Disquiet Junto Project 0358: Rhythm + Blue(s)


a primitive notion of rhythm and blues–heavy sodden beat with wailing in the background.

Here, heavy guitar, dank drums,and a vocal loop cribbed from Hypoid’s amazing remix of the Disquiet 305 samples (I used the same loop in another non-Disquiet song: North_woods – Ceylon-blues)

all recorded in Ableton Live using the included amp plug-ins, two drum loops, and the strat copy shown here (a kit that my daughter and I built together when she was about 5 years old).


Love Swans. Love this!!


I’ve been thinking of selling my Digitakt, so I promised myself I’d give it one more solid go for this piece. TL;DR: Digitakt is staying. Some piano sample manipulation, some generative/glitch drums, some Satchmo. I went with a somber read of blue and the let the machine run wild on the rhythm.


I looked at the term thinking what I could do – electronic rhythms and blues scales.


Sorry to have missed the last two weeks. Great challenge as always!

Swedish folk music has its own blue notes. In the old folk tradition I even believe I’ve heard they use quarter-tones. Anyway, so I figured I’d find some folk and fit it to rhythm.

Kulning is an old traditional singing that women up North sang to call their cattle home for the night. I found some kulning on youtube and set it to rhythm.

I happened to be examining wah-pedals last night and decided to record the plugging/unplugging and static noises. I chopped it up, improvised randomly and quantized hard to 16ths, chose a loop. I also added some 808-drums that I have downsampled with a zoom sampletrak.

The piano is AfroDJMacs 100yearold-piano sample set that he gave away for free (last week?) I have a handy app called Keyfinder which suggested the kulning sample was in G minor. So I worked from that.


here is mine!

I thought a lot about “Blue Notes” and rhythms.This was recorded live in one take. This is ciat-lonbarde’s sidrax and Norns Foulplay through cocoquantus2 into an ER-301 for reverbs and loops, then RIP :sweat:



A Ladik R-120 throwing out the random voltages of a blues scale, triggering a Doepfer A-110-4, then processed by Clouds and an RT-60.


I figured I should finally post again since it was my suggestion. :wink:

This is the first thing I have done in VCV that I think is “complete.” It’s a simple soundscape: the pads are a standard blues progression, albeit broken down and taken apart. The bassline uses a blues drum loop into an envelope follower to trigger the synth.

I thought of the idea of “rhythm in blues” to get started. I…think it was successful? There’s certainly some occasional wailing.

Here’s a screenshot of the patch.


I started with a sequence in 7/4 beat (because it seemed so odd), went on with a very standard blues scale on a very basic CFG blues scheme and followed my instincts … until I lost interest. Because of that, I hated it for a while – now I like it very much.


Rhythm with the color blue. I attempted an idiot blend of those two ideas.


RRR&B - Raga, Reggae, Rhythm & Blues.

I didn’t really follow through on the ‘had you never previously heard “rhythm and blues” music’. It’s like i can’t unsee it;) I used a 12 bar blues for this piece, and focussed on layers of rhythms from different genres: Indian, Reggae, Funk, and the Blues. In keeping with Marc’s MO of applying constraints, I made this with BeatHawk on an iPhone. The stems were moved to Logic for a little polish.


Hey! I just started out focusing on the rhythm, hoping to add some blueish chord stabs down the line, but then I hit upon a vibe and just went with that - developing it as much as I could in the time given - resulting in this track. Another great experience!


What is Blue? Man, could go on and on and there is no time…still thinking about this.


NON_SUBMISSION Hey All, A little ditty using some of the Junto tracks I enjoyed so far. Just for anyone interested-it is pretty short. (TWSS) Peace, Hugh