Disquiet Junto Project 0360: Fishbowl Progressions


Messing on my iPad with an Amazing Noises reverb …

Have a great week!

h u :slight_smile:


All the sounds shown were recorded using a Rode Videomic with my Nikon D5100 camera, aside from the bass loop that came from the recent 12-hour Junto project.

Then I’ve applied various Waves plug-ins that I bought recently, particularly their SSL emulations.

There’s also Live’s filter, Ohmboyz delay and Valhalla plate reverb.

Thanks for listening, I’m looking forward to hearing how you’ve approached the project this week.


I updated my track slightly. The mix was a little off. Apologies if this messes up the playlist.


Found this note. I read the assignment, plan and then execute. This was very much the “plan” part. Might amuse someone… plan360


My plans tend to revolve more along the lines of sitting in front of a computer for 2-4 hours. Something tends to materialise by the end. Sometimes I’m not sure how.


one for the headphones
explored height width and depth here

found this about creating height in music https://theproaudiofiles.com/width-height-depth-in-a-mix/
psychological effect - high frequencies sound higher up than low frequencies
i used low cello and high flute samples improvised in iris 2 through ambient reverb, slow floating motion
created width with audition doppler shift - meant to sound like it goes round 360 degrees. had the flute and cello in opposite channels meeting each other in the middle
depth i explored with lots of reverb (distance) and varying loudness (closeness)

i’d be interested if people perceive any differences in the height of the sound


I found a razorblade that had fallen from a pencil sharpener and started grinding the strings of an arch top with them. I layered on another track where I used the razor wedged between the strings and played with an ebow. I don’t recommend using sharp objects since you could get similar results with paper clips or coat hangers. I panned that hard left and right before settling into a bass melody. I paired an alesis drum beat with that. I added baritone, synth and a few more layers of guitar before it started to fall into shape. I used manual panning for everything. I had experimented with sonic motion a good deal about a decade ago, so I tried to make something that held song structure. I was concerned that it not be a labor to listen but rather the kind of piece that opens up as you hear it repeatedly. I remember the feeling of hearing some songs I loved on headphones and finding a bevy of details that are felt but not always heard when listening on a boombox or a stereo.


I’m wrecked after this one. Taking a break next week. Great to get another track made though. :slight_smile:


Great track. Interesting. Haven’t thought of it. I mean the Y-axis. Is it a psychological of physiological phenomena? When it comes to real low frequencies you can’t perceive direction. You can place your subwoofer anywhere you want. And what I remember low frequencies spread at floor level… Sorry probably bad English… If you place your speakers on the floor, that gives you more of the low end.

Yes, you can hear all three dimensions in the mix. Maybe the Y-axis is the hardest to work with. I imagine a flute and a cello on a big carousel inside a warehouse…