Disquiet Junto Project 0355: Sonic Vivisection


thanks!! ^___^ love your track too – I see what you mean about the jarring/discordant yet rooted in something organic – great variety of sounds! – and layered over a dense drone, great stuff!


wow, great track, and I loved watching you play all the instruments :slight_smile: I’m obvs pretty low-tech but I’ve never seen the process of playing a synth(s) before, love the bird’s-eye view. and you’ve got a cool voice - moar self-samplings plz


Thanks! The reflection that’s part of the Junto directions is excellent for learning new techniques and approaches. I know it’s provided a lot of inspiration for me.

I appreciate your encouragement to self-sample too. The self-consciousness that comes with hearing one’s own voice can be difficult to overcome.

Listening to your piece now and I like what you’ve done with the material, which is also a great find. Some nice sounds there to sample. Cheers!


I recorded this for this weeks prompt, but after recording it I realized what I did didn’t really fit the description well. It could have, but it didn’t. I still think it’s nice though so I’ll post it in case anyone wants to listen.

This was made with a custom grid + arc program I created, and it’s essentially just the loop you hear at the beginning constantly rerecorded and pitch shifted.


cool track! very Satie-like, plus machine variations :slight_smile:


thank you! I actually did sample that famous Gymnopedie #1 Satie piece, played by Hubert Laws and company on Then There Was Light.


Like otolythe, I think this is a great piece. But, until I read read your description Andrew, I thought that you were working with “Old Friends” by Simon and Garfunkel. I haven’t heard that song in years, so I hope my memory isn’t playing up that badly!!


Very similar @howthenightcame! If I can get a good copy of that song I’ll use it next time!

By the way this video, like almost every time I hear just the two of them, is unreal.


It’s similar, right?! I always think Simon and Garfunkel are popular but underrated, if that makes sense…


Couldn’t agree more.


I use Draw IO it is a Google Drive plug in. It helps with setting up with musicians and with creating charts for non-musicians that relate to their areas of expertise to music creation.