Disquiet Junto Project 0344: Careful Symmetries


Late, Im late!

I started working on this track last month and called it “Pallindrome”, coincidence. I finished it off for this weeks project. The track is the result of recording multiple “takes” of Reaktor generative ensembles, and the Riff Generator Kontakt library into Logic Pro X. For the “chords” (really note clusters) I specified a key for each single line “take”, and then 5 takes were recorded. Each note or non note occurred every quarter note. The resultant minute or so of MIDI was reversed and added to the end of the original to create the first palindrome. A second layer was created by using the first as a seed. the MIDI from the first part was fed into Riff Generator as an arpeggio to trigger note shifts in the generated riff. The generated MIDI was then reversed per the first step. The pad drone was created from the first two parts with the notes “merged”, that is, that all the notes in the MIDI part were selected and then joined, to create long held notes.


Welcome, @JamesHumbers. So glad you could join in.

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I usually do the Junto over two nights. I only had tonight to do this Junto, so I brought this together pretty quickly tonight, starting late in the evening!

Five instances of AAS String Studio - four patches from the new Stranger Strings pack I picked up early tonight. Four vocal loops from a pack by Ghosthack. A loop from Glitchmachines Chimera, a loop from Origin Sounds Elysian, and a loop from Iris 2 factory bank of wavs. Finally, a Drum Rack from the Core Ableton 10 pack Skitter and Step called Pico Dilly Kit.

All elements (midi and audio) played forward, then play backwards.
The Arrangement itself is pallindromic - as you can see in the track art, stuff comes in and is pulled back out in order - a LIFO (last in, first out) Stack datastructure.

Hope you enjoy…



Three tracks that are palindromic as far as note progression. Each track has a sequence running in Repro 1 synth. Two of the sequences are palindromic. One is not. Background sounds are from Space Craft app (iOS).



For this piece, I use note pitches and overall song structure as palindromes. I did not attempt to reverse audio or audio effects, so if the audio were played in reverse it would not sound identical, although the pitches would be the same forwards and backwards.

Every instrument is played as a palindrome in some form. Short phrases, such as the violin melody and drum part, are stand-alone palindromes lasting a few measures long. The melody repeats in different chords, with the chord structure being a palindrome. The longer xylophone phrases are part of one large palindrome that lasts the entire duration of the piece. It reverses at the midpoint of the composition.

I consider this piece unfinished. I intended to do more but ran out of time. I think it needs a bass line, some more variability while still fitting within the palindrome structure, and perhaps different instrumentation.


Hope I managed to put in a correct link here… A last-minute contribution.



Cheers everyone!
AbdA (disquiet0344)
Palindromesque, Mirrorish and Sorta Done!?
I’ve been experimenting with two new apps lately, Spacecraft and Patterning2, so they became the first instruments for this weeks Junto. Patterning2 is a monster update of the original that is a must have for beatmaking, the added features are brilliant. An interesting pattern was made at 82 bpm and sent to Cubasis. Spacecraft is an interesting granular synth and is so easy to get amazing sounds from, but it’s integration(none) and import/export features really fall short. Nonetheless, it made a really nice contribution with the wind like drones underlying this piece.
I wasn’t going for the full on palindrome musically, but instead used the mirrored title for a chord set with a similar feature. My Spacecraft work sounded…spacey, but with some Discord4, Roomverb and eq became more like an alien ocean or windy planet textured sound. Waldorf Nave is running a sweeping pad playing in the root notes and leading to the gritty breakdown in the middle where a pair of Micrologue sawtooth synths are playing the A B D A major chords ascending in the first half and A D B A minor chords descending in the second half. The drum track has a bit of tape delay and a second single hit drum track was created using a long verb tail that was reversed, eq’d with some panning, that leads into the hits of the original. Not sure this helps…seems like sometimes my explanations take longer and make even less sense than the track itself, oh well ;-D
Track art: The Flatirons become a foreboding face :open_mouth:


I love palindromes! I wanted it to look like it was forward and backward also. I used a Rolii as MIDI in to 808 Drum Rack and played then reversed the end. I did this on a few layers while adjusting tempo. EQ’d and compressed. Hope it loads in time and enjoy! This one was fun!


Very interesting process and back story that results in a wonderful piece! Auspicious beginning to the Junto, welcome :smiley:


I really like how you obtained the sucking sound in Bass. Rev’d up. Nice work.

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F’in Ginger! The lyrics are awesome, what a great adventure.

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