Disquiet Junto Project 0353: Warp & Weft


This is awesome! Love the subtle warping (woofing/wefting, rather) pitch shifting and soft-mute glitch. Great minimalist approach, in instrumentation and the piece overall - feels like it fits the mood of the weaving. Good luck on your gig!


Thanks, I’ll get back to this one and read you comment again, will help. Now I think that the pattern-weaving idea got lost in the chaos. I’ll see.
LOOM was included for free with something I bought (a controller I think) and never used it , but it was longing to be part of this junto. Of course.


Not my finest work, but they can’t all be. Started off with the diagetic sound of a (mechanized) loom, developed a drum track off that - it felt like it wanted to be brushes on a snare, but couldn’t quickly find a sample library in my arsenal that had brushes (note to self…)

I wanted to find some balance of two types of sounds - the rhythmic on-the-beat warps and the sideways dancing and weaving wefts. Eh…I thought maybe I could get there using a bunch of whole-note-triplets but the whole thing just feels…meh. Maybe not every piece gets to be one’s finest work but it’s as much a part of the process as the pieces I’m proud of, so I’m sharing it. :slight_smile:


this kinda sounds like it, right :slight_smile:


cool process, and track :slight_smile:


As is often the case with Disquiet Junto projects, I find I get the most inspiration by creating something as “literally-minded” as I can. In this case, creating a piece which (to me) was as close to a musical weaving as I could imagine at the time.

I began with 7 “warps”, which function as drones, spread across both the pitch spectrum (each is a just 5th away from the other) and across sound space (each is 20 degrees separated from the other). These pulsate at a constant rate of 9 per second throughout, though early in the piece the notes blend together.

Slowly I add 7 “wefts”, which are pitched in the gaps between the “warps” (where else would they be?), tuned to a just major 3rd above the lower side warp. Each of the weft lines starts out on one of three 24-beat patterns, but later they all play short snippets of pattern together as a layer. The wefts move from left to right in 10-degree increments (yes, this piece should be listened to with headphones).

I used additive sine and Karplus-Strong generators fed through a room simulation system of my own design, all of which are part of the RTcmix software toolkit. The patterns, positioning, etc., were all done with the MinC scripting language which is part of RTcmix.


Hey All, I did a single note penciled in the midi roll to the pattern with blue being loud and white being soft. I then weaved the beat in with a crossfader and added a keyboard guitar solo with a vocal expressing my mood at that movement. I deleted what i wanted to say here.I will let the track speak for itself. Peace, Hugh


Nice guitar work and sound


Seconding this @TotalEnergy - I used Spitfire drums on a recent project, and was quite happy with the results. The free strings sound like they’d be a good find, too.


Love your graphic interpretation. And it’s groovy, too!


That’s a nice touch, adding in the textile machinery sounds.


Nice! I really like your idea of using pans as weft.


Very cool interpretation!


Thank you ! In retrospect I think that I should have produce something a little bit shorter, but this would have required more time to have an enlightened and thoughtful overview of this work.


Thank you for the detailed description of your process! It resulted in a beautiful piece.


Marveling a bit over IanniX, reading about it now… looks amazingly creative. Thank you for the introduction to it, and your piece.


Glad you posted it! It is as much about the process, and your ideas of sounds and textures related to weaving really worked here.


(20 characters of…) Yes. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice! Downloaded. :slight_smile:


Thank you kindly! Greatly appreciated :slight_smile: