Disquiet Junto Project 0351: Selected Insomniac Works Volume II


Fed @dascott ’s lovely „Night Patterns“ (https://soundcloud.com/dascott/disquiet0350-nightpatterns) into ye olde Mammut software.

Fiddled around with the controls until these slow sine patterns started to unfold. The resulting piece is un-intrusive and - let’s be honest - totally boring unless you listen to it around 4am with a vacant stare and fresh cup of coffee in hand.


Coffee and vacant thoughts are best at 4:00 am and tingels are great anytime. Thanks!


Recorded a quick accompaniment to @sevenism’s ‘midnight solo (falling leaf)’

Listening back now, I might be too busy for his track.

I liked his deceptively simple piano, it suits these Aphex Twin-inspired Juntos.




• Used a random number generator to pick track #20 by https://soundcloud.com/healthylives/five-borders-disquiet0350-selected-insomniac-works
• Used some volume automation to lower the amplitude peaks
• Ran the signal thru some EQ, delay and a reverb plate and another delay


Worked with @ikjoyce 's track from Disquiet0350 “The Insomniac’s Lullaby” : https://soundcloud.com/ikjoyce/improvisation1

I probably didn’t make it more sedate… But I had to work with the track, it is so sweet, takes so many lovely turns.

Picture is of a Morrison Shelter from WW2, a moveable air-raid shelter.

I had an awful problem with some clicking in this Ableton set. I spend a long while - must be three hours - debugging the set. I had to get iZotope RX6’s Declicker going on a stereo bounce-down in the end. I am gonna dig further, so I will upload afresh if I can get to the bottom of it…

Bloody computers.


my spirit animal this week was code poetry by @abalone
the sonic spice world was inspired by @ntrier though i didn’t actually use your track.

noise floor by @hypoid
@jwhiles your track + also reused these freesound samples; one which you used in one of your latest tracks / hope you don’t mind just trying to build off of that.

instant replay by:
om logic by: @Anatol
josephbeuys provided instant life

Palindrone Burroughs And Me ( disquiet 0344 )
by @lifesonance

the music video for this track is

“Weird Al” Yankovic - Smells Like Nirvana
muted / slowed down 0.25 in youtube settings.
quality: 144p
_----- or
Biggest Football Hits Ever
Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History

dialing it back / raining it in.

hope i got this right…

@disquiet wheres your track?
don’t need to include them both or at all.
this is the original


fantastic :slight_smile:

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I decided to use Amelie’s “High on Dafalgan” as my starting point. (My inital idea was to downsample the whole track using my Zoom Sampletrak. Oh well, I was in a hurry.) So I just started with PaulStretch. I reversed the resulting file. Added Valhalla Shimmer reverb while automating the Mix and Feedback with very slow moving M4L-LFOs. I low and high-shelved the EQ to get rid of some frequencies and made a dip between 1-4k to avoid having too much sound calling for attention. Some tape simulator and here it is.



Emptiness Is Awareness uses the Daniel Diaz track Emptiness (looks like a common theme!).

I have taken two elements from the track and made it even more suitable for late night listening (for me) by looping, slowly filtering, and providing variations on those two parts. I used few tools (Audiomulch with FilePlayers, and an external reverb for one part) and a sedate 68bpm for the mostly quiet kick.


I’m honoured that my little track inspired such great works this week end, you guys made my week.

Yes! I think that repetition is crucial for a good sleeping track, that’s what I did with APOB’s track this week, creating a loop from his track and keep it going.

I should have include a loop on my Emptiness really, I missed that.

Can’t recognize my track on yours (well it gets quite clear around 2:50) , but that’s good. You made a better job for the assignment than my original, bravo.


I’ve reworked the rather nice Insomniac Work by vgmrmojo, which can be found here: Vgmrmojo – Disquiet0350

I sampled selected elements from the original track into the 4ms STS. This was then routed through the Disting mk1 delay into Mutable Instruments’ Clouds, heavily modulated and triggered throughout by ALM Pamela’s New Workout and Malekko Voltage Block. I recorded the output into the Synthstrom Deluge before stretching it and downpitching a few semitones. A little bit more delay, reverb and saturation were added at this stage.

