Disquiet Junto Project 0350: Selected Insomniac Works


I did one this week. Got a Norns to play drums!

I started this process with a completely different piece that happened when I got a Norns last week. I’m very fond of the Aleph lines module for tape delay simulation. I was playing with some sequences on the Flin script on the Norns through the lines module and I got a great resonance feedback thing going with a tempo I liked. But it sounded too spooky.

I erased everything and started over but in the morning I checked the read buffers in the Aleph and there was still a shorter loop going on in there and it was totally different than I remembered and less spooky. That’s the drone part that anchors the piece.

My whole setup depends on a digital piano with speakers and the Aleph is also a mixer with four inputs and outputs. A guitar with a different looper pedal is going into the Aleph and the digital piano has a MIDI record mode so I can play phrases to store but they don’t loop. I can trigger them with a button. I recorded the mix out of the digital piano headphone jack into a computer.

The drums are the Playfair script for Norns that’s doing Euclidan patterns. I forget the guitar line notes, lol. The piano chords are supposed to be matched to the guitar line. The chords are D minor and F# diminished.

I was channeling Labradford.


I had a subtle patch going that I think suits this weeks Disquiet Junto quite well.
The guitar runs the sequencer and the whole eurorack setup by a contact mic through Mutable Instruments Ears. Recorded live in one take.


This track involved a 16 bar sequence plus a rest, helping with that feeling late at night when sleep won’t come but thoughts are fragmented.

The music involves sequencing three synths: Yamaha DX-21, Casio CZ-5000 and a DSI Mopho on RM1X sequencer, with a drum machine providing the rimshot that’s used for the ticking clock/metronome. As the track finishes, the reverb that saturates the synths earlier slowly disappears leave quiet, clear notes.

The mix was recorded onto a tape deck to provide that extra little bit of background warmth and noise that I felt was needed for the theme.


Hang improvisation.
Strings (mostly upright basses and up. bass harmonics, bowed)
Some electronica
32 sec. reverb.

It is quite dense but hopefully leaves some room for further treatments and additions by fellow juntonians.
Love, DD


This is an amazing project so far, can’t remember any previous junto with so many contributions and such a high standard.
great listen.
Kudos everybody


This is beautiful! Plus more words to make length.






It’s been a while since I’ve contributed, but there was a nice intersection between experience and where recent recordings where taking me. I was inspired by the feeling and mood during the on-set of sleep paralysis or other somnambulism. The terror of an unexplained jolt awake coupled with the realisation of the inability to control one’s body. The bowed cello was meant to recreate an internal lullaby and will to just get back to a dreamless sleep. Cheers.


The usual fog of ambient seemed too obvious to me for this task, so I decided to finish a track I had already started. It began with Saties Gymnopédie No.1 in my head (only the intro, Gm-D) and became something of its own, in my ears very light-footed, floating and soothing – but with some psychic fragility in the motives.


20 characters of gratitude!


That’s adorable!
… but it wouldn’t put me back to sleep :wink:


If you didn’t fall asleep with the first track, you might do it with this little improvisation. Something between Dm/Bb, Sawtooth, heavy filtering, strechted2x, heavy filtering again.

Sorry for submitting two tracks …


Hmm, must have misread the instructions. This is perhaps more likely to give you insomnia than to soothe it. However, it is the kind of thing I hear in my head late at night (when I’m not sleeping).


Simple track with an Ambika, a moog bass synth, and some effects.


Thanks your feedback means a lot! Love the generative code snip.

Great project this week @disquiet really enjoying everyone’s contributions.


Being a night-shift worker, insomnia can be a frustrating part of life. I remember struggling immensely when I first started night-shift and feeling frazzled because I couldn’t sleep on my nights off, and becoming increasingly despondent. I’d forgotten the joys of the early morning, when the world springs back to life.

For this piece - I stood in a grove of trees one morning in Pemberton, Western Australia in 2017, and took a binaural recording of the world around me. Whenever I have insomnia, I want to listen to something peaceful and calm, and the sounds of the country [in particular, the myriad bird songs that erupt in the bush in the morning] have that effect on me.

Pemberton is also home to around 80 species of birds, here on this recording is just a few of them!


Meant to be played low - just barely on the edge of hearing - if you like. A theme of various almost disconnected repeating patterns. A result of too much coffee and spreadsheets.

Guitar through analog delay, and 2 modular synth lines of differing lengths sequenced by a beatstep pro. Additional mixing and effects in Ableton Live.


Soporific music, mixed to a mercifully short length.


You can’t sleep. Listening to the sound of waves should help, but you can’t stop thinking of the Disquiet Junto #350 you want to work on. It’s like the thoughts won’t stop and are whispering in your ears. What will help, aromatherapy, meditation? Listening to music? A lullaby? You try to concentrate on not thinking, is that even possible? But then, just when you feel like sleep will never come, the thoughts become more granular. Finaly, you sink into a deep, deep sleep, and even the waves fade away.

Contains heavily processed recording made at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, last November and voice whispering “Disquiet Junto 350”.

Happy to sumbit my first Disquiet Junto project.