Disquiet Junto Project 0351: Selected Insomniac Works Volume II


Love what you did - it’s like being in a concert hall within a dream.



I time stretched Ambient Rushton’s “DohmRushton” to 7 minutes, then incorporated some E352 and a sample from the TG One.


Love everything about this one. The Eno/Lanois vibe, the little hints of Badalamenti, the repetition, the space. Lovely.


This is a brilliant collaboration! I think it would sound great with some Wayne Coyne style vocals, like one of the sweeter Flaming Lips songs?


Thank you Ian, a fine image you paint there, chasing the melody but sometimes leading the melody was the intention… Thanks!


i took a slightly uneven loop [0m48.761s - 1m06.580] from @amelie’s comparatively up-tempo evocation of the joys of over-the-counter medication [User-215090509 – Disquiet0350-high-on-dafalgan] & tried to both honour it’s melody and propulsion whilst paying attention to the project’s injunction to smooth &, uh, de-drama it…

So yeah, i went straight for the long reverb chains, convoluted granular delay and, y’know typical methods of creating a general haze without quite lunging for the obvious &, to me, ever-appealing slow it down & drag it out options… i also added some rain, 'cause that’s effectively what i do on any given track; be generous & it’s a trademark; be critical & call it a stylistic tic. ; )

Should someone choose to turn up the volume and focus on it? Well, hmm, that’s the question i guess… Hopefully i’ve kept some trace of original’s momentum, even if i’ve sort of made one long implication out of Amélie’s track’s spritely definition…


also, on reflection, it’s detuned radio & party next-door sound palette might actually run counter to this project’s quiet music for very late at night for very fragile psyches mission statement. #allapologies


Love it! We need to go for a glass of beer soon.


Here’s mine.

I choose Analoc’s epic and fantastic ‘Dorcester Pink’, choose a small loop of that which I processed in various ways using my eurorack system: some granular/tapey stuff using the Make Noise Morphagene and some resonant stuff using the 4MS SMR. And blended that with the sound of rain recorded from inside my house. And used a shed-load of reverb.

I’m fairly certain I have failed in making this more sedate. I’d also suggest that to have any use in helping insomnia, it would need to be played particularly quietly.


Aw thank ye! Maybe @amelie can cook up a vocal? My singing skills have yet to surface lol


A little over halfway through this weeks playlist and a few observations:
-An amazing amount of pieces over these two weeks, that will require some sort of randomizing function for me to enjoy each before drifting off and missing what follows.
-Fortuitous timing as one of my favorite apps ‘Ambiance’ will disappear with my grudging upgrade to iOS 12. The key feature of this ambient noise player was the ability to layer and mix multiple sources from a vast collection of natural, spiritual and mechanical user created soundscapes.
-I am fortunate to have found such an open and talented group of collaborators who let you muck about with their works for your own satisfaction!
Thanks to everyone for the generosity :smiley:


NON-SUBMISSION Hey All, I did something with samarobryn’s Grove and Swoop (Bounds Parameters) by Marc aka disquiet.

Peace, Hugh


Remix of the song “Untitled” by Lazzarello. I put played some guitar notes over it, ending with a note of frustration when nothing works. When I finished recording, I realized that I recorded the sound of the room, not the exit from the desk, so I pushed the whole thing through the reverb and recorded what I had. This is just what happens.


Mine either - and I’m also no lyricist, otherwise I might have done something!


@karol and @DetritusTabuIII thanks for using my track! Both amazing works!


Wow… thanks for choosing my track. I really like the result - great. Just curious: Did you splice longer pieces in the Morphagene or did you go towards micro-sounds?


Thanks for listening!

  • I took a 30 second or so slice of your track
  • Set a medium size ‘gene’
  • Set the Morphagene to it’s smoother gene setting
  • Set Morph to 3/4 intensity (grain overlap)
  • Modulated the slide control with a really slow LFO - so the gene start point was moving around the loop.

So effectively, I was able to move much more slowly across a smaller loop. I also think I played it backwards, and had some subtle random modulation on the gene size.

I then multed this into the resonant filter to add some new harmonics alongside.

So to actually answer your question, probably more towards the larger slices - the gene size wasn’t really tiny or in the microsound space.


Yeah, if you go too microtonal, the pitch changes a lot. Thanks for the insight!


I had a go at smoothing out “Night Music for Fragile Minds” by jorgenkjellgren.
The idea was to use some plugins to reduce the transient spikes. Also grabbed some reverb to help…


This week’s task was to take somebody else’s sleepy music from last week and make it even more sleepy. I used the track “High on Dafalgan” by Amélie (@user-215090509) and turned it into a wash of gentle noise, reverb, delay and stretching. As did more people, this week. But I knew Amélie before she was famous, so I win.


Based on the original track by @janglesoul (https://soundcloud.com/janglesoul) - I further constrained myself by only using Audacity, bits and pieces of the source file and limiting the time spent to 1 hour. The goal was to make something dreamy and hypnogogic.