Disquiet Junto Project 0346: Drum Machinations


Enjoying the *uck out of your non-submissions :smiley:


I know beats aren’t for everyone every week, but damn this was a fun prompt! Thanks again Matt Nish-Lapidus, Jason Wehmhoener, all the participants and as always, Marc, for bringing all this together!


I have been leaching the Disquiet Junto mailing for a long time now and just yesterday set my mind to jumping in for once, only to discover that deadlines are actually on Mondays. Oh well, here goes my track anyway!

I used samples by https://soundcloud.com/mtnviewmark-bits @mzero, like @Ethan_Hein, loaded them into my Analog Rytm, constructed a drum kit and jammed away. It’s a little heavier than I originally intended! Hope you enjoy it.




Please make your tracks downloadable so we can work on them for this week’s Junto.


Done. My bad. Blabla need 20 characters.


I also made a version without the crackle available:



Thanks for the prompt.

My track with @mzero’s drums for the last Junto can be downloaded here.


Could you set this as downloadable? I’d like to work with it for this week’s challenge.


Fabulous! Love how you’ve taken the sounds in a completely new direction.


It should be, both from Soundcloud and BandCamp - probably too late now :frowning:


Too late indeed. Just uploaded my track. But thanks for replying anyway.