Disquiet Junto Project 0359: Broken Clock


Here’s mine:

I used the track from Detrius:

I split it into 8 frequency ranges, applied different processing to each range and then put a beat behind it, Livecut it and did some editing on the whole thing. I like that you can in places still make out some of the well known tracks Detrius used.


Yes it could be, there is a lot of transcoding going on their side. If you leave a minimum of 0.3 db headroom I think this is enough to avoid clipping.


Long time Junto member but first contribution in a few years.

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So super to see you pop up.


I used “how the night came”'s solo piano track, “the time is out of joint,” and went for a fairly literal translation of the image. To portray the vertical bars in the image, I chopped up the solo piano track into second-long slices and then gave the Follow Actions in Ableton to make it twice as likely each slice would repeat itself vs. go to the next slice.

Then, I took each phrase/section from the repeating slices and reversed the audio sample for that segment.

I ended up with a new track that was about 3 times longer than the source material. So, I repeated the source material 3 more times, transposed the second iteration down a 5th and the sliced audio up a second, which gives a little minuet-ish ABA ternary form.

I also realized the picture by using EQ to use only the higher frequencies of the original track and the lower frequencies of the new tracks.

Thanks to how the night came for making their track available


Broken Clock Counterpoint in the style of Steve Reich :+1:



My 0357 is downloadable now. Sorry for the fuckup. I was out of town (breathing through a respirator in San Francisco) and away from the computer, lines and any means of reading this. https://soundcloud.com/ryanscottmattingly/clockwork-disquiet0357


thank you for sharing your remix!!


Remixed Ohm Research - “Aikaisemmin”. I got ahead of myself and didn’t stick to the instructions too much this week, heh :smile: Comprised of the warped drone w/heavy FX, transposed copy of that drone, and highly distorted beats. To be honest I liked my ideas more than execution this week, but in fairness to myself I was a bit rushed.


Well mangled, much obliged!


Very, very cool remix!!