It makes for a rather intense, blurry texture. Sort of womblike in a strange way. Not sure whether it helps one sleep however!



trying to step deeper into nighttime atmosphere, i chose the track “september13th” by @cboulter and dived into heavy time stretching, where i found more details, more special moments and more space.
i sliced several times the harmony to various additional sound layers and also added from time to time the original track as a kind of reminiscent memory.
i guess, the journey could go on for a while, but for now, this is my approach to disqiuet0351. enjoy listening.



The contributions to disquiet0350 gave so many options to start with, it took me hours to even listen to them. I decided to start with “Dorchester Pink” https://soundcloud.com/analoc/dorchester-pink-disquiet0350 from analoc https://soundcloud.com/analoc as the base sound, which had an appropriate lenght for an acoustic sleeping pill. If you don’t sleep after 20+ minutes you should change to chemical help …

In “Wet Peachblossom Lullaby”, “Dorchester Pink” is layered three tracks with different filters, mainly the Cockos Reaper’ RealFIR, to split up the three in different frequency areas and to smooth out the edges as requested.

As a repetitive rhythmic component I would have liked to include the complete “Eighth Inch Lullaby” https://soundcloud.com/untilledsound/disquiet0350-eighth-inch-lullaby from UntilledSound https://soundcloud.com/untilledsound, but it did’nt work out for me in combination (to much going on), so I just took the first 2:40 min and repeated this.

Because I originally wanted to do “something with water”, I added some water sounds recordings. But not the originals, instead the tracks from my own “Delicate Hallucination” submission to disquiet0350. So their use tin time depends on music which cannot be heard in this remix, which gave it a random-like quality while having a invisible link to my own track.

Applied effects on all audio material include HY-Phaser, Rubbadub, OrilRiver, Spaceship delay, Voxengo Tube Amp, KR Delay. Some of the main work here really is done by ReaFIR https://www.reaper.fm/reaplugs/, which I tend to like more and more for its ability to silent unwanted und amplify wanted frequencies and to hear things out of audio materials, that normally cannot be heard.

Thanks to @anatol & @UntilledSound !!!


I chose this excellent track by Larry Frazier:

I processed this multiple times in PaulStretch, with different settings, and then processed each of those versions in SoundForge. I then layered them all up in Reaper, added some panning and EQ, and a few more effects, then rendered the track, and processed it again in SoundForge for another little layer of effects.
Here’s my track:



Love what you did - it’s like being in a concert hall within a dream.



I time stretched Ambient Rushton’s “DohmRushton” to 7 minutes, then incorporated some E352 and a sample from the TG One.


Love everything about this one. The Eno/Lanois vibe, the little hints of Badalamenti, the repetition, the space. Lovely.


This is a brilliant collaboration! I think it would sound great with some Wayne Coyne style vocals, like one of the sweeter Flaming Lips songs?


Thank you Ian, a fine image you paint there, chasing the melody but sometimes leading the melody was the intention… Thanks!

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i took a slightly uneven loop [0m48.761s - 1m06.580] from @amelie’s comparatively up-tempo evocation of the joys of over-the-counter medication [User-215090509 – Disquiet0350-high-on-dafalgan] & tried to both honour it’s melody and propulsion whilst paying attention to the project’s injunction to smooth &, uh, de-drama it…


So yeah, i went straight for the long reverb chains, convoluted granular delay and, y’know typical methods of creating a general haze without quite lunging for the obvious &, to me, ever-appealing slow it down & drag it out options… i also added some rain, 'cause that’s effectively what i do on any given track; be generous & it’s a trademark; be critical & call it a stylistic tic. ; )

Should someone choose to turn up the volume and focus on it? Well, hmm, that’s the question i guess… Hopefully i’ve kept some trace of original’s momentum, even if i’ve sort of made one long implication out of Amélie’s track’s spritely definition…


also, on reflection, it’s detuned radio & party next-door sound palette might actually run counter to this project’s quiet music for very late at night for very fragile psyches mission statement. #allapologies