recording. There’s also some hammering in the background and the A/C is pretty loud, too. I liked the noise floor, so I added some static created from a picture of a pink lawn flamingo that I took today.

I also laid some paper clips on the piano strings, so that’s the buzzing sound you hear.

Took it all back to my room, unplugged the computer and edited away. Since I didn’t use headphones or a metronome for the recording, the tempo is pretty free-flowing. I edited the audio as much as necessary, added a little verb and some light mastering. Tried to keep it relatively simple.



Great assignment. But I missed the deadline. I’m on holiday in Sicily bringing my laptop, OP-1 and H2 field recorder. I had great plans for this, using unique sounds from this place etc. In the end I made my first ever beat completely on the OP-1. Sampling from an Italian radio station. Programming a simple beat and doing a live take “within the OP-1” mute:ing/soloing tracks as I recorded to the Album mode.

It’s not really worth listening to. But it always feels good to finish something, and forcing myself to finish is really something I love about these exercises. Cheers!



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Faced a bit of Junto fail this week, discovering that while I have many things that are easily portable, not many of them are… cordless. I did finish the project Monday night (wee hours Tuesday), but at my studio desk, rather than somewhere more scenic. And being under the weather a couple of days didn’t help with delays.

All that to say: I recorded something at least in the spirit of being on the go - a piece based on a live recording of a backyard experimental music fest in Sewanee, Tennessee that happened on Sunday night. The sample is from an improvised set by bass clarinetist David Dunn and violinist Bryony Stroud-Watson who performed at the Electric Arcadia Festival II, set in artist/musician Linda Heck’s back yard. I made their duet into an ambient trio using a custom patch on Volca FM, sequenced via a Korg SQ-1, and processed through a VD400 Vintage Delay pedal, and a Hall Of Fame 2 reverb pedals.

The challenge pushed me to use some devices for the first time (the SQ-1 & HOF2 pedal), perform in a different way (stopping/starting the sequencer to create legato holds, using the pressure sensitive “MASH” footswitch on the HOF to swell the decay time), and taught me that I need more cables, portable recorders, and BATTERIES before I try this all again. (Which I will, since I love the idea of it.)

Please enjoy this piece, which turned out to be a much more relaxing experience than it’s process.

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Thank you Vonna! Maybe it’s something about the altitude, thinner air carries less bass, so we all compensate!? :wink:

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