Disquiet Junto Project 0350: Selected Insomniac Works

I created this track, called Counting Sheep, for this week’s Disquiet Junto project, which was to create music to help you get back to sleep. I made it soothing and gentle, something that might help you meditate to make your mind forget the stresses that are keeping you awake. The piece is composed entirely from two repeating phrases. Various instruments fade in and out to help encourage dreaming.

Sorry, I did not use any sheep samples. Baaaahh!

Created in Ableton Live using various electronic and orchestral instruments from Ableton and Z3TA+2.


Is This Sleep? for this Disquiet Junto project is supposed to be in that zone between exhaustion and not quite being asleep. The guitar going through a short loop and the keyboard is played over top. Recorded in one take. Initially the timing mistakes on the keyboard worried me, so I was going to rerecord, but then I decided it was a perfect representation of any work made in the middle of the night: satisfying to finish, but a little patchy when it sees the light of day :slight_smile:



Following the mood of nighttime and inner exploration, which evolves with the rest, i recorded several sounds of both, textural and melodic quality, and tried to melt them into a relatively short piece of music, pointing to a more hidden place within the night and myself…

i’m glad, i finally made it to disquiet junto…due to different circumstances, i wasn’t really able to make some music for the last two years…



Junto #2, for me.

Filtered white noise, two pitched-down copies of a nanoloop sketch, and intermittent appearances by an iPhone recording of a train.


Seems fateful to see this after just releasing an EP about insomnia on Friday. This track fits the bill for me, lots of play with 4ms DLD here, Mangrove + 3 Sisters is the primary sound source.


“It’s the middle of the night, long past dusk and long before dawn. You can’t sleep. Think about what kind of music you’d want to hear right now.”

Unfortunately, this scenario is very real for me recently. It tends to make me very emotional sometimes, like I can’t take anything because I’m just so tired. Musically, that translates into binge-listening Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky or Isis albums. This piece just accidentally happened today. I was absently plucking away at my bass guitar and suddenly something almost made me cry. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not very stable right now or if the music is truly moving, but this is what insomnia feels like to me. For added atmosphere, picture, if you will, a marquee at a festival, just after sunset. Red lights, lots of smoke, and a guitar player starting the show with an ebow. Yes, I know it sounds nothing like an ebow, but just picture it nonetheless, will you.



Hi everyone, first time participant here! I recorded this short piece a while ago but it nonetheless fits within the assignment now. The idea came into being when I caught the flu a few months ago. I felt miserable and very tired at the time because of all the medicine I had to take. It translated into something dreamy, floaty…

As for the title: Dafalgan is a local trade name for paracetamol. Furthermore, I only used my MIDI Keyboard and GarageBand for recordings. You can hear a subtile bass-track and 2 keyboard-tracks with some reverb on it.




Timing and project is right for me this week. If i may squeeze aboard the crowded carriage (all bound for morning town). Mostly a tone organ plug in and filter effects and some flattened harold budd style piano.



Taken a few very satisfactory naps to this track.


Eloquencer clocked erratically by Pam’s feeding cv to Rings and Clouds, with loping envelopes from Maths and a healthy amount of wiggling. A murderer’s row of popular modules ; - )




Thanks! I added the track, no idea why the Soundcloud player is so tall :expressionless:

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There’s still some cleaning/sussing of this track to do, but wanted to post what I’ve got before the deadline. I sampled Edvard Grieg’s Nocturne, which to me, always sounds like the middle of the night. I hope to convey a sense of the brain working through a problem or thought, but slowly, the thought transforms into a dream as you drift off to sleep…


Better late than never!
Pads with love. 2 Synth1’s and a SQ8L. Carry over tones on chord changes. Sleep tight. Y’all deserve it.



I’ve already started curating my own playlist, and I can’t emphasize how much it’s improved the listening experience being offline and away from screens and all their distractions. Streaming during my workday is verboten and honestly, listening to it like when you first brought home that record, gives it an entirely expanded dimension! Do try it, you won’t be sorry :smiley:



In my electronic music journey, I definitely lean towards the aggressive and gritty. This was a welcome change to that Idea, and I’m definitely planning on making more tracks like this. I really enjoyed it.

For me, music has to be pretty repetitive to be able to sleep to, but if it’s too repetitive I’ll find myself getting more annoyed than sleepy. This was basically a bunch of different cycled elements, with some intentional subtle randomness thrown in to keep it from getting annoying. I had to resist the temptation to mess with the elements too much, and I even made sure I stepped away from the rig for a while to let it play out. Bringing elements in and out was done in a way as to be completely unsurprising to the listener, I’ve never turned knobs so slowly in my life.

I’m very pleased with the result, I got a little sleepy while making it.


quite late but here is my entry!


I made simple melody on aearthsea - which is controlling rings in sympathetic string mode - which is then going through the rest of my modular - most importantly a Chronoblob and a spring reverb.

On sleeping: I find sudden and unpredictable sounds keep me awake, particularly sudden laughter of snatches of conversation. I wanted to make something that was a slow moving wall of sound - which could obliterate other noises and push me into sleep.


Woah, looks like i’m the last (its been a long time between disquiet projects, but just managed to sneak into this one:


This is rewarding to read (and listen to). Thanks. I sometimes hear folks say, “I’m gonna sit this project out,” not due to lack of time, but that it doesn’t feel like them. The hope is that the Junto is a place where people do stuff that’s not “like them” — and see what comes of it.


Yeah! That’s one of the reasons I’m really excited to find out about this series. I hope to find pieces of my artistic self I didn’t realize were there. Thanks for helping make it happen. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Junto, glad you came :slight_smile: