Disquiet Junto Project 0355: Sonic Vivisection

very cool.
totally giving me the vibe of Jon Hassell maybe a bit deeper. Liked it very much.

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I used a bit crusher in real time, and afterwards also deleted some small parts in the audio.
Sounds being used: a flute I borrowed from a friend today, a kick drum, some noisy plugins and I recorded the sounds from tearing a piece of paper. I recorded the whole recording again with a microphone in front of a box in order to create some feedback at the end.

Sorry but I replaced my last Junto track from soundcloud to bandcamp.


My plan was to take this whole slicing up a live animal bit fairly figuratively: create a nice melody type effort to represent the creature, and then slice through it with a load of dissonant noise until there was little left. I may have over-focused on the ‘theme’ for the creature slightly, and less on the chopping it up.

I used an Instruo C-SL for the main melody, FMing itself slightly, backed up by chords on the Intellijel shapeshifter. I applied bursts of FM on the chords, sweeps of a Error Instruments Black noise, and some delay to represent industrial cutting equipment.


Once again: Fun!

I originally had an idea where I imagined other sounds doing the Vivisection on a piece of audio. I figured different kinds of Sidechains, Envelope followers etc could play a part. So that a drumtrack (ghosttrack) could slice up a Bach-piece or smth.

Short of time. This is what I did. I recorded a loop of acoustic guitar. I duplicated the track and started mangling it in different ways. Looking at the sounds, stretching them out, pushing them together, enlarge small defects etc. All done in Ableton.


At first I had an idea to try live dub, as I’ve been remembering watching the Mad Professor some years ago.

Then it started to seem like too much work to pick a track, so I settled for something easier.

I dusted off my drum-triggered effects rig and plugged the electric ukulele in a Jamman looper pedal.

This was the first and only take but I’ve made a couple of small incisions to remove the click-track and add a short vocal sample.

Thanks for the prompt @disquiet as I’ve been feeling unmotivated.


Oh man, this is a great project - I’m really digging the range that people have come up with.

I’ve been thinking about this one since it came out on Thursday and I had a few ideas about what I might do…Stutteredit on some weird recording, (sort of akin to @otolythe’s offering for the week - that track rocks!) I kept thinking about that weird recording at the end of a song on the Chumbawumba album, tubthumping “cut the head in half using a bandsaw, scoop the brains out through a hole in the head…”

But then yesterday, I bought the new Folktek Collection Vol 2 of virtual instruments for a project and figured I’d start digging around in there. So far, I’m loving the unpredictable jarring nature of a lot of the sounds in the library, all while still being rooted in something organic…

The piece is 3 instruments from the library: “Burn Hollywood, Burn”, “The Howling”, and “Garden Dirt Sequences”. The output track uses Soundtoy’s Decapitator and iZotope’s Neutron Transient Shaper. The three tracks are 99% unedited from when I started fooling around with the instruments, exploring their sounds: I hit record on a MIDI track and started playing.


I was very excited when I saw this week’s challenge, since it would help me possibly come up with how I can play live.

I thought an image might help express what I did better. With the clips. I also used the follow action and bpm per row to launch the clips at diffrent BPM. I also set different processing and EQ chains per loop that was feeding back to the main loop at other rates. I am working on with some of the visuals for a MAX for live patch, I have been developing processing chains on with some jit and vizzie operations. I then EQ the low and high frequencies. I like the process of creating in this and playing live.


Agreed and this looks like it was a blast! I wish I was better at filming myself get down. I love watching!


The intro reminds me of Bone Thugs n Harmony Thuggish Ruggish Bone, I had to go listen to it. Nice work.

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Thanks, just looking at your visuals now. I wish I had a newer computer to think about doing that sort of processing.

The flow chart is also a beaut way to detail your process. I should develop something like that to explain my effects rig.


Agreed, the cut up looks awesome
, i wanted to just spin it into something in VIzzie.

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Hi :slight_smile:

I tried to create something never ending - almost living - through feedback and routing, and then set about cutting it up with live control over some interesting tonal shapers. It didn’t really work out like that and this tune kind of emerged, so I just went with that and developed it some more.



Here is my contributions to sound torture.
This is a first take of a new jam. Raw & clumsy.





Had a lot of fun with this one. Somehow it coincided with me installing two great plugins.

  1. Stream (beta) Delta SoundLabs vst - really fun granular realtime fx. Sound goes in and knobs move it around, or lfo or random… https://www.deltasoundlabs.com

  2. Samsara - MaxforLive device by Dillon Bastan https://isotonikstudios.com/product/samsara-customized-granular-looping/ very similar but a bit different to work with - quite deep but didn’t interface the way I wanted it to… this one will take a bit more time.

So same pattern I have been using… Short cut of melody on acoustic guitar - cut with phrases in 4 parts.
Many passes doing live interaction with the granular devices. Good stuff got saved and viola. (bit of new Kemper electric stuff since I couldn’t resist.)Nothing but guitar, processed.

Had a great time and can’t wait to just listen to the whole list of tracks tomorrow.


Dance away!!!

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Great delay/echo !!!


just got through whole list and I managed to skip nothing at all. GREAT JOB. LOVIE LOTS.


thanks!! ^___^ love your track too – I see what you mean about the jarring/discordant yet rooted in something organic – great variety of sounds! – and layered over a dense drone, great stuff!

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wow, great track, and I loved watching you play all the instruments :slight_smile: I’m obvs pretty low-tech but I’ve never seen the process of playing a synth(s) before, love the bird’s-eye view. and you’ve got a cool voice - moar self-samplings plz