Disquiet Junto Project 0362: Operational Surrealism


I have just finished three E.P.s: RED (electronic), YELLOW (piano), and GREEN (ambient). From each, I took an unused beat (dissecting table), one piano line (sewing machine), and an acoustic guitar drone (umbrella?!!?), layered them, and chopped the drums and piano up into short sections programmed to loop, jump, disappear, and so on. For variety, I had the drums playing in three channels (left, centre, right) - the left and right drums were run through a glitch plug-in, while the centre drums were distorted. I tried to work in threes as much as possible to represent Laureamont’s dissecting table, sewing machine, and umbrella.

“Threading dark-eyed night” (possibly “Threatening dark-eyed night”) is a quote from Shakespeare’s King Lear.


i love how unpredictable this is, and that there’s so much going on at any one moment without it ever falling apart.




The playlist is now rolling:


very cool discontinuous soundscape! made me think of fish and coral colonizing a wrecked submarine… as well as Dalí’s rhinoceros lumbering down an almost-empty lecture hall… :slight_smile:


a sewing machine!! ^___^ love how you’re using ‘the drop’ as a feint; great combination of lucious noises, it absolutely doesn’t go together and it absolutely does :slight_smile:


awsm track, and awsm soundtrack! I love how you drew on the shared curves of the elements and how that led you to the sea. the sound/track also put me in mind of the clatter and whirr of a film projector. so fun to watch — please now score as many silent movie/digital video mashups as possible. :slight_smile:


great use of found sounds and found text! growly and gravelly, suggesting yet obscuring any vocal statements and consensual meanings…nice reveal of the terror inherent in the system :slight_smile:



@otolythe Your responses are insightful and encouraging. Thank you for taking the time and energy to listen and engage with so much new music.


This track might not be the most surrealist of the lot for this junto, an uplift little melody, a simple"ballade" or “comptine” if you want. But one thing is sure, this track is beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissecting-table of a sewing-machine and an umbrella.

Treated (muted) upright piano
Orchestral samples (treated and mistreated)
Music box sample
Bowed dulcimer (sampled)

Composed and performed by DD in a rainy Paris on Friday December the 7th during the whole day.

There’s a word play with the double or simple L in ballade/balade for the French speakers, don’t know which one makes more sense for the title and artwork. Should ask Mr Magritte…


ah, the slow drumbeat of time meets the weird n-dimensional spirals of surreality, a nice dissection and extrapolation of a chance moment in space! :slight_smile:



and twenty char


an epic and orchestral interpretation! I could see you going for an extended-play version of this as well. love the Lear reference – have you seen Kozintsev’s Lear (1971)? it’s very russian – highly recommended. for me, your GREEN here played the diva role of the (essential!) Tragic Flaw :slight_smile:


this madcap romp through a surreal landscape put me in mind of bugs bunny and some of his more meta environments. I love how you brought out the humor that can be lurking in juxtaposition. and nice slithery zithering towards the end :slight_smile:


“AYE…AYE…AYE…” omg this is perfect. chromatic generation plus backwards brexiteeers! love your deployment of automatism generated from the machine, and from the irrationality of life, even/especially in its official capacity :slight_smile:


creaky and lovely. somewhere on the outskirts of paris, a battered cafe at 2am, the smoke from previous decades of pipes and not-pipes hanging in the air, someone reading Nadja in the corner, the last poets of the evening too weary to go home — yes, another cassis please… :slight_smile:


sampling the airwaves, a satellite soars overhead; it’s not sure what it’s picking up; could be noise, could be messages — but really, are they so very different? it absorbs and transmits. it drifts in its orbit — yes it has heard of orbits, and it supposes it has one, but it feels like it could really go in any direction; maybe, sometime, if it felt like it – but then again, it’s so interesting, intermittently, here – :slight_smile:


I made a beat by sampling the sound of an umbrella opening:


Then I vocoded some loops of “Umbrella” by Rihanna to go with it.

There’s also the sound of rain falling on an umbrella:


The sewing machines enter later, run through the Ableton Resonator plugin:


Ableton Live is nothing if not a dissecting-table.