Disquiet Junto Project 0346: Drum Machinations


So, based on last week’s submissions by other Junto members, I chose the first one that spoke to me… Was also the first one I listened to… By the talented Hypoid (@Hypoid). Using the beats from the start of his Torment Kit track (who couldn’t love a kit called Torment?), built all the drum parts. Added some synth half-way thru - BeepStreet Dagger (an unknown future classic VA, from the same man that does the wonderful Sunrizer), FXpansion Strobe 2 (slowly becoming a go-to), and Z3TA (my perennial favourite). SoundToys FilterFreak2 used to effect some of the hits, as stabs thru the track, and a bit of Ableton’s stock Saturation device to up the energy, into the Ozone Limiter on the master bus - this track likes being loud and raucous!

Hypoid’s track: https://soundcloud.com/hypoidsound/torment-kit-disquiet0345
Thanks Hypoid for the inspiration!

Hope you enjoy!


Thanks for the inspiring beats:

Hypoid - Slice Beats
Hypoidsound – Canned-beats-disquiet0345

Ohm Research - 7 to 7
Ohm-research – 7to7-disquiet-0345

I used these beats with some reverbs effects from Ableton, to compose my track.

Enjoy Listening


I used the samples from “Torment Kit” by Hypoid. I was inspired by the first sample that comes in after the kalimba, because it created an immediate groove. To that, I added a steady kick, and then used my beatstep pro to drum some grooves for each of the other samples. Apart from one or two of the samples that I pitched down an octave, I didn’t edit them much, trying to keep them recognisable where possible. The first kalimba part is just something I was playing earlier while waiting for a YouTube video to load, and the second (downpitched and heavily edited) part is something I added after everything else was grooving the way I wanted it to. Then all that was left was the arrangement, which is frankly quite uninspired and obvious. And then it was 11.50 pm and I really had to upload this. I love how deadlines completely disable my crippling perfectionism. Oh and there’s also some fake vinyl crackle and overdrive on the master because I wanted it to sound lo-fi and I didn’t have time to think of anything else anymore.



Nice. It’s great to see what somebody else does with your work, so thanks!


Drum Machine Gone Berserk

I. I counted 25 tracks on the Disquiet Junto playlist for project #345
II. I used Random.org to generate a number between 1 and 25
III. The number 8 was generated
IV. Unfortunately this track was not downloadable so I generated another number
V. This time #10 was generated the track by  sevenism https://soundcloud.com/7777777777/holobiont-disquiet0345
VI. Downloaded the track, cut, pasted etc. etc

sample from Ohm Research{disquiet0345}
supercollider-ed it
with vocals by laura alvarez (also supercollider-ed)
eq, satin, sdrr2


cool sounds :slight_smile:

Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/slapdash-disquiet0346

I used the drum kit created by Mtn​View​Mark-Bits, heard at the beginning of Mtnviewmark-bits – 0345-br-beat-disquiet0345. Ran out of time, so only managed to cobble this piece together.




This is another one I’d like to refine more but I ran out of time.

For my percussion track I used mzero’s bedroom drum kit in Mtnviewmark-bits – 0345-br-beat-disquiet0345, arranged in a frenetic fashion.

For the music, I started with a chord sequence using classical instruments inspired by Philip Glass. Late in the game I changed out the classical instruments for synthesizers, giving it an entirely different feel, although you can still hear the Glass influence.

With plenty of synthesizers and reverb, I think this energetic track would sound right at home in the 1980’s.


I used Plusch’s kit from last week, and the incredible “Wandoo Table” sample from Bassling (heard in two very different registers). Also heard are Ableton’s lovely Analog and Wave synths.

The process I went through is very different than I usually use: After selecting the sounds… I just sat down and played it, part by part. One or two notes got altered on re-listening… fiddled with some reverb and some compression… and done!


yeah - big thanks to @yasha ^___^


Those two kits work really well together! Great!

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What are you using to place those sounds in space? I’m listening on headphones and the placement and movement is exquisite.

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similar sorta drumdrone to last week

i liked @sarmism 's sounds and also our usernames are similar!

had the first 4 hits running thru iris 2 with arpeggiator, random, vinyl, reverb, ozone imager - various automation espec the reverb getting wetter
decimated a duplicate of that track in audacity (reducing bit depth) and had the reverb of that fading in


It’s basically a mix of panning, and then using clean, short reverbs that I can very the reflection time on without you “hearing it” when I modulate them. Then I use variations of them with slightly different times to place the sound forward and back, and then modulate that to get it to move around. I’ve been working on them for a long time and tweaking.


Sorta prehistoric. Like dinosaurs at a distance. :drum:


Sounds good. I like the drum programming, very contemporary-sounding hats.


Enjoying the *uck out of your non-submissions :smiley:


I know beats aren’t for everyone every week, but damn this was a fun prompt! Thanks again Matt Nish-Lapidus, Jason Wehmhoener, all the participants and as always, Marc, for bringing all this together!



I have been leaching the Disquiet Junto mailing for a long time now and just yesterday set my mind to jumping in for once, only to discover that deadlines are actually on Mondays. Oh well, here goes my track anyway!

I used samples by https://soundcloud.com/mtnviewmark-bits @mzero, like @Ethan_Hein, loaded them into my Analog Rytm, constructed a drum kit and jammed away. It’s a little heavier than I originally intended! Hope you enjoy it.