Disquiet Junto Project 0352: Layering Permutations


Enjoy the Deluge - I love mine!

Fun times sampling the modular and mangling it’s sounds. The probabilistic opportunities and random modulations provide a somewhat ‘modular’ environment.


You did fine, time-wise, a whole day to go. The deadline is Mondays at 11:59pm.


Hi, i’m new to the site but am trying to post the DISQUIET0352 on behalf of myself and my friend Wilfried Hanrath from Berlin whom I collaborated with on the assignment. I believe it fits all the instructional guidelines above. I have been wanting to do some collaborative work for the DISQUIET JUNTO for quite some time and am grateful for the opportunity. Thanks kindly.


Very glad you could join in.


Thanks very much. I enjoyed the project and working with Wilfried on a DISQUIET JUNTO.


A nice exercise. I enjoyed it.


playing with reaper :slight_smile:


Thanks @Jet! I agree that the phasing feels less echo-y and more…well, “composed”. Though it certainly isn’t, at least not intentionally!


That Roli songmaker kit sound awesome


I struggled a bit with this exercise, mostly because of my workflow – I never start with a melody. After trying to get inspired by many instruments I dove deep into the Elektron Octatrack and ended up using one of the factory samples Called Rhodes. I split the sample and next thing I know base Melody came to life. I then re-sampled that into another track permuting the bars order and went to a darker heavenly place with the dark reverb came back to the Layered Melody took a detour on some chaos and finished up where I started.

It felt good to put this one out. Hope y’all enjoy it!


I played a simple melody in D minor.

I pitch- and time-shifted the melody up to E minor, then tried to play the original melody along with that, but this time off of G. This created an E minor tonicization.

Then I pitch and time-shifted those two to C# and A, respectively, then tried to play the original melody along with that, again off of G. This created an A7 tonicization.

I pitch and time-shifted those to a high D, A, and F#, respectively, then tried to play the original melody along again in the D an octave lower.

Music theory nerds will note I created a Dm - Em- A7 - D chord progression - a ii-V-I.

I added a little bit of beat repeated to add variation to the melody, but I don’t think it was necessary.


Process: I composed a melody (using the just intonation scale Wythoff (3-1) Scale D Left) for a set of lyrics I had written in the past. The MIDI file of this melody was then transformed twice using the Expresso tool in KeyKit, which is a musical L-systems generator.

I was going to sing the melody, but our cat Maia objected to that, so I instead used a microtonal version of the Reaktor ensemble Prism to play the melody and the two permutations. These are the lyrics for the first verse:

I shot sharks on waterskis.
To be clear, the sharks were swimming in water.
It was me on the skis –
Me and Ernest Hemingway and his polydactyl cats.


A quickly made, but fun, entry this week. Improvised the plonky melody, then generated the counterpoint and bass by transposing, time stretching, and phasing the MIDI data. Drums were made in one take with my Pocket Operator (PO-12) with a few small glitch style edits.

Realizing in retrospect it’s a bit tough to make out the bass parts depending on speaker/headphone setup :frowning: maybe worth a revisit later.


I think I failed to follow the rules, but here’s what I came up with: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/varied-disquiet0352


Ok! Here is my first Disquiet Junto submission:

This piece was made to use some of the features of my new Boomerang III Phrase Sampler (and meet the guidelines for Layering Permutations). I played a Japanese Folk/Classical inspired melody on guitar three times, recording a separate loop each time. Then all three loops play in unison one time and then one loop goes up an octave and doubles in speed, one goes down an octave and halves in speed, and one loop stays the same. Then the parts are gradually faded out.

Glad to have finally done one of these, and I hope to do more in the future.

Also, I didn’t get the change to listen to everyone, but I really like the tracks from @DeDe, @janglesoul, @Jet, and @Autogeneric.

And thanks @Yasha.


Andrew –
To embed your SoundCloud track, you just need to enter the URL of the track on one line of your message. The forum software does the rest.


Thanks Andrew and welcome to the club. Lovely track. Is that just guitar(s)?


sorry for being late with my contribution.

P è n i n ș o l a r posted our collab track in time, in this version basically part 1 & 3 are almost identical to the collab version (without P è n i n ș o l a r´s miraculous addings, but with a completely different middle section


Thank you. Yes it’s just one guitar.


Thanks, I enjoyed your track too. It’s interesting how the timbre and texture of audio changes when you half/double the speed. Something worth exploring!