Disquiet Junto Project 0354: Rituals & Canticles


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I rolled a 2: Death. But in the post-collapse world, resources cannot be wasted, and so death has become a ritual of recycling.

Four voices represent the forces of the world: The drumming of walking upon the earth, the clang of machines, the deep moan of the environment, and the breath of humans trying to speak.

The work is in 9/8 with a fractured beat as befits a fractured world. The section in 4/4 is the indifferent functioning of machines. The procession walks from outside to a large inner space.


Ceremonial Chant

• Number 2 came up (death)
• Downloaded the music files
• Manipulated the files with Paulstretch and mammut
• Mixed and Mastered
• https://www.finder.com.au/funerals-of-the-future
• The End


I assembled this in Audacity, using effects sparingly. One track was produced using The Mangle, kept relatively effects-free.


Really just fantastic


I used Google to generate a random number… Got a two, which is death.
Which got me thinking… I don’t believe any future that has destroyed technology will leave humanity behind - for me, tech will live long past us, becoming its own lifeform, constructing its own destiny. And I expect us to be superfluous, expendable, an impediment.

So in this twist, this track is the technology’s celebration of the passing of humanity - a discordant chant by technological monks, a glorious lament for vanquished animal life.

So I didn’t go super primitive in the production, as suggested by the Junto brief. I did use Nathan Moody’s source material from the Junto project this week, but using IRCAM granular delay and New Sonic Arts Granite granular synth, coupled with Fracture XT and some SoundToys effect racks, I mangled the sounds beyond the recognisable.


My submission for Disquiet Junto project 354: Rituals and Canticles.

Uses samples of instruments built and recorded by Nathan Moody

My process on this one was pretty straightforward. I chopped and repurposed the samples that Nathan provided in Renoise. I recorded some vocal breathes and dug into my library for additional percussion samples.


I wish I had had more time to work on this project - the possibilities were so rich! I rolled “Death” as my ritual (to be honest, I rolled twice because I hadn’t a clue about my first choice. Sue me. ;)). As indicated by my title, I thought of this as a solemn procession honoring the dead. The lowest hit-spring sample tolls every six seconds throughout. The hit steel gong, filtered to muffle it, beats every second, subdividing the tolling. Two elements make up the “incorrectly remembered combinations of past musical traditions and styles”: A mournful, repeated, drawn out opening to “taps” played on the PVC pipe, and a fragment of the “Dies Irae” chant played on the diddleyBow.
Punctuating all this at intervals is an ultralow drone made by transposing the bassDiddleyBow sample even lower than it started. Lastly, I pulled out small, quiet snippets of breathing from between the PVC pipe samples, and random looped bits of this appear throughout, and have their final, whispered say at the very end.
All processing and mixing was done the RTcmix software tools, using a script written in the MinC score language. My heartfelt thanks to Nathan Moody for providing the great source material!


no playlist this week right?
Hope we’re not missing much, there’s always people contributing on SC and not here. Thus the importance of Marc’s curator work every week, that I thank once more.


I’m a bit late to the party, and this entry is more rushed than usual.
I got ‘Coming of Age’

I wanted to go for a droney clattery thing with a bit of a trancey feel - using samples in Native Instruments Battery; more percussion from the modular running at 7/8; and drones sampled into the Make Noise Morphagene.


NON-SUBMISSION Hey All, I took some short loops from four tracks from this week to do a cover of JD’s Isolation. I would put these lyrics in the coming of age category. I am sure many in the Junto can relate to the lyrics as we spend large amounts of time in our solitary musical pursuits. This isolation is “our lucky prize” but it also nice to be a part of this Junto also -so big ups to Marc for keeping it going. These were the tracks I sampled.
Mtnviewmark-bits – Ritual-of-recycling-disquiet0354
Howthenightcame – Disquiet0354-if-a-man-were
Ikjoyce – Funeral-mass-for-a-mass-extinction-disquiet0354
Daniel-diaz – Ritual-disquiet0354

In fear every day, every evening,
He calls her aloud from above,
Carefully watched for a reason,
Painstaking devotion and love,
Surrendered to self preservation,
From others who care for themselves.
A blindness that touches perfection,
But hurts just like anything else.

Isolation, isolation, isolation.

Mother I tried please believe me,
I’m doing the best that I can.
I’m ashamed of the things I’ve been put through,
I’m ashamed of the person I am.

Isolation, isolation, isolation.

But if you could just see the beauty,
These things I could never describe,
These pleasures a wayward distraction,
This is my one lucky prize.

Isolation, isolation, isolation, isolation, isolation.

Peace, Hugh


I always love hearing the vastly different directions you take the source materials. Great track, perfectly dark and brooding.


Great twist! Perfectly executed. You sure you aren’t a rogue bot from the future?


:slight_smile: There is no way of knowing. I cannot even know myself. :wink:


Busy weekend. (Weirdly so.) Playlist will be up before I go to bed. Thank so much.


Nice to take part again, thanks for the ongoing inspiration. Used only the samples provided.


When King No Smo
was coronated

The blackwaters receded
The thugs across the vale
Bowed their heads in respect
All the demons hid from the sun

When King No Smo
Was coronated

A lark descended upon his shoulder
To whisper to him the ancients’ follies
To whisper to him the ancients’ wisdom
To lead us back into the sun

Long Live King No Smo
He is the righteous king
We will taste the sun again
We will taste the sun again

The ritual I randomly got was “coronation,” so I tried to sort the samples into some sort of celebratory/momentous music.

I roughly based my own courtly music on some Japanese gagaku music I studied once, which (as I misremember it) had a specific order of musical events but not always a specific shared meter/pulse.

After that, it came together more quickly than I thought. A post-apocalyptic fiddle plays a simple melody, then the makeshift percussion beats out a rhythm as the king enters. Then a lower fiddle kind-of answers the first fiddle.

Having a synchronized ending seemed important to show that this was prearranged music, not a loose jam session.

I didn’t alter the sounds much - I pitch-shifted them into something that ended up resembling the overtone series. Then, I imagined this taking place in some caverns or the husk of a parking garage, so I added lots of reverb.


Second week in a row of feeling a little underwhelmed by my creation - need to devote more time before Monday night to these in order to give my brain time to find something I’m proud of.

I rolled Coronation. I imagined far-off horns sounding the arrival of some long-traveled soon-to-be sovereign. The sounds, aside from the wind, are from the samples provided by @noisejockey - lots of pitch-shifting, reverb, and some distortion. I think the element I’m lacking is a melodic line…which is why I decided to call it Coronation Underscore, as if it’s to accompany a speech.


So sorry to hear that, Ian. Condolences to you and your family.


And the playlist is now live: