Disquiet Junto Project 0361: Zork Diaries

EVERY week, I tell myself I won’t end up posting at 11p on Monday night again…and EVERY WEEK, I’m one of the last people to post. This week is no different.

I threw this together fairly quickly, as just a fun little exercise. It’s not complex, but I enjoy it. I used the simple built-in polysynth in Logic, the ES P, and used Logic’s MIDI arpeggiator for the bits towards the end. Some simple sound effects pulled from my library and voila, a silly little electro-ditty! :slight_smile:


My ancient journey … to a sudden ending


wish I knew how you did this.

What was that about young boys?

Happy to explain any part of it!

One thing I forgot to mention is that there a Logic BitCrusher on the stereo mix, set to 8-bit and I’m slowly ramping up the downsampling every time the computer keyboard clicks, indicating a new choice.

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