Disquiet Junto Project 0351: Selected Insomniac Works Volume II

Love it! Much improved :slight_smile:


@Hypoid this is awesome! It’s what my track might sound like after falling asleep and the dreaming starts. And thanks for describing your technique. I don’t play around much with audio transformations, so I can use this to learn!



I chose Amelie’s wonderful track High on Defalgan. Instead of (following the directions) smoothing it out, I did the opposite. I added bass, trumpets, strings and a synth wash while (I hope) keeping the integrity of the original track. Thanks Amelie!


And the playlist is now rolling:


Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed, it’s always a little unnerving changing someone’s work. I also wrestled with the title…originally it was ‘Count Morgulbee’. Which do you prefer? Thanks again for the great start :slight_smile:

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~b0 = Buffer.read(s, “/Users/evanhartzell/Desktop/minidesktop/SCpractice/junto0351/slip under mixX.wav”

SynthDef.new(\junto0351, {
arg amp=1, out=0, buf, freq=0.15, start, end;
var sig, ptr;
ptr = StandardL.ar(freq).range(start, end);
sig = BufRd.ar(2, buf, ptr);
sig = sig * amp;
Out.ar(out, sig);

x = Synth.new(\junto0351, [\buf, ~b0.bufnum, \start, 0, \end, ~b0.numFrames-1, \freq, 0.1]);

//thx @Zedkah


Very nice track. Would love to listen to the original track you used, can you link to it?



With this sort of thing I normally use a random number generator to select the track I am to work with, but I felt that Daniel Diaz’s Emptiness (https://soundcloud.com/daniel-diaz/emptiness-disquiet0350) seemed to have so many possibilities that I felt that I had no choice but to use it as electronics.

Fulfillment was written for Violin, Viola, Cello, and electronics.

The score is available at http://bit.ly/2pv7zCb



For this remix I decided to use works of @samarobryn and @ethan_hein
I decided for following workflow:

  1. Both tracks were sent in mono to mixer
  2. Mixer aux was sent to Clouds modulated by Rampage
  3. Output from clouds was sent back to mixer
  4. Mixer out was sent to yamaha spx900 which has hall reverb with possible decay time of 480s

Then I started to play both tracks at once and by muting, sending to aux, changing volume etc. I generated this track. It turned out much more sinister that I intended but my dog felt asleep while I was playing so maybe it is a good sign :smiley:


Awesome track George, much more dramatic and intense than the original, this is a complete new work and yet glimpses of my track shine through with a new spirit. I’m really glad you did this. Bravo.


Happy Day!
I selected Old Bones @lawrence-frazier-1
I really enjoyed the space and the spring of the tones. I wanted to abring forth some spring and space to add to some drum machine sounds from the Roland DJ 808. I loaded the track on to each turntable and played thru the track with some drum patterns, adding in the 808, 707 606 tones and slices of the og track in Serato. I then bounced this to Abelton and built a few instrument racks with drums and operators that I sliced up the beginning and the end of the track with 3 voices. I utilized various tempos thru the various clips and eq. I hope you enjoy and this was so fun.
Disquiet Junto Project 0351: Selected Insomniac Works Volume II
The Assignment: Rework some very quiet music by making it even more sedate.

Step 1: Last week, about 60 members of the Disquiet Junto recorded ambient music for the middle of the night. The specific request was to “Make very quiet music for very late at night for very fragile psyches.” This week, we’ll each select a track from last week and proceed to dial it down even further.

Step 2: Listen through the tracks from last week’s project, and choose the one whose ambience you want to employ in your track:


In addition, there may be some other tracks from the project in the Lines discussions, here:


Step 3: Having chosen a track in Step 2 above, confirm that your chosen track is downloadable. If it isn’t, either get in touch with the musician who made it, or choose another track.

Step 4: Listen closely to the track you selected in Step 3. Consider what edges it has that might be smoothed out, what drama it has that might be subsumed. Consider how you might do such things while retaining something that is inherently listenable, should someone choose to turn up the volume and focus on it.

Step 5: Rework the track you selected in Steps 2 and 3 to achieve the goals that arose from Step


cool sounds :slight_smile:



Fed @dascott ’s lovely „Night Patterns“ (https://soundcloud.com/dascott/disquiet0350-nightpatterns) into ye olde Mammut software.

Fiddled around with the controls until these slow sine patterns started to unfold. The resulting piece is un-intrusive and - let’s be honest - totally boring unless you listen to it around 4am with a vacant stare and fresh cup of coffee in hand.


Coffee and vacant thoughts are best at 4:00 am and tingels are great anytime. Thanks!


Recorded a quick accompaniment to @sevenism’s ‘midnight solo (falling leaf)’

Listening back now, I might be too busy for his track.

I liked his deceptively simple piano, it suits these Aphex Twin-inspired Juntos.




• Used a random number generator to pick track #20 by https://soundcloud.com/healthylives/five-borders-disquiet0350-selected-insomniac-works
• Used some volume automation to lower the amplitude peaks
• Ran the signal thru some EQ, delay and a reverb plate and another delay


Worked with @ikjoyce 's track from Disquiet0350 “The Insomniac’s Lullaby” : https://soundcloud.com/ikjoyce/improvisation1

I probably didn’t make it more sedate… But I had to work with the track, it is so sweet, takes so many lovely turns.

Picture is of a Morrison Shelter from WW2, a moveable air-raid shelter.

I had an awful problem with some clicking in this Ableton set. I spend a long while - must be three hours - debugging the set. I had to get iZotope RX6’s Declicker going on a stereo bounce-down in the end. I am gonna dig further, so I will upload afresh if I can get to the bottom of it…

Bloody computers.


my spirit animal this week was code poetry by @abalone
the sonic spice world was inspired by @ntrier though i didn’t actually use your track.

noise floor by @hypoid
@jwhiles your track + also reused these freesound samples; one which you used in one of your latest tracks / hope you don’t mind just trying to build off of that.

instant replay by:
om logic by: @Anatol
josephbeuys provided instant life

Palindrone Burroughs And Me ( disquiet 0344 )
by @lifesonance

the music video for this track is

“Weird Al” Yankovic - Smells Like Nirvana
muted / slowed down 0.25 in youtube settings.
quality: 144p
_----- or
Biggest Football Hits Ever
Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History

dialing it back / raining it in.

hope i got this right…

@disquiet wheres your track?
don’t need to include them both or at all.
this is the original


fantastic :slight_smile:

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Hey All, NON-SUBMISSION Tired something with vgmrmojo disquiet0350.

Peace, Hugh