Disquiet Junto Project 0357: Clock Work


I took a different approach to this project than I usually do and decided to incorporate video. I was in Baltimore for work, finishing up a project when I received the prompt, so I decided to film a minute of each hour from when I woke up on Friday morning (8a) and on for 12 hours (7p). In that time I journalled, caught a train, caught a taxi, and spent some time with my partner and my dog.

The video is captured on an iPhone, the audio was captured binaurally using Roland cs-10em headphones into a Zoom H6, so headphones are highly recommended for the optimal listening experience.

After editing it all together - exactly one minute for every hour, I went back and scored the whole thing - mostly on my modular using Just Friends, Cloud Terrarium, FLXS-1, and Rings, but also using a handful of Kontakt libraries and an electric bass.

Here’s audio-only for the playlist: