Disquiet Junto Project 0354: Rituals & Canticles


love the prompt! the samples are amazing. I’m going to write to Nathan to ask if he minds if I use some of them in my live show.

I drew Solstice/harvest. here’s the thing i put together, I visualized a group of people seated around a fire at night with scrap made instruments doing call and response. I tried to arrange it to give it the feel of the seasons–busy harvest, slow winter, all that. I used ChucK, not much processing but a little echo/reverb/pan to give it space.I’ve embedded a link to the code in the SoundCloud description.


Having completed my track about death earlier, I just found out my cousin’s husband passed away today, he had melanoma of the back. He was only in his late 50s. He had been a thatcher for most of his life - I am guessing the years of being on rooves with no shirt in the summer took its toll. Sad news, he was a lovely guy.


I’m really sorry to hear that–my heart goes out to you and your family.


As with all of my content, this entire process was documented in a live stream at www.twitch.tv/zeromeaning

2: DEATH was rolled.

Additional elements: Night field recording from https://freesound.org/people/kangaroovindaloo/sounds/138288/
Vocals: Zero Meaning

I have no idea if this is good, but this is what I made.
Wanted to add vocals like a prayer or something, but I’m quite unwell and had to settle for an older recording.


Very sorry to hear it. Terrible news.


I rolled a 6 = Coronation.
I wanted to create a sense of ritual, with a march, and a crescendo at the moment of coronation. I used the percussive elements to create a rhythm, the bowed sounds were processed into a drone that increases in intensity until the crown hits the head. I imagined a combination of acoustic and primitive electric instruments.


Coming of Age Thanks to Nathan Moody (noisejockey.net)For 3 samples. Track inspired by the movie’s vision: it.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_abrazo_d…erpiente.vcvrack
Thanks to Nathan Moody (noisejockey.net) for proposing and providing the sounds and images and ideas for this project.


I’m so sorry to hear that. RIP


DISQUIET JUNTO PROJECT 0354: Rituals and Canticles. (A future tribe in the ruins of our current civilization scrounge for instruments for their rituals. Tribe ritual = Death.)

After reading this project description, two associations immediately sprang to mind. The first was the NY band Swans, who used to bolt heavy chains to metal tables for use as percussion instruments. The second was Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in which the porter hears a banging at the castle gates and imagines himself to be the keeper of hell.

Putting these together, I composed an abrasive piece of music-as-incantation. The tribe are banging on the gates of hell from the inside, hoping that there is something on the other side that will release them from their environmental wasteland. Of course, they are deluded - there is no key for re-entering the past, for undoing the damage done.

I used only samples from Nathan Moody’s source material. All samples were initially edited in Audacity, spliced together to make rhythmic patterns and drones, then imported into Ableton for panning, compressing, limiting, etc. The whole process took about two hours. Thank you for listening.


Instrumental created using samples by Nathan Moody as part of Disquiet Junto Project 0354: Rituals & Canticles
The Assignment: Make music using instruments from a future that doesn’t fully remember our present.

I used most of his samples, constructed a sample instrument using his _spring_18cm_bowed_constantCircularStroke_s mixed with different orchestral samples and a bass instrument using his “ bass construction” sample.

The dices gave me number 5 = Coming of Age theme, that, being completely ignorant of how such a rite fells (never went through one yet) I imagined as some kind of epic mini micro trip with bitter sweet undertones, feeling free and stressed, ecstatic and anguished at the same time.

DD, Paris, Frace October 12th 2018


His pseudo makes it look like you’re insulting him in a passive agressive style.


I rolled a five. Coming of Age. After struggling for a bit I reached for a four part midi file of the only tune I could place as a coming age song in my own cultural experience.

This was assembled in Ableton using three of the provided samples, along with some convolution reverb.

*probably best listened to with a sense of humor :grinning:


I got Coming of age. Looking it up I realized that in cultures around the world such rituals can be about religious responsibility as well as sexual maturity. The conflict of religion and sex. Oh, sounds classic.

I loaded all sounds into Live. Imagining a ritual taking place underground, maybe in deserted subway stations I allowed myself the use of some delay and reverb. Apart from that I decided against sample manipulation and sound design - so no tuning etc. Just trying to make different sounds fit together.

What I did do was to throw all samples into Simpler, slice them up with different sensitivity settings, jam around and record the bits I liked.

The bits was turned into some kind of messy arrangement. Starting with some kind of spiritual religious calling, then some sexual tribal groove, and then back to religion.


euclidean, your track it absolutely mesmerising. i really, really like it. any chance you could go into a little more detail about how you produced it?


cool project :slight_smile:
this is in supercollider, it’s got the look…

this machine running MacOS 10.7.5
feels like an instrument that…


scary good :slight_smile:


it seems strange to me to have a ritual for coming of age. at the moment it’s quite literal and legalistic - what you’re allowed to do at 16, 18, 21. it seems more like a gradual process: steps forward and back, mistakes, reflection, learning.

after the apocalypse i think there’ll be more of a naturalistic sense of this, the necessity of survival, the trauma of where did we go wrong: a rejection of civilzation, but also a desire not to go back to the ‘tribal’; a need to progress.

i used nine of the samples in three instances of protoplasm, i also applied ambience 0.1, vinyl warp and ddly. had them all playing at the same time, 2 notes forward 1 back. then a reflection: back down the octaves at the end. bit more reverb and eq’d in audacity.

initially i tried to create my own instrument by feeding the samples into nsynth https://colab.research.google.com/notebooks/magenta/nsynth/nsynth.ipynb but fittingly (for a post-civilization project) that didn’t seem to be working


Thank you abalone. I was going for scary, so I’m pleased. Did you post a track?


I liked the idea of this week’s project and was pleased that this weekend’s bad weather meant I had an excuse to stay in and create something. I rolled a two - death. I guess I had an idea of some sort of ritual to celebrate transmigration of the soul and had a mental picture of a junkyard version of Nitsch’s aktions (probably with smaller mammals substituted for the cow carcasses and bulls blood which I’d wager would be pretty scarce after the apocalypse)
I loaded four instances of SpaceCraft (a granular iPad app) into ape matrix, loaded in four of the samples and played around with the automation and this is what resulted.
I had intended to just use these samples as source material but had a moment of weakness and threw in a Gregorian chant sample for a good measure.